Forenzics Shared Debut Album ‘Shades And Echoes’

For the first time in many years, former Split Enz members Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner have collaborated on a fresh new original music project, aptly titled Forenzics. The 14 songs that comprise the duo’s debut album titled Shades and Echoes is officially out now, available to stream and download and purchase on CD and vinyl HERE.

The new feature song from the album is the delightful duet Unlikely Friend, the song beckoned a strong harmony vocal which then morphed into the guest vocal appearance from Megan Washington.

“I’d worked with Megan before” says Tim. “We’d written a song together on my album ‘The View is Worth The Climb’ and she’s toured with me as well. We just get on. She’s really talented, a great singer. I knew it had to be her. She’d already heard the album and loved it, so she crafted the harmony part and Eddie mixed it into the track. Of course it works beautifully!”

The Forenzics project sees two artistic endeavours meet in the middle. Over the years, Tim and Eddie had been revisiting some of their favourite sections from lesser-known Split Enz works, using them as inspiration and the basis for new songs. This idea had been percolating in Tim’s mind for many years, since 1976, in fact, when Brian Eno visited a recording session of Split Enz’s Second Thoughts album at Basing Street Studios in London, where Eno’s Roxy Music bandmate Phil Manzanera was in the producer’s chair. Listening to a section of the Enz song Walking Down A Road, Eno declared “that was the best bit and [you] should just develop that”. His mild provocation led more than 40 years later to Tim suggesting to Eddie they try it.

Walking was the first new song and they felt excited and inspired to do more. It’s unclear whether anyone in modern music has tried exactly this before? Written a brand new song over a section of one of their own older ones?

Concurrently, Eddie had been developing an instrumental project – titled Double Life -with fellow musicians Adrian Stuckey (guitars), Mark Dennison (sax, flute and clarinet) and Patrick Kuhtze (Drums, percussion). Eddie passed the ‘jammed’, instrumental Double Life musical beds to Tim who, inspired, dove into a creative stream of consciousness – delivering brilliant original lyrics and vocals covering a broad range of subjects and styles.

The sum of the parts make an album of very inventive, diverse and evocative songs.

The musical smorgasbord Eddie had to play with is evident in his selection of sounds and samples and the extraordinary musicianship he is known for. Let us not forget the brilliant fully-orchestrated ENZSO albums and concerts Eddie masterminded in 1996 using the songs of Split Enz and vocals by Tim and Neil Finn as well as other luminary artists including Dave Dobbyn, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Jon Stevens. That album and tour, (with the odd Split Enz reunion) was the last time Tim and Eddie had worked together.

Neither Tim or Eddie has been idle in subsequent years, each of them having delved into a variety of creative albums and other musical projects – and yet again, with the Forenzics project they have created works of inspirational ingenuity. Add in signature musical contributions from Enz’s Noel Crombie and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera– who dialled their parts in during Covid lockdown conditions. And even though Eddie and Tim live in the same city they followed the same process. Tim says “I love working this way, sharing files. You work when you want to, and my singing has an unforced intimacy that is very hard to achieve when there is someone else in the room.”

The Forenzics repertoire, like pictures at an exhibition, is an album of individual works that together form an immersive and cohesive whole. It is a genuine sabbatical journey into the artistic unknown, mapped out by two artists at the height of their creative powers.


  1. Walking
  2. Rules
  3. Abandoned
  4. Chances Are
  5. Empty Nest
  6. Premiere Fois
  7. Europe Speaks
  8. Shut The Door
  9. Love Is
  10. Unlikely Friend
  11. Strange Stars
  12. System Overload
  13. I Spy
  14. Autumn


Side One

  1. Chances Are
  2. Rules
  3. Unlikely Friend
  4. Abandoned
  5. Premiere Fois
  6. Shut The Door

Side Two

  1. Walking
  2. Europe Speaks
  3. Empty Nest
  4. System Overload
  5. Strange Stars


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