The Church @ The Gov, Adelaide 4/9/2022

The Church returned to Adelaide for their ‘Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune’ tour at the home of live music The Gov. This show was exceptional spanning two and a half hours covering the depth and breadth of their discography as well as some new selections which will no doubt only heighten the anticipation for their new album which is on the way. As front man Steve Kilbey said the show would be about “old stuff, new stuff, prehistoric stuff and stuff they haven’t written yet”. Their set opened with No Ascension, Comedown, Kings and Columbus.

With Kilbey prompting the next one as “one you might remember from yesteryear thirty-two years ago” Metropolis proved popular and got the crowd singing. Speaking of new music and making a new album Kilbey added that “we have the audacity to do that” and was encouraged by the reaction to the new songs in the set including No Other You, C’est la vie and Antarctica which made its live debut on this Australian tour. Like a well woven tapestry everything in the set everything connected well and the time literally whizzed past. There is no questioning Kilbey’s talent in crafting new songs and I’d go as far to say he is a modern day genius backed by an awesome band that boasts the talent of Ian Haug, Tim Powles, Jeffrey Cain and Ash Naylor.

Reptile was stellar and the backstory behind the infamous show in Warrnambool when they decided not to play The Unguarded Moment never tires hearing it. Kilbey drew comparison to ‘real’ bands such as Guns ‘n Roses and Kiss who play an acoustic set in their set with the exception that they have thirty six strings and two drummers with ‘quantity over quality’! Having played Fly and Old Coast Road the nattering amongst the crowd was not well received by Kilbey. Thank god he said something because it is something that constantly shits me off as well.

Ten years of being in The Church had been clocked up by Ian Haug and was acknowledged playing an acoustic version of Powderfinger’s Waiting For The Sun. This was so good! Was great to hear Is This Where You Live back in the set and new tune The Hypnogogue was great with a video clip that cost ’50 million dollars’. Shadow Cabinet was that good one punter yelled out asking them to play it again. Under The Milky Way was one of the big crowd pleasers finishing the main set of An Interlude and Tantalised.

Returning for the first of two encores Kilbey said they live for the applause and had looked at monetizing the applause. Grind and You Took were epic. I’m sure The Church could have played for four hours with the amount of great songs in the armoury but what a way to finish the second encore than with another big single Almost With You. Awesome way to spend a Sunday night if you don’t mind asking!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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