Emily Tresidder Is Bringing Her New Show ‘Where’d You Go?’ To The Fringe

She’s back! Melbourne based stand-up comedian, Emily Tresidder after a two year hiatus from comedy is bringing her new show Where’d You Go? to Adelaide Fringe. Performing seven shows at the Rhino Room put this one on your Fringe list! Having sold out shows around the world and here in Australia, Tresidder gives Hi Fi Way an insight to what we can expect at her Adelaide shows. Grab Ya Tix!

You have a new show for this year’s Adelaide Fringe called Where’d You Go? Tell us a bit about it!
I am really excited to be bringing this show to Adelaide Fringe! I think for so many the past few years have been travel-less/adventure-less times, so I want to take this opportunity to take you on a world trip without having to leave your seats. It’s an adventure about why I left comedy for a little while, what I have been doing in the meantime and why it was so very important for me to come back to performing. It is fun, funny and personal. I hope it is engaging, relatable and just a real joy for audiences.

What prompted you after two years from comedy to come back with a new show? Did you miss it?
I think it was just time. I always knew that I wasn’t giving up on comedy forever, but I think I needed sometime away from it to realise why I love it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! Haha. I think I had pushed myself so much in the last couple of years of my career that I had lost the passion in many ways. But after taking sometime and figuring out who I am a little more, I realised I have so much more to say and so many more nights full of laughter to create!

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your shows especially through these unpredictable times?
It’s really funny because my process changed a lot writing this new show. I used to sort of live in the world and see a kid mesmerised by a garbage truck or do something super silly while drinking, I’d write jokes about that and then try and incorporate them into a show randomly (haha worked like a charm every time). But this time I knew what the purpose of this show was in its entirety so I shaped and created my jokes to compliment the bigger picture. Looking at this show as almost escapism really helped me push through and continue to create it, because I am really excited to offer a night of fun in what has been a really quite depressing time.

What’s the best part about performing at Adelaide Fringe?
Oh gosh, that’s tough! I love how engaged audiences are in Adelaide, I love that they are spoilt for choice, so when they’re at your show there’s a level of like, you chose me and this show! How exciting!

I love Adelaide Fringe atmospherically as well, there is always such a happy, joyous buzz which I am so about! I love to perform at Adelaide Fringe because I too get to see some fantastic creations and lots I wouldn’t otherwise get to experience!

Tell us why its so important to support the arts and artists during the Adelaide Fringe.
It has been such a tough time for performers and the arts generally. There have been so many instances when the arts have been overlooked. The thing is, there really is nothing like seeing something LIVE and in person, there is an energy in the room, whether its three people or three thousand in the audience that just cannot be emulated on screen or via zoom etc. If the lockdowns and this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that.

So after such a long time, the artists that are coming to Adelaide Fringe are so ready to share with you and have been working their butts off behind the scenes and on zooms to create greatness. So don’t miss that greatness!

What are you looking forward to the most about coming to Adelaide for the Fringe?
I think I’m most looking forward to my chance to see live performance as well! It’s been sorely missed in my life for sure, and I am so looking forward to seeing creatives doing what they love to do, it really is quite magical. I am of course also so thrilled to be bringing my new show to the world and to Adelaide Fringe because it’s fun and it’s time and it is readdddyyyyyyyy.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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