Ella Hooper Unveils Brand New Single ‘Old News’

Ella Hooper has today shared her brand new single and first release in 4 years, OLD NEWS, revealing she has also been working on a solo long player.

A new chapter in Ella Hooper’s storied career begins with the release of Old News, a track written with American country artist Sara Douga, who she met in Nashville in 2017.

“Sara and I have a similar energy – we’re both motor-mouthed brunettes,” Ella laughs. “And she’s the real deal when it comes to traditional country. I bring the alt and she brings the country.”

“I had a great Nashville experience, meeting so many incredible people,” she continues. “It was so inspiring. I felt like I saw my future.”

Produced by Marcel Borrack and Tim Harvey, Old News features rising star Gena Rose Bruce on backing vocals and includes a nod to The Band’s The Shape I’m In.

Old News has been hailed as a new beginning for Ella, who was still a teenager when she burst onto the Australian music scene fronting Killing Heidi.

It’s worth recapping Killing Heidi’s remarkable success. They scored their first number one single, Mascara, on Ella’s 17th birthday. And their debut album, Reflector, was one of the fastest-selling Australian albums of all time, spending six weeks at number one, going five times platinum, and winning four ARIA Awards, including Album of the Year.

“For a long time, I felt awkward about my success, that I had to apologise for it,” Ella reveals. “Becoming a bit of an overnight success with Killing Heidi really presented its challenges. I’ve had a complicated relationship with my career, but I don’t feel hamstrung by that anymore.”

After a break, Ella Hooper has regrouped and is ready for another ride. “I’m pasting all my war paint on,” she declares.

“I guess Old News is a message to myself,” she adds. “It’s okay to be ambitious and still have dreams.”

“I will not apologise,” Ella sings, “for wanting the whole fcking ride and all the colour it brings.”

Old News … a new start and a stunning solo single from one of Australia’s most-loved singer songwriters.