ALIUS On ‘The Art Of Self Reflection’

A lifelong musician, ALIUS, is what the industry likes call a triple-threat virtuoso- an artist that produces, song-writes and sings with equal prowess. Now, they have released the final single Hennessy & Wine off their debut album The Art of Self-Reflection, which is out now. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, ALIUS is on a mission to breathe depth into pop music. Uplifting melodies married with razor-sharp production are the te lltale signs you are listening to an ALIUS tune, laced with relatable lyrics that play on the listeners heartstrings. Find out more in our interview with ALIUS.

Congratulations on the album, was there a sense of relief and satisfaction getting the album done given how hard the last 18 months have been?
The feeling is amazing. Just releasing my first album since starting ALIUS is great in itself. To have my tracks be played back-to-back for people to hear my journey and connect it all will give the listeners a feel for more of a sense of who I am.

What was the biggest challenge you faced getting the album done?
To be honest, its more so the little details. Giving the album a title that really tells the story of what all the tracks are about, getting the artwork together, the rollout, dates and preparing for launching.

What did you think when you played the finished version for the first time?
I felt proud and a great sense of achievement. To hear the work that I have put in over the years come together and hear the journey and growth through lyric, production and sound was just so rewarding.

Is it hard to listen to your work as a fan without thinking what you could change?
Interesting that you ask that you ask that is something that I always do. I try to listen objectively as I feel that the general public are the most important ears that my music falls on. I try not to overthink and allow my mind to be in a neutral space as I feel if I do it only complicates the listening experience and most ears dont look for that technical side but more the feeling so I go with my gut.

What is the story behind Hennessy & Wine?
We all face challenges problems in our lives and people use vices in order to survive. Some people use these vices to deal but sometimes it can turn into addiction if not dealt with properly. It may seem all fun to start with such as a drink here and they’re at a party but then it can spiral out of control. Its about acknowledging when you cant cope and that people are there to help you so stop trying to mask whatever it is that you can’t.

Sonically how would you describe this album?
It’s full of mid-tempo, pop based, emotional anthems that go straight for the feels through melody, lyric and production.

Were there any significant influences for this project?
The story behind the album is the evolution and journey of my life over several years. We all grow as human beings on such a spiritual level and its so good to try understand it and express it. I believe that we continue to ‘upgrade’ the type of people we are on a spiritual level which is so important to me.

Are you staggered by the number of streams your music has clocked up on Spotify?
I’m stoked by it. Just knowing that people are hearing my music, liking and adding to their playlists because they like it or connect to it makes me so happy as this is the reason, I create music. Seeing the comments on other platforms especially YouTube is so beautiful as I can see I have really touched people and they resonate hard especially if its difficult moments in their life. I understand that not everybody will love my music as it is subjective.

Are you feeling optimistic about touring this year?
Not really with what COVID has done to the music industry. I’m happy at this point to continue creating more and more music for people and hopefully share more of my experience through all of this and that people can connect with.

What’s next for Alius?
More music, more creativity, more connectivity.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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