Ben Lee Releases New Single & Announces Australian Tour

Ben Lee today reveals his brand new single Like This Or Like That – the second track lifted from the celebrated singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album I’M FUN!, now slated for release on Friday 19th August 2022. I’M FUN! will arrive as a compilation of songs about growing up, celebrating being a weirdo and embracing positivity. Alongside the new single, Ben Lee is thrilled to announce his Parents Get High Australian tour, which will see him hit stages in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Fremantle this June.

Following on from 2021’s triumphant return with single Born For This Bullshit, Like This Or Like That is an infectious, guitar-driven ode to life at a crossroads, which sees Ben Lee team up with Justin Stanley (Prince / Beck / Paul McCartney) on production and engineering.

Talking about the new track, Ben reflects “’Like This Or Like That’ is about small choices. But kinda life changing choices too. It may seem that digging the Stones more than the Beatles, or Nirvana more than Pearl Jam, doesn’t really matter. But these choices are about vibez, about values and about identity. Being a fan is like a choose-your-own-adventure story. And what you resonate with, what you are a fan of, ends up taking you down a completely unique path, if you let it. And of course, in the larger cosmic scheme of things, it’s all totally irrelevant…but that’s all part of the fun!”

From recent appearances on The Masked Singer and Celebrity Mastermind, to a feud with The Wiggles’ Murray Cook spanning multiple TikTok videos, Ben’s charming, tongue-and-cheek personality continues to capture the hearts of both loyal longtime supporters and adoring new fans.

While his original plan to record with a live band became another victim of the pandemic, Ben instead made the album remotely, with producers including Jon Brion, Shamir, Sadie Dupuis and Darren Seltmann and guests Zooey Deschanel, Christian Lee Hutson, Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Megan Washington, Georgia Maq and Eric D Johnson.

I’M FUN! finds Ben in reflective mode, now aged 43, addressing conflicting opinions of him that have lingered since his career began at age 13, with the band Noise Addict. “Yeah I was a total troublemaker, by choice. That’s what the beginning of careers are for – to be as disruptive as you can! But when I turned 40 it was like “Game on!”; so many of my favorite singer/songwriters did their best work after 40 – Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, PJ Harvey, Willie Nelson – that’s when you’ve paid your dues and you start wearing your wounds and scars like medals from the battlefield!” Ben says.

“This album, this moment in my career, is all about balancing some hard-earned wisdom from a 30-year long career with the vigor and energy of youth. That’s why it was as important to me to collab with artists like Jon Brion and Money Mark who I’ve both known for over 2 decades, as much as people like Shamir and Georgia Maq who are young and lit up with creative adrenaline. I like being a generational bridge between freaky artists. They are my tribe!”


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