Hi Fi Way Mix Tape Volume 8

We love a good mix tape at Hi Fi Way, have a look to see who made Volume Eight:

Multi-platinum selling Hip Hop luminaries Cypress Hill announce the first official single release from their upcoming 10th Studio Album. Now 30 Years into their career, Open Ya Mind heralds the imminent arrival of the band’s latest full-length, this time produced by Detroit’s Black Milk.

Open Ya Mind details the corporate ramifications and governmental ambiguity of legalizing cannabis in the US. An official music video for the track will be delivered shortly. Following the release of track Champion Sound earlier this year, which featured on the soundtrack of R.B.I. Baseball ‘21, the eighth instalment of the R.B.I. gaming franchise developed by Major League Baseball, this is the band’s first new music since their critically acclaimed 9th studio album Elephants On Acid in 2018.

Open Ya Mind continues to elevate the Grammy nominated group’s distinctly powerful dual-vocal dynamic to new heights and sees them enter an incredible fourth decade of releases, shining a spotlight on the reason they’re consistently hailed as one of the greatest Hip Hop acts of all time.

On the brand new cut, Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog commented ‘As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our debut, we wanted to be sure fans knew we weren’t planning on slowing down and can’t wait for them to hear the new album, coming early next year. “Open Ya Mind” gives you a taste of what’s to come and we can’t wait to return to see you on the road in 2022!

Powerhouse Florida quintet Mayday Parade have released their new single Golden Days via Rise Records.

“’Golden Days’ is a song about pandemic fatigue,” singer Derek Sanders shares about the song. “After a year of restrictions and negativity I was hopeful that better days would soon be ahead.” Golden Days is the latest offering from their upcoming full-length album, What It Means To Fall Apart, out November 19.

Their seventh studio album together, What It Means To Fall Apart was created with long time collaborators Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, and saw the band diverge from their typical path in the studio. With no final destination in mind and setting their sights on just writing the best songs they could, they started chipping away at something, letting go of any attachment to whether they left the studio with a single, an EP, or a full record. They arrived at a fully realised album, 12 contemplative tracks written through the eyes of a band moving forward with the knowledge they could only gain from looking back.

The band is looking forward to sharing these songs in venues around the world, noting that it’s not just about creating music for them, but how that music connects them with their fans and each other. “We all live in different states and have separate lives with different things going on,” bassist Jeremy Lenzo shares, “But just being able to get back together and play music is always a highlight.” Lead singer Derek Sanders mirrors that sentiment as well, sharing that the spark that started Mayday Parade still shines bright, “Even after all this time and plenty of other ways it could have gone or plenty of other things that we could be doing with our lives, we’re lucky to be able to do this.”

3 x time ARIA Award and 11 x Golden Guitar winning Shane Nicholson announces extra live shows and releases his new radio single Helena the follow up to his Top 15 Country Radio single And You Will Have Your Way. In line with the release, Shane will also release a live video of Helena.

Shane describes Helena as a dream song. ”I’ve never had a dream song before. I was a little bit jealous of people who had. I woke up one morning and had the title and sort of a little melody in my head. ‘It only hurts for a while’ is the tagline. In the dream it was ‘Helena it only hurts ‘till you die’ – that was a little bit sadder [he laughs], maybe not as hopeful. That was the original version I wrote. I backtracked a bit and thought no I’m gonna make this a little more hopeful and open-ended.

“It was fun to record. I was having a great time, playing and playing, then I started adding backing vocals and I got carried away with it one night. You know, a couple of whiskeys and a microphone. It ballooned into something bigger and shinier than I thought it would.”

Living In Colour was released in August, hit Top 5 on the ARIA Country Chart and is nominated for ARIA Best Country Album. It was written and recorded in Shane’s Central Coast studio pretty much on his own due to Covid restrictions. I just found it fun to be doing it myself. It was sort of a return to the old days, my teenage years, when I had my first Pro-Tools set up on old computer and I was making demos and putting songs together, learning about the mechanics of production in a bedroom in Brisbane in my parents’ house,” he says excitedly. “I haven’t really done that since then, being able to sit there by myself and pick up instrument after instrument. It was mostly me and a bottle of whiskey into the night, that was it.

