Katy Steele Makes A Powerhouse Return With “Feel So Bad”

Off the back of her recent tour announce, undeniable pop force and creative chameleon Katy Steele unveils her indie-glam single Feel So Bad. A pastel glow of punchy guitars and glistening synths, Katy’s undeniable trademark vocals soar in this remarkable return.

This is a new era of her music; upbeat, contemporary and sonically diverse. The pop-hued first offering Feel So Bad is drenched in distorted guitar tones and melodic hooks, offering a moreish taste of what’s to come from her forthcoming album.

Katy talks through the recording process; ”When we started recording “Feel So Bad”, we really wanted to try and capture the energy and nostalgia of 70’s and 80’s records where things weren’t quite perfect and recordings had an edge due to the spontaneity, rawness and fashion they were recorded in. We were marginally influenced by Robert Palmer from the simplicity of the lyrics to the synths we used.

Holed up in her studio with her partner, Graham McLuskie, the pair have redefined Katy’s sound, recording the album entirely by themselves, with the odd sprinkling of special guests. For the mix, they joined forces with Dave Hammer (Genesis Owusu, Lime Cordiale). Katy continues; “This record was made during COVID so we had no choice but to look inwards as the world was changing around us. We built up the home studio and filled it with new toys and tapped into unknown territory, experimenting with new sounds. I didn’t want to repeat what I’d done before and Graham became a dilettante, bringing a fresh youthful set of ears.”

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