Asha Jefferies “The Pinnacle EP”

One of the very few good things about the recent shutdowns were these online at home concerts called Isol-Aid which introduced me to some excellent new artists. One of those was Asha Jefferies who played 2 Isol-aid slots and Asha impressed me so much that I purchased her back catalogue on Bandcamp. Asha releases her wonderful EP The Pinnacle out now and it is a cracker.

Asha has such a beautiful soulful voice it is such a pleasure listening to each of these five songs. Dizzy starts off the EP and with its vulnerable vocals it tells us about someone who is dizzy because of the pressures of life. Next up is Big Expectations with a sweet delicate performance and is about a failed relationship.

Crybaby is next and starts off gently but it soon hits a groove and turns into one of the catchiest songs released this year. In a recent Triple J interview, Asha told us that Crybaby is about the death and rebirth of a relationship and the re-ignition of her own inner fire, and learning how to not hold herself back. Dancefloor is up next and is my favourite and I think it is about the frustration of lockdown and the desire to be back on the dance floor. The last track on the EP is Mmm which is a truly beautiful song to finish with.

The instrumentation on the EP is sparse which is great because it allows Asha’s incredible vocals to be heard clearly. The EP was co-written with Aidan Hogg was has already teamed up with some excellent Australian Artists like Jaguar Jonze and Tia Gostelow. I was lucky enough to see most of the EP performed live when Asha played in Adelaide at the Grace Emily a few months ago and I am really looking forward to her touring once Australia opens up again.

EP Review By Richard De Pizzol

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