AFI have shared a new song Caught via Rise Records.. Previously unreleased, Caught was recorded while the band was making their newest album, Bodies. AFI first shared the song with fans at the premiere of Where We Used To Meet, the brand new short film by Kes Glozier. The film features music from Bodies and storylines inspired by the song lyrics. Two intimate screenings were held at Brain Dead Studios in Los Angeles, CA on September 28, followed by a global livestream event on September 30.

“We were really happy with ‘Caught’ and planned for it to be on the Bodies album,” vocalist Davey Havok explains. “We ended up cutting it at the last minute to allow for a better album flow, but still really loved the song. When we started collaborating with Kes on ‘Where We Used To Meet,’ we thought it would be a great context to present the song in.”

“I really like ‘Caught’ and I fought for it,” drummer Adam Carson adds. “Even though I didn’t play on it at all, I felt that it was a really good song and would be important on the record. I was crushed when it didn’t make the cut, so I’m happy we are releasing it now.”

Troye Sivan shared the official video for his first solo single of 2021, Angel Baby. Sivan is joined in the provocative clip by a multitude of angel babies who amp up the song’s romantic vibe. Luke Gilford (Christina Aguilera, Blood Orange), who also helmed the 2017 video for Sivan’s Heaven, directed.

Written by Troye Sivan, Jason Evigan, Michael Pollack, Sarah Hudson and JHart, Angel Baby is an intimate ballad, full of yearning and romance realized in cinematic 90s synth glory. It is destined to be an emotive and anthemic highlight of his forthcoming live shows.

“‘Angel Baby’ is my crack at an adoring, doting, love struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad. I thought we needed a few more of those.” Says Troye.

Platinum-selling, chart-topping rock band BAD WOLVES have released their highly-anticipated third album DEAR MONSTERS via Better Noise Music, marking the band’s first full-length release with new singer DL.

The project was preceded by the release of first single Lifeline, last month, which earned rave reviews for the frontman’s powerful vocals.

To celebrate the release, the band dropped a new music video for album track If Tomorrow Never Comes. The song is a reflective statement about whether or not someone needs to make a change in their life, showcasing the band’s poignant lyricism. Other tracks that boast the creative and artistic song writing and musical heights of the band in its current chapter include, Springfield Summer, which explores the need to transition from one part of your life to the next and grapples with the uncertainty that brings, and In The Middle, a personal piece of music about the mother and father of band guitarist Doc Coyle. Both of Coyle’s parents passed away within the past year, and the song is about wanting another moment you can’t have, and expressing the endless love that will never be forgotten.

Following its premiere on triple j Drive, Thornhill return with their edgy and riff-laden single Casanova. Marking the band’s first taste of new music since their acclaimed 2019 debut album The Dark Pool, the release finds the group stepping into an inspired new era complete with an elevated sound and image. Its new music video confirms this and will no doubt have media, industry and faithful Thornhill fans wondering – where are the band going next?

Vocalist Jacob Charlton shares more on the track:

“’Casanova’ is about the extensively taxing experience of falling deeply for someone that you’re too afraid to completely grab onto. The kind of situation where you’re almost scared to love them and begin fixating on the little things you dislike about them or create stories in your head about them in order to keep your distance, so you don’t get hurt or hurt them,” he says.

“To match the mood of this track instrumentally, I decided to create a sort of 007 scenario, to match the vocal direction I was taking in order to get the point across without making this a sad track. I use the eyes of two agents that are stuck in a dance of death with orders to kill the other while assigned to the same case, they must choose whether or not to follow through with orders they don’t agree with.”

Trophy Eyes have released 27 Club, the band’s first release in nearly two years following their critically acclaimed album The American Dream.

Lead singer and songwriter, John Floreani, shares on he release “27 Club is an expression of my self-loathing, imposter syndrome and my disdain for being alive in general. I’ve done my best to numb those feelings by self-medicating most of my adult life- not passively but as an aggressive form of self-punishment. The song centres around one particular night, sometime in 2018, that I’d finally passed out on my back and began choking on my vomit. The person that woke me saved my life that night, but instead of feeling grateful and happy to be alive, all I felt was genuine resentment. Resentment for interrupting what I’ve never been brave enough to do, from happening naturally.”

Sunshine Coast duo The Dreggs are thrilled to share their new single Your Love. The new release sees The Dreggs showcase their indie folk charm, combined with elements of alternative surf-rock.

