Little Quirks Release Their New EP ‘Call To Unknowns’

Little Quirks have released their brand new EP Call To Unknowns, including stunning new track, All My Friends Are Birds, which premiered on YouTube this morning. Hailing from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Little Quirks are riding high off the back of their triumphant debut international tour which included career-defining performances at The Great Escape in Brighton, UK and SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Produced by Abbey and Mia’s dad, Adam Toole, Call To Unknowns was mostly recorded in the small studio he built in their backyard. The band’s two songwriters – co-lead singers Abbey and Jaymi – usually write separately as well, which adds stylistic diversity. Spirited and uplifting, but also incredibly poignant at times, Little Quirks’ latest EP captures their explosive live energy. Lead singer Abbey Toole answers some questions about the EP for Hi Fi Way

How exciting has the build-up been to your EP Call To Unknowns release?
We’ve been waiting to show the world for far too long so we have been counting down the days! We absolutely can’t wait!

Did everything go to plan?
It certainly didn’t haha! Like so many artists, COVID got in the way several times throughout many of the attempted releases of this EP. That wasn’t in the original plan but maybe it makes this release all the more special! 😁

Did you have a vision on how you wanted it to sound before going into the studio?
Great question! We are very lucky to have a backyard studio at home and a very talented Dad for production. We did a pretty extensive pre-production so we were really able to try everything out all together, before we entered the studio. My main vision was that I wanted this EP to have a live-energy flare to it.

Do you think the Little Quirks sound has changed much?
This EP stays true to the Little Quirks roots but incorporates the energy & rock influences from our live shows. The best part about playing in Little Quirks from a musical perspective is the folk-rock/ Americana genre. I absolutely love how broad and creative we can be when it comes to our sound.

Playing the final mix did you think you had a special batch of songs for the EP?
Absolutely, they are my favourite collection yet! After listening to them as a collection for the first time, I was so happy with how they all turned out and how well they fit together. The whole team was amazing in making this vision come to life. All the stories & characters in this batch intertwine with each other which creates a wonderful world that all these songs fit in.

Collectively, what are some of the influences that inspired this EP?
I’d say a mixture of Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, The Cranberries and maybe even a touch of Led Zeppelin. We look up all these artists so much and I think as a combination, they each encompass parts of different songs. These bands also paved the way of our folk-rock/Americana genre.

What’s the story behind the single Maybelle?
Maybelle is a story of a woman with a wild mind and imagination. She travels town to town, sharing stories of her adventures. Overtime, the news spreads and she becomes the legend of Maybelle. I wanted to write a song that audiences would be excited and drawn to dance to, so I wrote it clapping and stomping my feet around the house to the beat.

Is it too early to have a favourite song from the EP?
It’s very hard to pick one as they each have a special place in my heart and it certainly changes day by day… BUT if I had to pick a current favourite I think it would be The Rain! I’m very proud of how this track turned out. But a special mention to Maybelle as my favourite live track. It is so much fun to play and we have the best time dancing to it.

Any plans to tour more broadly, including little ‘ole Adelaide?
Most definitely! We would love to visit Adelaide and we actually have family there. You’re on the top of our list for the next national tour.

What’s next for Little Quirks?
We start our national and international tour in just two weeks! We have been on a short break in between our touring so we have been missing being on stage so much. We can’t wait to get out there! We have also started writing and recording our very first album. This has been a huge goal since we started Little Quirks so we are so very excited for everyone to hear it.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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