Ozzy Osbourne “Patient Number 9”

The madman is back!!! The legend that is Ozzy Osbourne, the self styled Prince Of Darkness, drops his new album Patient Number 9. After Ordinary Man, an album of different styles immersed under that iconic desolate vocal dropped a few years back, Ozzy always said the next album was ready to go and here it is.

An intro laced with Ozzy’s maniacal laugh, and one liners deep from the mental asylum of the hospital, Patient Number 9 opens with guitar work from Jeff Beck on a rock song that peers deep into Ozzy’s psyche. Becks unloads on a solo that grows more and more panicked as your journey deeper and deeper in that twisted mind.

An impressive list of a list rock and metal legends suit up to play and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam is next up on the swaggering Immortal, a song of Ozzy’s ability to ride all the pitfalls, somehow, that the rock life provides.

Long standing Ozzy sidekick Zakk Wylde throws his considerable presence behind four tracks on the album, Parasite, Mr Darkness, Nothing Feels Right and Evil Shuffle.

Parasite is a pop rock burner begging to played at an extreme level. Mr Darkness unleashes a smorgasbord of Wylde’s best riffs while allowing Ozzy to explore the depths of his dark crevices of his dreams.

Nothing Feels Right is another cry of pain from Osbourne that only he himself can make sound great. Evil Shuffle is a dark heavy slow number which brings Wylde’s trademark sound to match Ozzy’s delivery.

Black Sabbath partner in crime Tony Iommi lends his talents to two songs No Escape From Now and Degradation Rules, the first a fantasy like bass heavy driven monster that allows Iommi to slip into the song as he makes the guitar moan before a natural boogie Sabbath riff unfolds. Degradation Rules is a swishy riffy bluesy number complete with harmonica, melodies and Iommi’s Satan like guitar work.

Eric Clapton gets all bluesy on One Of Those Days which allows Ozzy the opportunity to live out his 60’s fantasies with his psychedelic tone and a catchy chorus. You can often forget in the world of metal how good Clapton actually is. This song will remind you.

The album closes with Dead And Gone which sounds like lifted right from The Ultimate Sin sessions, God Only Knows with a beautiful ending and Darkside Blues as a ‘hats off’ to Led Zeppelin.

Ordinary Man brought the guest stars out and created a softer sounding Ozzy album, Patient Number 9 brought the rock legends to the plate who delivered the heavy to extenuate Ozzy’s powerful aura. What more do you want than Ozzy’s epic vocals duelling with multiple iconic guitarists unleashing hell with their axes? This album delivers the Prince Of Darkness back to his throne.

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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