Ben Lee Unleashes New Single ‘Parents Get High’

Ben Lee unleashes the latest taste of his forthcoming new album I’M FUN! with new single and video for Parents Get High featuring Washington.

“Parents Get High is a track I wrote about the way kids perceive adults altering their consciousness. It’s complicated and mysterious. Why do grownups do what they do. It’s nothing I know the answer to, but it is fundamental to human nature. Every culture in human history has altered their consciousness in some way” says Ben on the new single. “Collaborating with Jon Brion on this track was an absolute dream. You never know if he’s gonna be inspired or not, it’s like consulting a psychic medium. One day during the intense 2020 lockdown I woke up to an email from Jon with all of this beautiful production done on the track. I played it for my wife and wept.”

The single comes alongside another Byron Spencer directed masterpiece and features the likes of Abbie Chatfield, Thelma Plum, Megan Washington, Darren Hayes, Emily Wurramara, Wil Anderson, Tilly Lawless, Georgia Maq, Margaret Cho, Cameron James, Ione Skye, Di Gaeta, Adam Green, Safy Hallan-Farah, Money Mark Nishita, Zeppelin Hamilton along with celebrated US comedians Paul Scheer and Lauren Lapkus playing Ben’s parents. In Ben’s typical “I think he is joking, isn’t he?” tongue-in-cheek style, he recently described the mind-bending video by saying:

“When I was a child, my parents, Paul Scheer and Lauren Lapkus, used to throw wild parties. Their interesting and eccentric friends would come around, drink, smoke weed and dance. It was always a fun vibe. I remember being a little kid and seeing people like Abbie Chatfield, Ione Skye, Tilly Lawless, Wil Anderson, Safy Hallan Farrah, Di Gaeta, Thelma Plum., Darren Hayes, Adam Green, Emily Wurramurra, Margaret Cho, Cameron James, Georgia Maq, Megan Washington, Zeppelin Hamilton and Money Mark hanging around. At one of these parties a nice man named Byron Spencer came with a documentary crew and filmed the chaos. This video is made up of that documentary footage. Absolutely no special effects were used in the making of this video.”

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