A.B. ORIGINAL Drop New Single ‘King Billy Cokebottle’

A.B. ORIGINAL have released their first new music in almost 4 years with the teaser track King Billy Cokebottle, which precedes the first official single which drops in Aus Music Month this coming November.

Once again A.B. Original are holding a mirror to the Australian way. The landscape has changed considerably between records, but some things remain same.

This powerful new track King Billy Cokebottle is based on the 1970s Australian comedian notorious for wearing blackface in his performances.

‘King Billy Cokebottle drags an ugly side of Australian Larrikinism to the table; where the jokes on us. We get told to get over it and to fit in with ‘Australian Values’. That’s Assimilation, and that is essentially asking blackfullas to not exist; don’t ask us to be ‘one of the good ones’. If we have to feel the anxiety and discomfort of living in a country that wishes we weren’t here, so do you.’ A.B. ORIGINAL

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