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WILDSTREET’s latest album III (1.6 million streams) was released via Golden Robot Records in June. It boasted some incredibly successful singles like Mother, Set It Off, Still Love You and Born To Be. III gathered a huge amount of critical acclaim both with fans and press alike, and saw some amazing album reviews.

To follow on from the success of III, Wildstreet have given their fans a real treat with their cover of The 69 EYES hit, Mrs. Sleazy, which is out now digitally via Golden Robot Records.

WILDSTREET recorded their cover of The 69 EYES Mrs. Sleazy after Jyrki 69 responded to this question on Twitter in 2011: ‘Which songs & which bands would you want to record covers of your songs?’ Never playing the song as a band, they quickly demoed the song, and recruited drummer Dennis Leeflang (Bumblefoot) to guest on the final track. WILDSTREET intended to release the song in December 2012 as a free ‘Christmas gift’ for fans, but with an industry in transition and the band on the verge of breakup the cover was never properly released until now.

WILDSTREET’s Mrs. Sleazy pays obvious tribute to the The 69 EYES. The band effortlessly captures the original song’s Helsinki punk-rock attitude, while not at all subtly (ie: guitar harmonies and a frantic two hand tapping guitar solo) reminding the listener that this is WILDSTREET.

Making friends and headlines, the band has spent most of 2021 touring in the USA. Their ‘Kings Of World Tour’ has included a stop at Rockfest WI in July & will take them to Europe in October to perform alongside label mates Hardcore Superstar at Swiss Rock Cruise. Their tour plans in Europe include shows in Switzerland, France & Belgium. 2022 will begin with tour dates in Mexico and Colombia with Crashdiet & HRH Spring Break in the United Kingdom.

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS was formed in 1984 and headed to New York City. The band was fronted by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene.

Cato sadly passed away in 2020, and Golden Robot Records are proud to bring you new material in her honour. Smashed Gladys recorded these songs as demos for their 3rd album, which has now been remixed.

The first three singles Bump In The Night, Go To Hell and Never Take No were recently released, to emphatic fan approval. Now, their 4th single Bleed For Me has just been released on all digital platforms, giving fans a further insight into the rare recordings and the ability to relive the magic of SMASHED GLADYS.

No apologies in this raw and raucous tune from the New York glitterati, Smashed Gladys. Bleed for Me meets you at the intersection of tough rock chick and funky glam boys – and tells you exactly where to go. Turn it up and you can feel the heat of a packed downtown club and smell the whiskey wafting through the air.

Vanishing Point is the first album release on Riot Records for Denver heavy alt-rock band INTHEWHALE. Produced by Steve Evetts at the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606, 7 songs were recorded live in the studio to tape, and the rawness and intensity reflects that fact. With lyrical themes spanning from bullying to suicide to gentrification, Vanishing Point is far-and-away INTHEWHALE’s most ambitious recording to date.

The bombastic power duo has today released Vanishing Point digitally, along with a lyric video for the track The End.

INTHEWHALE released four stunning singles in the lead up to the release of Vanishing Point; Smoke Break, Jeffrey, Drug Dealer and Crosses, which gave fans a large dose of the power they deliver. The fact a duo can deliver such strength and guttural intensity is something that needs to be heard to be believed.

INTHEWHALE is an extremely unique act. They push sonic boundaries to the limit and deliver a relentless pounding to the senses. Their alternative, post-rock intensity creates a seismic event, showing a band not afraid to take chances or show any fear in their songwriting.

According to who you talk to, rock and roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they’re pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible!

POISON BOYS recently released their new single Little Speedway Girl via Riot Records. Little Speedway Girl is a tasty little punk rock romp that channels all the good vibes from rock legends like New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss and UK punk acts such as The Heartbreakers and The Vibrators.

Little Speedway Girl gave a strong indication of what to expect from their new album Don’t You Turn On Me, which will be released digitally on the 29th of October.

Don’t You Turn on Me is a Stones-worshipping, 70’s sleaze rock-inspired hit about losing a loved one to a falling out and wanting to make up with them. The track features backup vocalist Dana Athens on layered soul vocals, a 70’s slide guitar in the bridge, and long-time Poison Boys touring guitarist “Sleepy Doc” Julius Lange on keys.

