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Swedish dark sleaze metallers, ToxicRose, have released their latest album In For The Kill. It was preceded by the smash singles Domination and Outta Time which hit prominent Spotify and Apple Music hard rock playlists. They have released their sophomore album In For The Kill on vinyl via Crusader Records (previously only on CD and digitally).

To celebrate the recent release of the album ToxicRose delivered a cracking video for their current single Heroes. Heroes is a fast and powerful track with a splash of modern metal. Like a steamroller crashing through everything, it takes you for a ride through one of man’s greatest mistakes.

The Stockholm based quartet is known for their huge and heavy mix of metal and sleaze, and this album is no exception. With 10 fist pumping tracks filled with big choruses, In For The Kill is an album that fires from all cylinders from start to finish.

ToxicRose are once again here to show you how real sleaze metal is made!

Dark Side Of The Brain is a 9 track album from Wollongong’s punk/hardcore band UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI). It’s a follow up album to Exchange My Brain, which was released in April 2019. Dark Side Of The Brain is jam packed with chaotic guitar riffs, mind blowing drum fills and beefy bass lines. It’s a heavy, fast, hard-hitting ball of mayhem.

Lyrically, the album hits hard on subjects such as overcoming personal struggles, addiction, narcissistic influences, toxicity, racism, and losing loved ones in a world gone mad. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you thinking about the state of the world, the people around you and your own personal growth.

Dark Side Of The Brain is out now via Riot Records on all digital platforms. UNDER THE INFLUENCE (UTI) have released several singles in the lead up to the album. This includes Cobra Spit, Crows, Gone and Moon Flavoured Magnets which gave fans and new discoverers an insight into currently one of the best punk/hardcore bands on the Australian scene.

HOT CHELLE RAE return with a brand-new infectious pop rock anthem Heart and Mine which is out now on all digital platforms.

Heart and Mine is the lead off single from HOT CHELLE RAE from their new joint venture label Yama Records, partnering up with Golden Robot Global Entertainment. This brings GRGE to twelve record labels globally. HOT CHELLE RAE brings in angst and a darker vibe than they’ve been known for while keeping their hooky melodies and quirky lyrics with this song about two people coming together over broken hearts from relationships.

Jamie Follesé – HOT CHELLE RAE

“We’re really excited about the partnership with Golden Robot in forming our label imprint Yama Records. Not only will this allow Hot Chelle Rae to continue to release new music, but we will also be able to search out, sign and develop emerging artists.”

Nick Barker has been a familiar painting hanging on the walls of the Australian music scene since the late 1980s. He further rose to prominence with his band The Reptiles, releasing the hit cover version of Steve Harley’s Make Me Smile.

Hell Sux is the opening track from Barker’s personal favourite album,1998’s Damn Mermaids. At the time, Barker played as part of a raw 3-piece band featuring Linc Jones on bass and the late Craig Whitelock on drums. Recorded live and loud, Hell Sux is all Marshall amps and 1958 Les Paul Juniors. The remastered version of Hell Sux is out now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

Barker recently also released a remastered version of the original track Where I Wanna Be (feat. Felicity Urquhart). Where I Wanna Be and Hell Sux both come from the upcoming release Ones You Missed – Vol.1.

Australian rock band LEADFINGER are due to release their fantastic new album in early 2022 through Golden Robot Records, their first since the highly regarded 2016 album, Friday Night Heroes.

In the lead up, the band are releasing some preview singles, third of which is Girl on a Bus, a non-album single to follow up previous singles NOBODY KNOWS and THE FALL OF ROME. Girl on a Bus is available now on all digital platforms.

Girl on a Bus is a power-pop classic and is filled with 70’s guitar hooks and catchy vocal melodies. It would surely have been a contender for a feel-good hit of the summer back in 1971 and with a bit of luck it might be in 2021 too.

Into The Depths I Ride is the latest single from international technical modern, melodic death metal outfit ANCIENT SETTLERS and and it is out now on all digital platforms via Crusader Records along with an accompanying video clip. The track was produced by the legendary Fredrik Nordstrom.

VANILLA FUDGE throws out another re-worked Led Zep classic, this time it’s Ramble On to go with the recently released Immigrant Song and Rock and Roll. All 3 tracks come from the soon to be released album Vanilla Zeppelin.

This is Led Zeppelin done ‘’Fudge’’ style. This remastered version of Ramble On is available now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

A great ode to one of the most respectable and best bands of all time, by one of the most respectable and best bands of all time. VANILLA FUDGE add their own slant to Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On, including some amazing organ interludes. This version definitely has a life and identity of its own.

U.S. Active Rockers FAREWELL TO FEAR recently returned armed with a new label and a cracking new single Brainwashed which was released via Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records. Brainwashed was their first new material in over 12 months and now have released another massive arena ready anthem in Falling, which is out now (with accompanying lyric video) on all digital platforms!

