Ignition Point @ Woodville Town Hall, Woodville SA 1/3/2022

Everything begins at the ignition point. It is the flame, the fire and the passion that fuels the journey.

Passion is certainly at the core of No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability’s 2022 production of Ignition Point. Held at the aesthetically elegant Woodville Town Hall, Ignition Point is the end result of a year of workshopping and rehearsing. The final product is one to behold.

With a cast consisting entirely of (dis)abled performers, the show touches on themes of connection and disconnection, (dis)ability, (im)perfections, judgement, self-love and helping. There are moments of poignancy intertwined with folly that are underpinned by unabashed talent.

The performance is broken up into several sections and utilises multi-media via a large white screen positioned upstage. The video presentations vary in context and intent. From the humorous ‘The Painters’ starting Hannah and Kobi, who do their best to put Corey into a sticky situation, to cast members discussing how helping them can be a hindrance.

While the messages expressed in the video presentations are pivotal, the live component of Ignition Point is where the magic appears. It is where the months of hard work shines through. There is a captivating contemporary dance piece supported by a deep house music composition and moody lighting. Plus, an ensemble piece descending into witty violence against pillows (“go and get stuffed!) that transitions into a heart-warming song with a marvellous solo.

The talent of the No Strings artists is undeniable, and their passion for performing is abundantly evident. Everyone gives one hundred percent to express the message of ‘WE ARE ALL EQUAL’ with creativity and forthrightness. Their performance is captivating and moreish. So much so it is impossible to not clap, cheer and outwardly express positivity throughout.

Ignition Point challenges obstacles associated with disability. It promotes ability, non-judgement, and equality. It is profoundly poignant and heart-warming yet challenging and guaranteed to leave audiences with a smile. A must-see of the 2022 Adelaide Fringe.

Adelaide Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

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