Lyrically, Your Love explores the complexity of being trapped in a toxic relationship. “More specifically, the track tells the story of a guy who is deeply in love with a girl, who only shows love and affection when she is intoxicated,” explains Paddy Macrae (lead vocals, guitars, keys and bass).

“The recording process was relatively spontaneous,” Macrae says. “We weren’t originally intending to write an alt/surf rock song but we had toyed around with the idea for a while for a bit of fun. While we were wasting time in the studio we started jamming to a riff I was playing on the electric and some old lyrics I had written a while back. We decided to lay down the acoustic Zane wrote, then the electric guitar riff, some drums and bass, then soon after we were left with the surf track Zane and myself had laughed about writing for some time.”

THE RIOT are ready to air some grievances as they drop their latest single PISSED along with its suitably seething video. The Gold Coast three-piece have released the song from the road today as they join WAAX on a whirlwind weekend tour of Queensland. The band has also announced a run of shows in support of the new single.

A 3-minute explosion of rage; PISSED is punctuated by the band’s trademark distorted guitars and electronic beats. Pulsating aggression pours from the production as vocalist JD’s seething lyrics call out pretenders, hangers on, or as the band put it, “this song is about the difference between the leeches and the creatures.”

As a band brought together by their shared consciousness in spite of their disparate lives, on their fourth song they find themselves effortlessly writing music. Emerging through the smoke and whiskey in producer Alex Henriksson’s studio, vocalist JD found himself caught up in what THE RIOT have come to recognise as Henriksson’s “zone of magical moments.” He came up with the melody and lyrics instantly, as the band’s instrumentation effortlessly followed. This is a band who are set on only doing what is organic, what is raw and real, “We are out to do exactly what comes to our minds.” And their collaboration with Henriksson that sees them fully realising this goal, “[Alex] allows the subconscious brain to take the driver’s seat. [It’s a] perfect match for us as we love to overthink things.”

ARIA double-platinum collective, Winston Surfshirt return to share their newest feel good bop, Complicated feat. Young Franco. Following up on their latest collaborative release All Of the Little Things feat. Ramirez, the single it’s accompanying video are out now via Sweat It Out & BMG.

Launching into gear with a staggered bass line, dancing just beneath Winston’s signature falsettos, Complicated is peppered with feelings of not letting the small things get in the way. With the addition of an instantly catchy hook and Young Franco lending his dexterous synth prowess to the track, this tune forms the first ever collaboration between the two Sydney-based outfits, coming at just the right time for summer days to take over. Directed by Turk Lees, the accompanying 90’s-capsule fisheye visual feeds off the sonic energy, weaving between an effervescent live performance from the full band and Franco, dancing technicolour animations, and kaleidoscope shots of warping Sydney streets.

Winston says of the single, “Been a fan of Young Franco’s beats for a while, and known him for a couple of years with many mutual friends but we never worked on music together, which I thought was a crime. I hit him up in March this year and jumped in the studio with him for a day. We flicked through a few beats of his and when I heard this one it hit me instantly, felt like me and fit perfectly with the third album that was already nearly done. I think the gist of the words were written in the first couple takes of messing about, the chorus just happened and stuck, and it took about an hour of singing before the song was pretty much done. An upbeat tune that somehow forces you to dance.”

Young Franco continues, “I’ve known Winston for a little while through Cosmo’s Midnight & the Astral People fam, plus they make amazing music. When we got into the studio earlier this year I showed him a demo I had worked on a while back with legend Jonti. He immediately started writing to it. I knew once we had a rough vocal down this was gonna be a special record. I’ve always wanted to work with Winston, it’s even more special when he’s a lovely guy & so is the rest of the band.”

The twice Grammy-nominated band Hiatus Kaiyote shares a new song, Canopic Jar, including a hypnotising 32 second introduction titled Journey To The Crystal Tomb. Arriving digitally and physically in the form of a special edition 12″, the single marks the first new music since the acclaimed release of Mood Valiant in June, out via Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune.

Nai Palm is a long-time lover of Halloween-inspired music, as she explains in the song’s meaning: “A canopic jar is an ancient artifact from Egypt. When they preserved the body through mummification for the afterlife, the organs were contained in a canopic jar. I used this image of preserving something in this lifetime to be accessed in another as a metaphor for an unobtainable relationship, to re-appear throughout the ages because circumstances won’t allow it this time around.”

