Rebel Lyons Show ‘SAME PENIS FOREVER’ Returns To The Adelaide Fringe

Do you want the perfect girls night out show? Do you want to see a 5 Star reviewed show that’s been sold out every night? Well, Rebel Lyons is bringing back her show SAME PENIS FOREVER and it’s playing at Gluttony! Rebel gives you an insight to the pitfalls of getting married young brought on by society’s pressures and expectations. It’s a front row seat to Rebel’s life told (in her own words) ‘with an empowering performance showcasing rebellion, strength, honesty, humility, resilience, power, and even way more applicable adjectives!’ She answered a few questions for the Hi Fi Way about her show.

You’re bringing back your show SAME PENIS FOREVER for this year’s Adelaide Fringe. Can you tell us a bit about it and what audiences can expect?
SAME PENIS FOREVER is the one woman cabaret show I wrote during lockdown about my divorce (I got married at twenty four, yikes) and it’s basically a comedic journey though bridal culture and the heteronormative society we live in which conditions us to see marriage as an essential marker for success. There’s singing, dancing, filmed characters, a magic trick, fight choreography and a Christmas Carol! 

What made you write a show about the same penis forever?
Unfortunately I didn’t fully realise until I was married how crippling the expectation of lifelong monogamy is, and that I was tricked into that contract by a patriarchal society. I wrote the show I wish I had seen before I said “I do”. 

Also on another note, I had been told for ten years that I wasn’t right for musical theatre… so I wrote my own damn show. 

You’re performing in Gluttony for the Fringe. How good is the atmosphere at Gluttony?
It’s a utopia for creatives! Last year was my first Adelaide Fringe, and I was working at the info booth at Gluttony… I’m so stoked to have a Gluttony Artist pass this year and I can’t wait to make them proud! 

Tell us why is so important to support the arts and artists during the Adelaide Fringe.
We’re the jesters of society and we risk everything to entertain you, and I mean everything, especially in the middle of a pandemic where the rug can be pulled out from under us at any given moment. If you appreciate A-List celebrity artists, support the ones who aren’t quite there yet, so that one day soon we can be. Also, you’ll have a great time. 

What is the best part about being in Adelaide for the Fringe?
The fact that every other artist is in Adelaide for the fringe too, and we’re all showing up for each other and supporting each other and transforming this city into a huge circus tent for five weeks. And Australia’s Pizza House. And Savers. And the Mall Balls. 

What are three words to describe your show?
Female Declaration (of) Independence. This show really is a huge middle finger to Valentine’s Day, and Facebook Engagement announcements, and the idea that someone else is your other half. I’m a whole person, not someone’s wife.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show information for Rebel Lyons ‘Same Penis Forever’ at FringeTix. Grab Ya Tix!

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