The Screaming Jets @ The Gov, Adelaide 7/7/2022

After Adelaide had initially been forgotten on the original tour dates our fair city was added as the first on the tour to celebrate the album that started it all – All For One. This was a lot more than a regular Screaming Jets gig, this was a celebration and what a way to kick off those festivities than with a sold out crowd at the home of live music in Adelaide The Gov. The mood was buoyant and it only seemed appropriate that the band walk out to Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town. Front man Dave ‘Gleeso’ Gleeson was let off the chain as he yells ‘1991’ and rock their way through opener C’mon.

Whilst there were no surprises with the band playing All For One start to end it was great hearing these classics and given they hadn’t played together in three years there was no doubt a feeling of relief being up there doing what they do best, rocking out! No Point followed then monster hit Better with Gleeso remarking “who would have thought after thirty year still being in this rock ‘n roll bubble” acknowledging the album title was taken from The Three Musketeers and Fleetwood Mac, even suggesting that he would relive some of the film clip moments in his own mind.

Needle and the bluesy Shine On were great as was Starting Out. Gleeso pinching himself said how good was it playing a full house which reminded him of going to Bunnings and every time he went to go and get wood! Dedicated to Patsy Cline as she said it first Starting Out was killer. Thanking the Vets for their service it was Blue Sashes then Sister Tease. F.R.C. was a ripper and got the crowd involved which Gleeso reflected on the song creating friction with the record company saying that the word c*** can’t be in a song, to which they did that any way.

Got It and The Only One wrapped up the celebration of All For One and after Gleeso sung an impromptu Happy Birthday to the album and being able to ‘take a trip down memory lane’ thirty one years later. The last part of the set was full of gold from The Screaming Jets armoury starting with Automatic Cowboy and super popular Helping Hand. Dream On was great and being the first show of the tour Gleeso spoke about bits not quite being where they should be yet jokingly suggesting that should be the name of his sex tape.

Sad Songs, October Grey and Razor were great set inclusions. Shivers was a definite highlight with an impromptu Most People I Know Think I’m Crazy (Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs) teaser which the crowd encouraging the band to play more of. The set finished on set staple Eve Of Destruction then returning for an encore playing a Stevie Wright cover Guitar Band. Hooley Doley! That was brilliant!. Congratulations and happy thirtieth anniversary to The Screaming Jets and their classic album All For One. Awesome night of rock music. Don’t be a couch potato and stay home, get down and check out The Jets when they are in your town.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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