Don’t You Turn on Me is the second full length album from POISON BOYS. It’s a long time coming since their first album Out of My Head in 2019, and is a general move in the direction of the band’s punk styling and ability to write hard-hitting, late 1970’s punk, steeped fully in rock n roll roots. It ranges in vibe from more early-mid 70’s sleazier hits, like title track Don’t You Turn on Me, Sweet Marie, or I Was Cryin,’ to blistering punk rippers like Nothing but Darkness, Day by Day, and Keep Knocking, to instant punk classics that could have been played by early punk bands such as Little Speedway Girl, Living on the Edge of the Knife, or She’s Nowhere.

The band’s classic Johnny Thunders sleaze is showcased on ‘Dick in the Dirt,’ and ‘Take a Chance With Me’, while a less aggressive, more charming side is shown on ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Mind.’ Shining bright like rock n roll torch bearers through the endless sea of bands who add too many modern influences to their pursuit of punk, POISON BOYS are bringing you back to 1977 with this new album, transporting you to a time and place you may not have even existed during, but definitely wish you were there for.

Australian rock band LEADFINGER are due to release their fantastic new album in early 2022 through Golden Robot Records, their first since the highly regarded 2016 album, Friday Night Heroes.

In the lead up, the band are teasing the album by releasing their most notable singles, the second of which is The Fall of Rome, an epic follow up to the earlier NOBODY KNOWS single from June. The Fall of Rome is out now on all digital platforms.

The Fall of Rome’ came to the band’s songwriter Stewart Cunningham in a dream and rides on the back of a haunting guitar arpeggio and lyric about the eternity of love in a dying world. This may well be LEADFINGER’S finest musical moment, evocative of the Blue Oyster Cult classic Don’t Fear the Reaper and brimming with 70’s rock guitar flourishes and vocal harmonies.

LEADFINGER have been a mainstay on the underground rock scene since the mid 2000’s, releasing numerous albums through labels like Citadel Records and Bang! Records out of Spain. LEADFINGER have now returned to playing live in 2021 as part of the Golden Robot Records roster.

Keith Cook was the guitarist for protopunk band Debris, with whom he was included in a history exhibit covering the notable rock and rollers from their home state of Oklahoma.

Cook has released 3 singles in the lead up to ROCK & ROLL RIOT’s release: Cease, bemoaning the gentrification of Seattle in a broad yet incisive enough shot that you could apply it to any place, the tongue in cheek three chord rock song Child’s Play and barnstorming Never Equate.

All three singles feature on Cook’s upcoming album Rock & Roll Riot, which has been released digitally, on CD and Vinyl through Riot Records now.

Recorded in producer Steve Fisk’s garage home studio, Keith Cook’s Rock & Roll Riot is garage rock in the purist sense of the term. With vintage tube amps, Fisk’s use of classic recording techniques and minimal microphones on tracks, Cook and Fisk capture the raw sound of the riff-based songs that hark back to the simplistic live vibe of early rock recordings.

Cook’s sophomore record is backed by Dave Foster, Aaron Burckhard & Kera Schaley of Nirvana, Steve MacKay of The Stooges, Criss Crass of The Muffs, The Vains, Wayne/Jayne County, Travis McNabb of Greg Sage and The Wipers, Kirk Heydt of Flipper Pop O Pies and Steve Fisk. 

L.A. based garage rock ‘n’ rollers VELVET STARLINGS have been busy over the last few months releasing 3 singles, all with accompanying videos – Back Of The Train, Technicolor Shakedown and She Said (She Said). They also released their new album Technicolour Shakedown digitally via Golden Robot Records in September.

With the release of this multi-coloured mellower rock n roll number from their debut album, Colours On The Canvas takes you on a wonderful, whimsically nostalgic trip, traveling a slightly less distorted path from previous garage beach fuzz psych rock singles She Said (She Said) and Technicolour Shakedown.

Whilst staying with their formula of one listen sing-along melodies rooted in a sixties style production, Colours on the Canvas has a surfy reverb washing over a cool clear guitar, and a grooving Rhodes piano “Zombies” style riff.

Lead singer songwriter Christian Gisborne says “one of my favourite moments on the Technicolour Shakedown album is the track Colours On The Canvas. I dig the 60’s musical soundscape we created on this. The entire song is an exercise in Donovan-esque colourful poetry, a description of living life in technicolour, and the ever-changing seasons and tides that we all experience.” According to the band they were definitely vibing, exploring ideas and different states of synesthesia throughout the whole writing process, development stages and production of the song.