Falling touches on the downward spiral of depression and shows the perspective of a new generation trying to make sense of it all.  Everyone falls victim to darkness and depression; Falling delivers the message that you are not alone and this feeling won’t last forever. The track features a powerful vocal melody, heavy riffs and duelling guitar harmonies on top of a thundering rhythm section with a slamming groove and massive production.

FAREWELL TO FEAR was born out of the huge black hole that mainstream rock radio left during the absence of super rock stars like Metallica, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. The band revisits an era with big rock riffs, bigger choruses and huge anthems for a new generation of rockers. The bands cover of Rihanna’s Diamonds has racked up nearly 2.5 Million Spotify streams.

Embraced internationally, GROOM EPOCH, is a creative platform for former Church drummer Richard Ploog and released their latest album, Initiation in 2019. Now 2021 sees the band back in action with two new singles. Fellow mainstay musicians Phil Hall, Brett Myers, John Hoey, Cub Calloway, with guesting from Amanda Brown, are responsible for Groom Epoch’s latest shimmering sound.

GROOM EPOCH released their most recent single Soft Explosion back in August and have backed it up with a new single Your Name which is out now digitally via Golden Robot Records.

Your Name is a swaggering rock song featuring the exceptional talents of guitarist Goo, with help from Australian rock legends Died Pretty. With rich sounds that await the listener, the track explores the affairs of the heart and surrender. Co-produced by Richard Ploog and David Pendragon at Canberra Studios.

L.A. based garage rock ‘n’ rollers VELVET STARLINGS have been busy over the last few months releasing 4 singles, all with accompanying videos. Back Of The Train, Technicolour Shakedown, She Said (She Said) and Colours On The Canvas. They also released their new album Technicolour Shakedown digitally via Golden Robot Records in September. Now the band offer up a new single off the album Checkmate.

Checkmate is a guitar driven garage rock number; ‘’We had the fuzzy Elastics style guitar riff for a long time and then it just fit in with a newer chorus idea. I think it’s all about buzz and addiction of playing the game, even when your opponent is obviously more experienced and skilled than you are. You’ve got the stars in your eyes and shooting around your heart, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, the outcome doesn’t change. At the same time, you’re addicted to that feeling and buzzing on the next level game play even though you know you won’t win. We added final ear candy Dandy Warhol’s style “whoo hoo” bit during production and the puzzle was complete.’’– Lead singer and songwriter Christian Gisborne.

Raised during the 80’s debauchery on the Sunset Strip and still going strong in 2021: JIZZY PEARL’S LOVE/HATE presents the 3rd single for Golden Robot Records titled Gonna Take You Higher which is out now on all digital platforms. Gonna Take You Higher comes off the upcoming album HELL, CA which will be released on 11th February 2022, on both CD and digitally and is available for pre-order now!

Gonna Take You Higher was preceded by two absolutely cracking singles Wanna Be Somebody and Soul Mama which both show Jizzy in fine form and gives a strong indication as to what to expect from HELL, CA.

Gonna Take You Higher’s surreal vocals and heavy guitars summon up visions of old Led Zeppelin and Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow. The latest single from Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate is about Jack Parsons, one of the pioneers of rocketry aviation who also happened to be a devotee of Aleister Crowley. It’s “gonna take you higher than you’ve ever been”!

East London four-piece act CAVALCADE are currently creating waves with their version of blistering indie rock and roll. Recently signed to Golden Robot Records, CAVALCADE recently released the single Feels Like Home and are set to back it up with another ripping new track ‘Dreaming About’ which is available now on all digital platforms.

Dreaming About is the latest offering from the highly explosive CAVALCADE. The song offers a personal perspective on the lessons learned and the priceless experiences gained from a time spent with a person you loved. Despite being reflective and patient lyrically, the song is fast and ferocious from start to finish to emphasise the turbulent mind caused by the breakdown of a relationship.

Lead singer Connor Duggan comments: “‘Dreaming About’ was born out of a recognition of just how much two people can learn in a relationship. There are frustrations and longings that come from that reflection which brings an understanding that there are things that have irreversibly changed along the way.”

Melbourne hard rockers STONETRIP, produce a groove laden modern rock sound mixed with classic rock sensibilities. The band are known for their explosive live show, complete with arena-ready sounds and are well on their way to reinvigorating the local rock scene and making a huge dent globally.

Having recently released two blistering Arena Rock influenced singles Runaway and Nightmare (via Golden Robot Records) the band have today released their self-titled EP on all digital platforms. To celebrate the announcement of the EP STONETRIP recently released a video clip for the single Nightmare.

STONETRIP have crafted their first powerhouse self-titled EP with legendary producer Ricki Rae at the helm. The sessions captured the true spirit of the band that closely replicates their powerful live energy, with the EP delivering passion, power, melodies and choruses that will engrain themselves into the listener!

