Garry Starr: Greece Lightning @ Gluttony, Adelaide 18/02/2022

From the moment Garry Starr danced his way on stage it was minute by minute chaotic hilarity even starting again for some late comers resulting in the audience seeing the beginning twice. Despite knowing what to expect there was an even louder roar for the second start! Greece Lightning is a show you never want to end.

Every Greek God you could think of and some you may not are included in this riotous comedy. One by one he tells their story adding in some serious current messages like climate change. I mean Garry Starr kinda serious! The classics are there; Zeus, Icarus, Athena, Hercules and he sure knows how to make them all so sexy. Well, again, it’s a Garry Starr sexy in an unconventional ancient God-like way! I’m not even going to explain the appearance of Medusa. It’s just something that you have to see! Expect audience participation and you may not want to eat a snake lolly again!

There’s so much packed into this one-hour show; parodies in song, covid safe intercourse, the birth of a God and dancing. Now I’ve seen some indescribable Zorba dancing in my time. I mean I am of Greek heritage after all so I’ve seen the best and the worst but seeing the Garry Starr version beats them all. Let’s just say he used creative licence on the steps but it worked. We laughed, some of us joined in but most of all we learnt a new way to celebrate the iconic dance.

Starr claims he is helping his homeland (Greece) but I think he was really helping us to understand how simple the complexities of ancient Greek mythology are to us mere mortals. His take on ancient Greece is something that can’t be explained and is best watched. It’s dramatic, it’s senseless, its unpredictable and it’s hilarious. So, Grab Ya Tix!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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