Jimmy Vanns From The Vanns On New Single “Feels Good Now”

Following on from the successful release of Red Light in April, South Coast legends The VANNS present an uplifting new cut in Feels Good Now. Powered by beautiful guitars and production, buoyed by Jimmy Vann’s rich vocals and executed perfectly by the rock four-piece, Feels Good Now is an enriching listen. Focused on the struggle to, and eventual acceptance, of changing your life for the better, Feels Good Now is wrapped up in an uplifting arrangement and is basically what the title suggests. Jimmy Vanns answers some questions about the single for Hi Fi Way.

Congratulations on the single, you must be really happy with how it turned out?
Cheers! Feels pretty dang good to have a new tune out in the world – and yes, very happy indeed with how it turned out or otherwise it would have been scraped well and truly and deserted like one of those books you never finished reading.

What’s the background behind the single?
Some would say it’s about feeling good but how they are so very wrong… This song was written purely so we could play guitarmonies.

Did you enjoy being hands on with the video clip?
I wouldn’t even go as far as hands on, I was more so a delivery man with a hard drive. You’ll have to thank legends DP Surfboards & Sam Tolhurst for providing the footage and good mate Jules Bourne for editing the clip.

How important was the partnership with DP Surfboards?
It was great to team up with local business to make this clip possible, and who better than DP!? They make sick surfboards, they’re my local surf shop and I’m also a big fan of them as I ride one. The board is an absolute belter.

How frustrating have all the lockdowns and restrictions been for The Vanns?
Well… We got seven show into our already year and a half rescheduled tour earlier this year and then what do you know, we are back in lockdown and I can’t see the band. Frustrated is an understatement, WE HAVE GOT GUITARMONIES TO WRITE!

Have you continued to make the most of the time writing for another album?
Yeah, I’ve got a few ideas floating around but it’s just not the same when I can’t be in the same room as the lads, that’s where the magic happens. But don’t you worry, we are an album band and that’ll be our next big thing.

Do you think The Vanns sound has changed much?
For sure, change is what excites me, and we will continue to delve into the unknown where possible as a four piece rock band.

How much have you missed touring and playing live shows?
That’s the best part and I miss it immensely. It’s one thing to release new tunes but to play them live is a whole other side of being a musician. You get to experience your songs connecting with people in person and that’s what it’s about. Some of my best memories in life have been from that hour and a half on stage with the band.

Are you feeling optimistic about getting the greenlight to start touring again soon?
Hmmm… it ain’t looking good but I’m hopeful. I have no idea what touring life will look life once we get out of this lockdown. Maybe instead of confetti and fire cannons we’ll be spraying sanitiser on the crowd.

What’s next for The Vanns?
A big piss up and BBQ because we haven’t seen each other in months.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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