At The Movies: Bullet Train

Bullet Train hits cinemas at full speed this week, in a quirky but entertaining action-comedy.

Based on the bestselling 2010 novel by Japanese author Kotoro Isaka, and directed by David (Deadpool 2, Hobbs & Shaw) Leitch, Bullet Train’s frantic pace and frequent violence will surely please the action lover whilst trying hard to stay on track with a multitude of plotlines.

The direction has a fair-degree of Guy-Ritchie influence, with an oddball assortment of whacky characters, flash backs and snappy editing with colourful visual overlays. Think Snatch or RocknRolla in a neon saturated Tokyo setting and you’re beginning to get the picture.

Brad Pitt plays central character “Ladybug”, an experienced assassin with a newfound commitment to therapy and personal growth after a series of work “mishaps”. Easing himself back into work with a new laidback approach, Ladybugs task seemingly couldn’t be simpler: Jump on a bullet train, retrieve a briefcase and get off at the next stop. Once aboard however, it becomes apparent Ladybug is not the only killer on a mission and chaos quickly ensues.

There’s some great surprise cameos, a colourful supporting cast and plenty of riffing dialogue. Ladybugs aversion to guns makes for some interesting improvisation, and there are some genuinely funny sequences amongst the carnage. Director Leitch does a decent job of weaving the various adversaries stories together, but once entwined it all seems a bit silly and you’re really just going along for the ride to see where the journey ends. Thankfully Bullet Train doesn’t ever take itself too seriously, and despite almost running out of steam towards the end the breakneck speed and slapstick action should keep action-fans entertained until the last stop.

Movie Review By Samuel Phillips

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