“I didn’t used to like The Hollywood Stars, I used to like The New York Dolls. Then I heard The Hollywood Stars play ‘Satisfaction.’ Now I wanna f**k ‘em.” – Iggy Pop

This is a high energy live performance of one of Hollywood’s legendary bands of the 70s, THE HOLLYWOOD STARS, with an introduction from well-known radio host and honorary mayor of the Sunset Strip, Rodney Bingenheimer. The tracks range from hard driving, to whimsical, to beautiful and back again. Great guitar work is complimented by three and four-part harmonies throughout. It is the very best of the band’s three albums worth of material with recent updates and arrangements.

Live On The Sunset Strip is out now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

It would seem like every nook and cranny in rock ‘n’ roll history has been explored ad infinitum by this point. Countless books and magazine articles have been written, painstakingly excavating the lives and careers of everyone from Chuck Berry to Aerosmith, Wanda Jackson to Arcade Fire. But what if there was a band with deep roots whose story had barely been broached? A band with direct ties to Little Richard, The Kinks, The Mamas & the Papas, The Electric Prunes, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Iggy Pop, The Runaways, The Flamin’ Groovies, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Steppenwolf, Meat Loaf and Blue Cheer, among others?

Such a band does exist. They are THE HOLLYWOOD STARS. And now, after more than 40 years apart, they are performing together again and making new music.

Dubbed the most elegantly decadent rock n’ roll unit of the 21st century, Montreal’s DANGEREENS recently released their first 2 singles Thieves and Streets Of Doom from their new label Golden Robot Records. They have today released a 3rd single Love Jive on all digital platforms.

Love Jive is a slight departure from their glitter rock sound and is a Southern-rock inspired boogie executed by slum-roaming city dwellers. The lyrics describe a youth who abandons his predictable situation for a utopian, bohemian promised land, only to find out that life had other plans for him. The track contains finely arranged guitar twangs and pedal steel swells served atop thick, luscious bass grooves and steady, toe-tappin’ drumlines.

DANGEREENS take you back to the glory days of 70’s glitter rock. One listen and the influences will come pouring out and transport you back into one of the finest ever rock eras!

San Quentin is a 5-piece band from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England. The band consists of members Liam Cass (rhythm guitarist & songwriter) Owen Eves (lead vocals) Dan Ridgwell (lead guitar) Nick Kepp (bass) and Luke Johns (drums).

San Quentin formed in October 2019 as a 4 piece, then in May 2020 Dan joined the band and San Quentin was formed. The band recently signed to Golden Robot Records and have released their debut single from the label Step Off on all digital platforms.

With massive guitar riffs and catchy hooks, San Quentin’s Step Off tells a story of the struggle to keep youth culture alive in an ever-changing world, where youth last only seconds.

“We bring indie rock music and high energy shows. Each song that is written and performed tells a different story, ready to share with the world.” – San Quentin

San Quentin are set to become an important influence in the reinvigoration of the British rock scene.

After coming to our attention in 2020, GHOSTS OF SUNSET are really establishing themselves as a major player in the hard rock scene. The band have clocked up several hundred thousand streams and the band have today released their new single Look Me Up (If You Come Down) via Golden Robot Records on all digital platforms. Look Me Up (If You Come Down) is the follow up to the recent single and video If You’re Not Coming Back, and it further confirms GHOST OF SUNSET’s status as a breakout band in the hard rock scene.

With punchy guitars and toe-tapping drums, Ghosts of Sunset’s catchy new single Look Me Up (If You Come Down) explores how the city can make or break anyone who dares take their chances on its streets. Every day finds someone new taking their first steps down the sidewalk, ending up in the highest of places, never realising that the cost of climb is everything you ever were.

February 2021 saw the release of their debut EP Headed West, to strong fan and critical acclaim, and followed this up with the release of charity single All I Wanna Do Is Rock, with proceeds going to Save Our Stages. In June, they released the Sunset-Strip soaked No Saints In The City. GHOSTS OF SUNSET are keeping alive one of the brightest scenes in musical history.

Boston’s own garage punk-n-rollers BAABES recently released their single Greaseballs To Glitters with an accompanying video via Riot Records. After creating quite a ruckus, they are back with another dirty, sleazy, garage punk rock affair with Bad Boy Worse Drugs and the title says it all.

Bad Boy Worse Drugs is now available for your listening pleasure and boozy party playlists, via all digital platforms and is backed with a sweaty, energetic live styled club video clip.

