‘The Return Of Shafar’ At The Adelaide Fringe

Michael Shafar is returning to the Adelaide Fringe. How do we know? Well his new show is The Return of Shafar! Speaking of returning; he’s returning to Gluttony where he will tell us how he can solve all the worlds problems like racism, stopping climate change as well as how he became a victim of a fake news scandal! This guy always has great stories to tell! He’s funny, educational, quick-witted and Jewish but he still hasn’t worked out how to fold a fitted sheet. Maybe next show!

Shafar answered a few questions to get Hi FI Way ready for his show that’s playing March 1-6 at Gluttony and February 28 at The Attic at Murray Bridge Performing Arts & Function Centre.

You’re coming back to Adelaide Fringe with another new show The Return of Shafar. What can audiences expect from this show?
They can expect fifty minutes of stand up comedy performed from a make-shift shipping container that opens up onto Rymill Park to an audience of approximately eighty people. They can expect laughter and joy. They can also expect a fun story about how I became the victim of a fake news scandal in China and how I’m now the face of the anti-vax campaign there and how I can probably never travel there again without the CCP disappearing me. So that’s a bit of fun!

I hear your coming back to Adelaide Fringe to solve all of the world’s problems by telling jokes? How do you manage to save the world?
I have pragmatic and readily available solutions to solving racism, stopping climate change and getting everyone vaccinated. These are easy problems to fix and I promise to get them done in under fifty minutes. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a solution for how to fold a fitted sheet.

This must be what four or five times now you’ve performed at the Adelaide Fringe? That almost gives you Adelaide citizenship, doesn’t it? Why don’t you just buy a house and move to Adelaide? 
It’ll be my fifth time performing at the Adelaide Fringe! I really love coming to Adelaide. My first year I performed in the basement of the German Club and, I got to say, as a Jewish performer that was a bit confronting. Quite a few of the Jewish patrons who came along to the show thought it was a trap.

But, to answer your question, I won’t buy a house in Adelaide because I just bought one with my partner in Melbourne (we saved $200,000 by not eating avocado for three months) and I’d hate to have a second property as then I’d need to start identifying as a boomer.

You’re returning to Gluttony to perform. What do you like most about performing at Gluttony?
My favourite part about performing at Gluttony is that my venue is outdoors, which means it’s very COVID-safe. It also means that bats get to fly overhead and heckle me whenever I do jokes about COVID, which suggests to me that they had something to do with it and don’t like the truth being told.

Living in Melbourne did you manage to escape the wrath of covid?
So far I have managed to escape COVID, so I think I’m invincible. After I had my second dose of AstraZeneca the clinic accidentally booked me in for four more doses, and I was pretty keen to take them. I’ve always wanted to be a mobile 5G tower and download Netflix to my eyeballs.

What three words best describe your comedy?
Refuses to follow instructions.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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