TISM Release Three Albums At Once. Performing at Good Things Festival 2022

In conjunction with their upcoming Good Things Festival appearances, TISM have released three albums at the same time.

Head to www.TISM.shop to collect all of the below.

Firstly, there’s the COLLECTED VERSUS – THE TISM SINGLES COLLECTION, which collects 24 of the band’s best-known tracks together in a lavishly packaged 2LP coloured vinyl set, or card wallet 2CD set.

Then there’s the totally over-the-top DEFECATE ON MY FACE box set. The anti-paean concerning Adolph Hitler’s reputed sexual proclivities and resultant downfall was originally a 7” single sealed inside a 12” LP cover.

This new reissue expands the three-track EP to a box set which includes:

  • 7” sealed inside an 8 panel LP cover – so you have to damage the cover to get the single out
  • LP packaged with a 7” cover inside a plastic bag
  • The LP has three grooves on one side so you don’t know which song you hear until you put the stylus onto the record.
  • One of the three tracks has addition recordings hidden at the end of it
  • The other side has a locked groove at the end featuring a delightful TISM message
  • The 7” and the LP are both on hot pink vinyl
  • CD is also included featuring the tracks from the 7” and LP, plus an additional 10 versions of Defecate On My Face.

Finally, TISM’s debut album Great Truckin Songs Of The Renaissance has been reissued on coloured vinyl and CD, with the CD featuring a bonus album of previously unreleased material.

These three releases are the latest in the TISM reissue campaign which has so far seen releases for:

  • Form And Meaning Reach Ultimate Communion
  • Gentlemen Start Your Egos
  • The White Album
  • This Is Serious Mum (1984 demos)
  • Collected Remixes
  • The Deluxe TISM Omni-Album (2 hours of total silence)
  • Punt Road (1987 rehearsals)
  • On Behalf Of TISM I Would Like To Concede We Have Lost The Election (the final TISM concert – until now!)

And of course, 23 years after their last live performance, TISM will be setting foot on stage to appear as part of the Good Things Festival in December. These will be historic shows and are not to be missed.

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