At The Movies: Studio 666

What do you do when you’re one of the biggest rock bands on the planet and need inspiration to write your 10th album?

Well if you answered star in a comedy-horror Hollywood movie and crank up the gore to maximum levels, you have something in common with the Foo Fighters

Yes that’s right, rock ‘n rolls favourite sons the Foo Fighters star in Studio 666, a tale of a band searching for inspiration to create their greatest album, who inadvertently summon demons from hell with bloody and amusing results.

Set in a spooky mansion in Encino, Studio 666 finds the Foo’s frontman Dave Grohl battling to overcome writers block, feeling the pressure from the record label and his bandmates to conjure the magic for album number ten. Stumbling upon the houses spooky secret, Grohl becomes obsessed with his demonic otherworldly vision for the record. As strange and violent things begin to happen, it becomes apparent to the band that the house is haunted by devilish spirits and their beloved band leader is no longer himself.

Clearly relishing the opportunity to star in his own horror film, Grohls enthusiasm is apparent in every scene. The bands in-jokes and different personalities make for fun viewing, with keyboardist Rami being the standout. The film itself tries to mix elements of comedy and horror, but like most films that try that recipe falls short on both accounts. It’s occasionally funny, but not really scary. The gore however, does deliver in blood soaked buckets earning the film it’s R Rating. At 106 minutes running time the film does slightly overstay it’s welcome, with the plot and direction feeling a little clunky in parts.

Foo Fighters have always been a band that portrays a fun image. From their energetic live shows to amusing album releases of Bee Gee’s cover tunes, they seem more than willing to poke fun at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. It’s an endearing trait which has served Dave Grohl well, who long ago reached rock icon legend status but still seems to be that cool uncle that cooks a mean BBQ at the family get together and chugs all of your dad’s beers.

Diehard fans of the band will no doubt love seeing their heroes goofing it up on the big screen. With the level of success the band has attained, who could deny them such self indulgences? Bucket list item: checked. Studio 666 is certainly another fun chapter in the ever long Foo Fighter legacy.

Movie Review By Samuel Phillips

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