At The Movies: Don’t Worry Darling

There’s been a lot of buzz about the movie Don’t Worry Darling. From spitting scandals, cast feuds or the Harry Styles sex scenes, you couldn’t help but take notice that this film exists. Set in a 1950s ‘Stepford Wives’ kind of utopian town of Victory you’re taken into a clinical fantasy world of wife Alice (Florence Pugh) and husband Jack (Harry Styles) as they live a ‘perfect’ life.

Living in a community where the men go to work contributing to ‘the mission’ and women are bound to their duty of homemakers for their husbands it all seems too good to be true. Men and women know their place and all is peaceful in the town of Victory under the watchful eye of founder and leader Frank (Chris Pine). It’s the kind of place found by jack to establish a better world for him and Alice during their most complicated time until Alice starts to realise that maybe all is not as it seems and her quest to find out the truth is the catalyst to bringing down realities and eventually her own sanity.

Pugh’s performance lifts what is at times a bland ride and at others a predictable. While there’s been much said about Styles acting, it’s up for personal interpretation on whether he fits with the film or not but there was a glimpse of onscreen chemistry between the couple. The supporting cast round up the rest of what can be described as the clinical vibe of the storyline. 

With themes of feminism, gender roles and conformity all wrapped up with a sci-fi edge the film is at times dark with an added side of American 1950’s sunshine and humour where imagination gives us the illusion of a perfect life. Was it a perfect film? No. Did they give it a red-hot go? Yeah. Worth watching purely based on the performance of Florence Pugh or just out of sheer curiosity…yeah.

Movie Review By Anastasia Lambis

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