“I am obsessed with Halloween playlists, and keeping in the vein of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ ‘Feast of the Mau Mau’, and our own ‘Swamp Thing’, we wanted to explore the spooky thematics in how we produced the song. There are real wolves that I recorded after visiting a wolf sanctuary in Upstate New York. Bender added harrowing cello recorded in an empty water tank, Simon went full Phantom of the Opera organ-style, and Perrin’s drum tones sound like a werewolf-gorilla hybrid smashing through a cityscape. We basically like to create tiny sonic movies with each song we make.”

“Ironically, the person the song was written about is now my partner, and he added the Vincent Price villain laugh at the end of the song under the pseudonym Eddy Knife Hands, which kinda wraps the witchy sonic spell up nicely, haha.”

Ross Jennings vocalist and co-songwriter for internationally renown progressive metallers, Haken will release his debut solo album. A Shadow Of My Future Self on November 19 via Graphite Records. In contrast to his prog metal day job, Ross has a major soft spot for American AOR, mainstream 90’s arena rock and indie pop. All of which have influenced the direction of A Shadow Of My Future Self.

Of the song, Ross says “‘Catcher in the Rye’ is probably my favourite piece on the album for a number of reasons. It came to me as I was making final decisions on which songs to put on the album and which order etc… and as if something tapped me on the shoulder as if to say “you’re album isn’t done” another song just came to me. It’s an all too familiar tale of the songs that take 15 minutes to write… this was one of those!

Musically ‘Catcher In the Rye’ is somewhat of a cross between ‘Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson and Elbow’s ‘Sad Captains’, most evident in the inclusion of a brass solo performed by Norwegians ‘Blasemafian’. Vikram Shankar performed by Piano ideas deliciously adding some Bruce Springsteen-esque influence to the choruses too. I’m more than proud to wear those influences on my sleeve here.

The lyrics aren’t based on the famous novel J.D Salinger, but the song does share its title because it was the last book a late friend of mine lent to me before sadly passing away. The lyrics are about how much I miss him, touching on some memories we had and the ones we never made. I deeply feel like this song was his gift to me from the great beyond which is why it’s such a special one for me.”

“After several unfortunate cancellations and schedule clashes with various film-makers, in the end I was forced to get creative and shoot the video myself. Despite not being the initial vision for the video, this ended up being a far more fitting visual companion than what I had in my head. I fortunately have some film-making experience but most importantly I had the last minute help of Kyros’ Shelby Logan Warne to edit my footage, and she absolutely amazingly brought it all to life. Amidst the stress of deadlines, sometimes you just have to have faith and trust that things will work out for the best.”

Iconic singer, songwriter, guitarist, and Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell releases Siren Song, the third and final song from his highly anticipated new album Brighten, out now.

Siren Song” begins with a soft, finger-picked acoustic guitar, as a lead into the heavy distorted sound that follows. Jerry’s soaring vocals take listeners on an epic journey“She don’t lie she walks on. A passerby in a dream. You feel as though it’ll never die. In my dark you are the light. Funny how the feeling never goes. When I’m wrong you are the right. Carry the memory in my soul”

Finnish metalcore eccentrics ONE MORNING LEFT revived the legendary and iconic white diamond glove in their special take on Michael Jackson’s Beat It covered in their very own charm. The band officially released their brand new album »Hyperactive« earlier this year.

The album shapes up to be the artistic peak of ONE MORNING LEFT’s musical “blood mountain”: epic lyrics carried by Luoto’s soaring vocal melodies, contrasted by the distinctive, gritty sound of Lahti, all accompanied by breathtaking keyboard leads, blisteringly fast guitars, masterful bass riffs and feverish drum parts.

Founded in 2008 in Vaasa, Finland, ONE MORNING LEFT is well known for their unique blend of electro, hardcore and metalcore influences as well as their entertaining and energetic live shows where absolutely anything can happen.

