Client Liaison @ Adelaide Festival Summerhouse, Elder Park, Adelaide 13/3/2022

Wow! Client Liaison in short were fantastic at the Adelaide Festival Summerhouse. This would have to be right up there as one of the best shows I have seen in a while. There is definitely a touch of class about this band who brought their A-game and left nothing in tank by the end of their sixty minute set. Celebrating the release of their new album Divine Intervention this was Adelaide’s first taste of hearing tunes off this album played live. The album is fantastic but this performance took things to a whole new level.

Everything from staging, outfits, lighting, projections and the dance moves were done brilliantly. The tone was set right from opener Club Called Heaven which continued on through Cold To Touch. Vocalist Monte Morgan was always destined to front an indie pop band with so much charisma he absolutely owned the stage. No doubt the Michael Jackson influence is significant but take nothing away from their performance which was top shelf. Loaded as Monte proclaimed was for “freedom to stand up and dance”. Everyone was up and the Summerhouse turned in to one big dance party.

Champagne Affection, Off White Limousine were highlights with Intervention getting the fans up dancing, moving and grooving. With champagne sprayed over the stage and front row Monte asked if Adelaide was feeling the collective energy. There were no ebbs and flows, it was full throttle for sixty minutes with Feel The Rhythm, Survival In The City and That’s Desire. Elevator Up continued the disco vibe with Harvey Miller saying that all the pretty faces look like confetti. The set finished on Strictly Business and an awesome cover of Deee-Lites Groove Is In The Heart.

Returning for an encore Harvey dragged out a surfboard from the backstage area saying that this was a tax payer funded event so they would give anything away including the surfboard to one lucky punter. Finishing on and giving fans one last chance to dance to World Of Our Love, The Real Thing and House Of Holy before throwing out some flowers to the crowd in appreciation of what was a great night. Yes, we definitely did feel the collective energy and be sure to catch Client Liaison next time they are in town.

Adelaide Festival Review By Rob Lyon

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