The wild boys from Boston are back with their second single Bad Boy Worse Drugs from their upcoming self-titled album. In typical BAABES fashion, this one was made for a good time. For drinks. For friends. For love and regret. For being free, and of course, a little debauchery. Recorded live to match their crazy energetic shows, BAABES say you better learn some better moves to hang with this one!

So, what do you know about a new drug?! It’s called BAABES.

After destroying the metal world with their recent cracking singles I Don’t Wanna Be Your God and Ashes and Fire, LAST TEMPTATION are set to launch another aural assault with their new single ‘Stronger Than Fate’, an absolute traditional metal scorcher and will be in the running for the best pure metal song of 2021.

Stronger Than Fate is a fast paced, Ozzy Osbourne-style track with a chanting chorus and shredding guitars. The track describes people who feel they can do anything, be stronger than anyone and seem to forget that they can’t beat death. These people do or say stupid things and believe nothing can reach them until their day comes to face the music.

LAST TEMPTATION are setting the Metal world on fire with their traditional metal onslaught and are definitely set for bigger things. This is metal how it should be, super musicianship, soaring vocals and anthemic tunes.

The four-headed Irish/Australian rock Hydra from Sydney’s Inner West, FLICKERTAIL (formerly The Bitter Sweethearts) play guitar-fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it’s supposed to be played. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Thin Lizzy, The Dubliners, Airbourne and The Darkness, the band honed their sound in the garages and booze dens of Sydney before hitting the road in 2015 to showcase their unique sound at every pub, club and back yard along Australia’s eastern coast.

Heroes (Live in the Studio) is taken from their upcoming Afterlife, the posthumous EP from Sydney’s premier retro-rock band. Five tales of kitchen-sink drama and ill-advised adventures recorded live in the studio. Heroes (Live in the Studio) has now been released digitally on all platforms via Golden Robot Records along with an accompanying Live In The Studio video clip.

No overdubs, no studio magic, just the raw, unfiltered energy of a phenomenal live act at the zenith of their powers. Each tune carries the band’s signature dual-guitar attack, heart felt lyrics, and lead vocalist and chief songwriter Liam Whelan’s soulful, crooning voice.

Heroes (Live in the Studio) is David Bowie as you’ve never heard him before. Bouncing Motown bass courtesy of Matt O’Callaghan, Jonny Goldrick’s raucous Townshend-meets-Slash guitar playing and a powerhouse vocal performance from Liam Whelan.

The lyric “we could be heroes, just for one day” stood out like life in a rock band. You’re a regular person all day, but for an hour you jump on stage and make the people happy. Brilliant.

THE NOW are a four-piece band from South Wales who, although only started playing together in 2018, have already started making an impact on the local scene with their big, highly infectious guitar-heavy tracks.

Recently signed to Golden Robot Records, THE NOW are about to hit the global stage with the release of their first single off the label Pleased, which is out now on all digital platforms.

From the stage, back to her place:THE NOW’s new indie rock single paints a picture of what happens on the night of a gig, with the thumping drums and piercing guitars intensifying the lyrics about how no father would be ‘pleased’ to see what goes on. Pleased is a beautifully crafted rock track that draws breath, sonically from the entire rock spectrum.

Golden Robot Records recently announced the signing of the interesting and eclectic pairing of CHLOE TRUJILLO & RAV MEDIC. The duo are currently working hard in the studio on new music and offer a taste of the new product with their new single Mana which is available now on all digital platforms.

Chloe has been forging a career as a solo artist and Mark Dalbeth was part of the highly respected Australian rock act Bellusira.

Mana is the premiere single for Golden Robot Records from Chloe Trujillo & Rav Medic! Musically dynamic, ‘Mana’ harnesses the traditions of hard rock & metal, with elements of spanish guitar anchoring the end. Lyrically, Chloe invites the listener on an odyssey, one that closes with an allegory to continue creating and doing what you love.

Hailing from Mexico, Johnny Nasty Boots is a power trio that reminds us of those bands from the 60s and 70s, while also making rock music for their generation. Just like their favourite bands did, they take the roots of rock seriously, going deep into blues, jazz and rock & roll, adding a modern sound of their own into the mix.

JOHNNY NASTY BOOTS, recently signed to Golden Robot Records, has today released their first single for the label We’re Going Down (Live) via all digital platforms.

We’re Going Down is a representation of a man living through the end of the world, with the live version becoming one of the most intense moments of JOHNNY NASTY BOOTS’ live shows. Recorded in May 2021 for their Sótano Sessions, We’re Going Down live is a moody, theatrical track for old and new fans alike.

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