Modern horror metal band MISTER MISERY have released their sequel of Strangeland. Strangeland II – The Return marks another guitar driven masterpiece coated in pure horror. Happy Halloween! Listen now to

“Since the massive success of our song Strangeland we are now extremely excited to give you the next chapter of our fantastical and strange world! To our fans for all the support they’ve given us, here’s “Strangeland II – The Return” This song is a real banger to us and showcases how we’ve evolved as musicians and as a band! We hope you enjoy this psychotic tune as much as we do! Have a fantastic Halloween everyone and welcome back to Strangeland!” – MISTER MISERY

After the pace setting release of their praised debut album »Unalive« in 2019, modern horror metal band MISTER MISERY, spawned from the hollowed parts of Sweden (2018) has not slowed down, despite the fact a global pandemic crushed schedules, MISTER MISERY kept busy during quarantine, writing new breathtaking material, while still releasing numerous compilations for their fans in the meantime.

US metalcore giants Like Moths To Flames have lifted another taste from their upcoming EP with the release of new single Views From Halfway Down.

The band’s new EP Pure Like Porcelain will be released on Friday November 5 and also features recent cut ‘The Preservation Of Hate’.

Broadly, Views From Halfway Down explores the idea that humans often live in cycles of pain, addicted to behaviours we know are bad for us. Like Moths To Flames vocalist Chris Roetter expands that the single is about the struggle and seesaw nature of battling addition, whether that’s to substance or even unhealthy mindsets.

“This song is the first time I’ve ever approached themes surrounding addiction,” he shares.

“I think I tried to put myself in a place of morbid euphoria. Writing from a spot that felt like I was stuck between wanting to be better and wanting to remain in the state of mind of feeding whatever is driving the addiction. The view from halfway down is that time when you’re falling, where very little time passes but you see so much of your life passing by.”

Craig David joins forces with pop powerhouse MNEK on new single Who You Are as well as announcing his upcoming brand-new album titled 22, available for pre-order now. Who You Are is the first single from the album and cocoons an emotive yet uplifting pop lyric about being present in a pristine UK garage casing courtesy of producer Digital Farm Animals.

Across his 22-year career, he’s collaborated with everyone from Sting to Kano to Diplo to KSI, while also becoming one of the biggest DJs in Ibiza via his TS5 soundsystem. Award-wise we’re talking 14 Brit Award nominations, two Grammy nominations, four MOBO awards and three Ivor Novellos honouring his songwriting.

It’s impressive, sure, but that’s the past. It’s ephemera. “I always feel like you need to be more real-time and present in the now,” Craig confirms. That present involves this glorious, MNEK-assisted lead single ‘Who You Are’.

Like all Craig David classics it feels both box fresh and warmly nostalgic. “It will live in the world this song,” Craig says. “It feels so authentic, it has intention. Put on ‘Who You Are’ to try and talk to someone that needs help.”

A genre defying career spanning over two decades, Who You Are exemplifies Craig’s versatility and range. Sonically the new track encompasses both an ethereal strings led sound which is juxtaposed by a progressive garage beat all seamlessly brought together by the standout soulful vocals which both artists have become synonymous for.

With authentic collaboration at the heart of both of their music, coming together on this track has been a long time in the making for Craig and MNEK. Both artists are critically acclaimed and highly sought-after mainstays in British music, collectively working with the likes of Sting, AJ Tracey, Ella Mai, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Beyonce and more cementing their status as two of the industry’s most well regarded singers, writers and producers.

MNEK added “I’ve worked with Craig many times over the past several years and have obviously looked up to him for FOREVER, one of my childhood heroes easily and such a pioneer for black men in R&B & dance music… So, now we have this collaboration “Who You Are”. I love this song more every time I listen to it, it’s so beautiful – and there’s just something about it. I wrote the hook, he wrote the verses, he really wanted me to stay on it with him and like… who’s actually gonna say no to Craig David? He’s the best “to do it”! This is absolutely a tick off the bucket list for me and I hope it touches the people who hear it.”

Known for her remarkable voice, emotional honesty and ability to translate difficult subject matter into rich pop songs, Cairns-based artist Greta Stanley has been on a rising trajectory over the past few years.

Taken from her forthcoming sophomore album, new single Close Call is another collaboration with producer/co-writer Tristan Barton, who is best known for his acclaimed film soundtrack work. Incorporating subtle hip-hop production influences and a stream-of-consciousness style lyrical delivery into her signature indie-pop/folk sound for the first time, Close Call may be Stanley’s finest and most unique song yet.