Australian punk rock act 2mums are back with Side A of their hard-hitting two-part album – Bushmaster. It’s another dark and heavy offering focused on violence and destruction the American way. From collateral murder to the brutality on the streets, American culture has inspired the infamous potato farmers from the South Coast of NSW to stand up and raise hell. Bushmaster is available now on all digital platforms via Riot Records.

Since “retiring” from the force under dubious circumstances this former officer has struggled with the loss of authority. Now bored, frustrated, with nothing to do but drink and get abusive towards fellow neighbours who no longer have to obey this clown. Welcome to civilian life buddy. 

One of the most equally charismatic and psychotic examples of a rock front man you could imagine, DEFRYME frontman, Quinn Gardener-Kane could almost certainly be the love child of Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry. He won’t admit it, but it’s highly likely, and definitely an accurate description – crazy talented and just plain crazy.

Quinn represents the very essence of one of Australia’s most celebrated crossover acts of the 90’s – DEFRYME. If you were tuned into Triple J or were part of the Melbourne live music scene during the early 1990’s, then you would remember that the world was DEFRYME and Quinn’s personal oyster. 

Now 2021 sees the return of DEFRYME! Freshly signed to Golden Robot Records, DEFRYME presents a brand new single and video The Snake which are out now on all digital platforms. The Snake is a hauntingly familiar stadium rock tragedy that tugs on the heartstrings and inspires, well not exactly, but DEFRYME’s new track The Snake, is just a whole mess of rock n roll fun. The Snake is pure guitar driven rock, with a hell of a lot of melody and attitude.

BLACK RIVER the Polish blackened rock ‘n’ roll band recently signed a world-wide (ex. Poland) deal with Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records and have just released their new single and video Crossover Love on all digital platforms.

BLACK RIVER’s hard-hitting single Crossover Love came together through the band’s shared anger at the state of the world; one in which people are starving, species are dying out, and in many places, there is nothing to breathe and yet the so-called civilisation doesn’t care about anything other than earning money at all costs. Crossover Love is ferocious, whilst not sacrificing melody and it drives BLACK RIVER into new territory.

BLACK RIVER features Tomasz ‘Orion’ Wróblewski (Behemoth) and Dariusz ‘Daray’ Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir) and they are joined by Piotr ‘Kay’ Wtulich and Artur ‘Art’ Kempa (guitars) and vocalist Maciej Taff. BLACK RIVER are set to release their new album Generation aXe sometime in 2022.

Psych rock outfit KILFEATHER released their latest full-length album Island of Forgotten Toys in November 2020 via Riot Records / Golden Robot Records. Now, KILFEATHER return with a brand-new single and video Bummer, which is out now on all digital platforms.

‘’I swear, I’ll get you for this, I swear, I’ll get you for what you did’’ shrieks KILFEATHER on his brand new single Bummer. This petite garage punk jingle is brought to you by the fleeting rage and confusion that can follow after someone slices through your back with a knife of betrayal. So dust off, lick your wounds clean, and prepare yourself for a total bummer.

KILFEATHER once again deliver a furious slab of garage psyche punk which is definitely not a Bummer!

Another Girl is the latest Johnny Casino track, and has been released digitally via Golden Robot Records. It is the first single from his February 2022 release 5×7 the Days of Wine and Cola.

Another Girl started out as a moody acoustic piece until it found its way into the recording studio on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Here, a fire had been lit underneath it, a couple of bottles of wine poured all over it and an inspired electric guitar burned into it by Johnny and his band.

Recorded at the famed Estudio Tigruss by Pepe and produced by Johnny and Pepe, this is just a taste of the great things to come from the February release of 5×7 the Days of Wine and Cola.

Hailing from the back burbs of the Gold Coast Australia, The Fat Bastards have a no holds barred approach to wrestling with no restrictions and rocking out some of the loudest, sweatiest, grittiest, dirty bad ass sludge ridden blues punk getting around.

They have released their debut single for Riot Records titled Forearms on all digital platforms. Forearms is the latest single from hard-rockin’, beer-soaked Aussie band The Fat Bastards. The track offers a unique perspective on heavy drinking and working out simultaneously, and features heavy guitar tones, rumbling fuzz-filled bass lines, loud pounding drums and gritty, gut fuelled vocals. Feel the burn!

THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT is the brainchild of husband and wife, Scott and Jeni Ivey. Part rock, part pop, part 90s alternative, THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT brings an eclectic fusion of sound that spirals through different genres.

THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT has released their new single and video Hail Mary Martyrs via Golden Robot Records. Hail Mary Martyrs is the follow up to the recently released single Novocaine for the Soul.

With the addition of Danny Sullivan on drums and Lou Tufillaro IV on bass Hail Mary Martyrs flexes a muscle previously unseen in THE DAYDREAM DISTRICT. The confident and hard-hitting rock track shows the band fully in their element, blending 90’s rock idiosyncrasies with modern production.

Lyrically, Hail Mary Martyrs illustrates the throes of a 21st century existential crisis that someone like Fydor Dostoevsky might feel at home reading.

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