Australia’s Alt Country Star Kerryn Fields Releases Intimate Video For Her Song ‘Where I’ve Been’

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Kerryn Fields is a bona fide master of the distinctive alt-country/folk and today reveals her new video for the pensively beautiful track, Where I’ve Been.

Taken from her 2021 album Water, Where I’ve Been is soft, spacious and longing, rippling with Fields distinctive and inimitable vocal tone that distinguishes her from the first note. The song traces Fields at the end of her tether, lost and lonely in a country she doesn’t know, where she is both home and simultaneously in a distant land on her journey.

Fields is accompanied on Where I’ve Been by the luscious string arrangements of Jen Anderson, which would otherwise begracing the records of artists such as Archie Roach, Weddings Parties, Anything, and Alyce Platt, and whose arrangements enrich Field’s soft yet powerful vocal emotive embrace.

The video clip, created by Heaps Stoked Productions from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, traces the Victorian coastline of Wadawurrung Country (Great Ocean Road) and Boon Wurrung Country (Rye, Mornington Peninsula), as Fields travels the roads in the yellow Kombi ‘Cynthia’ named after one of the nurses who cared for her as a child – honing circular story of journey and discover.

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