Stanley says of the track “Close Call actually started as a set of lyrics that I’ve had for ages… years actually. I always liked these words, so Tristan and I wrote new music to them. It’s about being frustrated with people’s egos, needing solitude and trying to step away to protect myself. It’s a reminder to myself not to be manipulated or get lost in someone else’s world. The chorus lyric – “draw those blinds, I need an honest light” is basically me saying you can’t hide in the daylight.”

DON BROCO have released their new single Endorphins alongside a brand-new video. The track is the latest to be taken from their forthcoming new album Amazing Things, which is out now. Endorphins is an unmistakable slice of Don Broco’s power, delivering yet another pulsating and infectious anthem. Overflowing with monstrous riffs, jagged synths, pummelling drums and a towering irresistible chorus, the track sees them blend their light and dark sides together.

The video is another brilliant addition to Don Broco’s catalogue of supremely inventive, creative and funny short films, with the band posing as shape-shifting super-heroes battling masked villains in a martial arts, lazer-gun battle for supremacy… along with some awesome performance footage of them blasting out the track.

“Power Rangers was without doubt my favourite show when I was a kid,” vocalist Rob Damiani shared. “When my parents actually went through with a long threatened punishment of taking away the TV (I think because me and my brothers were fighting too much), it was the one programme I was still allowed to watch on a Saturday morning, albeit on the black and white TV in my Dad’s garden shed. After an ENTIRE YEAR of this (still can’t believe my parents actually went through with it – pure evil) for Christmas not only did they bring the TV back, I also got the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger for my present!”

“While writing Endorphins as soon as the line ‘mighty morphin into a piece of shit’ materialised I knew I wanted to live my childhood fantasy in the video and luckily the boys were up for it! Huge thanks to Harry Lindley and Elaina Mensing for all their hard work and talent making it happen, as well as letting me use my original Dragon Dagger in the fight against Scorpion King Beckham! We hope you guys all love the vid as much as we do.”

Indie heroes The Wombats unveil Ready For The High, the latest offering from their forthcoming fifth studio album Fix Yourself, Not The World. A sultry buzz rock note-to-self to accept the good times now they’re here, the track comes accompanied by a video shot while the band were together in the UK earlier this month, which captures the raw live energy they recently brought to the main stages of Reading and Leeds Festival and Neighbourhood Weekender.

About the track, frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy comments: ‘’Ready for the High’ is a 90’s inspired track that I was excited to toss a load of trumpets into. The song is about being engulfed in a bad place, but rather than accepting this as immutable, acknowledging that it is only temporary and that better times are closer than they (currently) appear.”

Ready For The High follows the single If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming With You, an infectious electro-pop ode to obsessive devotion, which premiered on BBC Radio 1 ‘Future Sounds’ with Yungblud.

Gold-selling hard rockers OF MICE & MEN – Aaron Pauley (bass + vocals), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Alan Ashby (guitar), and Phil Manansala (guitar) – are pleased to announce their seventh album Echo, out December 3 via SharpTone Records.

The album is comprised of the previously issued Timeless and Bloom EPs, along with the new and final Ad Infinitum EP. The EP will be released on vinyl in April 2022.

The full Echo album track listing is below. Pre-order the album digitally now. The physical pre-order will go live on Friday, October 22, at the same link. https://shrptn.co/fightinggravity – Local physical will be available

The band has also shared the video for latest single Fighting Gravity.

“‘Fighting Gravity’ is about learning to let go, while also recognizing the impermanence and shortness of life,” says Pauley. “We think we’re in control of so much, but we’re really not, and that existential dilemma is at the foundation of the human condition.”

Last year, MAJESTICA released their new album A Christmas Carol as a wonderful Christmas gift for the whole metal scene. It’s pure symphonic power metal in the true MAJESTICA spirit along with elements inspired by the likes of TWILIGHT FORCE, RHAPSODY, ALAN SILVESTRI, DANNY ELFMAN and JOHN WILLIAMS.

And this year, the band have again prepared a very special surprise for their fans: an extended version of the album, that will not only be available on vinyl, but that will finally complete the story surrounding the grumpy old Ebenezer Scrooge with two previously unreleased songs. A Christmas Carol – Extended Version will be out and getting you into the heavy Christmas spirit on November 12th, but the first new single, Glory Of Christmas is already available now. It comes with a beautiful art video, drawn by vocalist Tommy Johansson.

