Andrew Silverwood On His New Show At The Adelaide Fringe

This has to be the funniest interview I have done in a long time and if you want to see funny at the Adelaide Fringe then UK Comedian Andrew Silverwood has a new show just for you I Don’t Like Tiser! It’s got absolutely nothing to do with newspapers but lots to do with laughing at every sticky situation Silverwood finds himself in. Playing shows at Gluttony between Thursday 18 February and Sunday 20 March it’s time to Grab Ya Tix! Andrew Silverwood chatted to Hi Fi Way and gives us a glimpse of his quick witted sense of humour.

You have a new show for this year’s Adelaide Fringe called I Don’t like Tiser. Is it anything related to an Adelaide newspaper? What is the show about?
Oh hey there friend! I’m glad you asked, legally speaking this show has nothing to do with a newspaper, it’s about a shared hatred between me and a British carbonated drinks brand that sends under qualified journalists to review fringe shows. But more than that, the show is about a sticky situation with airport security, finally accepting my 30s and the first time we all fall over but don’t get immediately back up.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your shows especially through these unpredictable times?
I don’t, ideas come to me, stupid things happen all the time and I think “an audience will like that, that’s relatable.” If you haven’t done everything in my show, I reckon you’ve done some of it, even if it’s not the lightbulb in a bum bit.

What other shows will you be appearing in at the Fringe?
So I’m in a kids show, but I couldn’t tell you which one as it’s bad for whatever is left of my credibility. I’m also doing a few midweek hosting gigs on the Best of Fringe Comedy and countless other spots around the city. Had to make it worth the airfare.

What’s the best part about performing at Adelaide Fringe?
The possums which are guaranteed to copulate at least once over the heads of a live comedy audience.

Tell us why is it so important to support the arts and artists during the Adelaide Fringe.
Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of the people that are artists are the last people that get a bail out when the world shuts down. Some of them are multi talented and get jobs in IT or education, and some of us are only good at holding microphones, telling stories and making you giggle. I don’t think that supporting the arts is in any way as important as adopting a dog from a pound or giving to Africa, but you’d definitely notice if the comedic arts were gone.

What are you looking forward to the most about coming back to Adelaide?
A long and awkward conversation with airport security when I don’t realise that the fruit question is a serious one, and rubbing the balls.

What are three words to describe your show?
I let the predictive text button answer this one, I’m not mad with the answer: Funny, is good!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show information for I Don’t like Tiser at FringeTix. Grab Ya Tix!

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