The band comment: “When we released “A Christmas Carol” last year it was a dream come true to finally release a real Christmas album. But it was not available on vinyl, and we felt we had a bit more to give to complete the story.
So now we have added two new songs to the story where we get to know more of Scrooge’s hate for Christmas and also how scared such a powerful man can get when believing his judgment day is dawning. With these two new songs we now have “A Christmas Carol – Extended Version”, which completes the story of Scrooge and his Christmas ghosts. The first single “Glory of Christmas” is heavier than the previous songs, but the Christmas feeling hasn’t gone anywhere and it has one of the strongest choruses on the album. During the upcoming tour in December people will hear the entire album from beginning till the end with the new songs!’’

A new era beckons for Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and to kick it off, the Perth group presents the new single Lava Lamp Pisco. Fuzzed out riffs that capture the wild essence of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets perfectly, Lava Lamp Pisco marks a fine return for the band, who were only just thrilling audiences earlier in 2021 with their fourth album, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound.

As with all Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ music, Lava Lamp Pisco originated in the kaleidoscopic creative brain of songwriter Jack McEwan, before being fleshed out further in his home studio. The sounds of Lava Lamp Pisco take Psychedelic Porn Crumpets into slightly different territory, anchoring things in a heavier guitar-centric space.

“After SHYGA! I wanted to write something a bit heavier, get back to the Sabbath roots and chug on a riff for yonks ‘til it hums like a Novocaine mantra. I wanted it to feel like it was constantly progressing, getting more chaotic with drones, swirling between dissonant layers and get the body jangling with a Tyson hook.”

“The lyrics weren’t intentionally meant to be dark, I’ve always liked to keep our music upbeat and positive but some days it felt like everything was blurring into one, waiting for life to resume into some sense of normality. But what is normal? Change is good, variety is the spice of life and from these weird times I can truly say I’ve never been happier. So the Pisco of life continues, building with bulldozers, creating from rubble, chewing on bricks with a toothless optimism. It’s nice to feel rounded.” Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Jack McEwan

INXS drummer, Jon Farriss, and Northern Irish songwriter and performer, Ciaran Gribbin, are excited to announce a new creative collaboration called JAC MUSIC. Their first single We Are Awakening is out now.

Jon Farriss is the man steering the rhythm ship for the iconic band, INXS, and he’s acknowledged by industry peers, including super producer Nile Rodgers and the legendary Ringo Starr, as one of the greatest drummers ever. Jon developed the unique and distinct drum sound that helped give the super-group their funk.

Ciaran Gribbin is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer who has worked with top-tier artists such as Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, Snow Patrol, and Al Pacino. He received his Grammy nomination for co-writing Madonna’s hit, Celebration and has toured the world as the singer of INXS.

JAC MUSIC has been formed by Farriss and Gribbin to deliver great vibes to the world through the love of music they each share. The duo state that; ‘JAC MUSIC is here to sing for peace, play for love and bring unity to the world through the power of song. If we release it, it’s because we love it!’

The first single We Are Awakening was written seven years ago and both Gribbin and Farriss are excited to finally be releasing the song. Jon Farriss said; ‘We are not here for self-promotion or to further our music careers. Ciaran and I have both been given a gift as musicians and we want to share that gift with the world. Our goal is not global domination of the music scene, rather we want our music to uplift society, connect communities and bring joy to people’s hearts.’

Farriss went on to say about the first single We Are Awakening; ‘the premise of the song is that it starts from within, it’s about evolution and organic growth. The world is in a great time of change right now and if you’re awake to what’s going on with this world, you’ll share the message that lies within this song.’ On the creative partnership with Ciaran Gribbin, Farriss said; ‘I’m super excited to be releasing new music again and to be collaborating with a quality artist like Ciaran Gribbin. He is such a talented singer, songwriter and performer.’

Ciaran Gribbin said; ‘I can’t believe the timing that we are releasing this single at a time when the world has been suffering the pain of the COVID-19 pandemic. This song is about peace, humanity and coming together, something we need more than ever in the world right now. I had the honour of standing on stage with Jon when I toured with INXS and to now be collaborating with Jon to write and release new material under JAC MUSIC really is a dream come true for me. I’m excited about our future and also looking forward to announcing in 2022 other artists we will be collaborating with under JAC MUSIC.’

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