Quiz Mistress Natty To Host Weekly Quiz Night At The Gov

The Gov Quiz is the event every music fan/ geek/ nerd in Adelaide has been waiting for. Every Wednesday night our very own Quiz Mistress Natty will put you through your paces, with a whole lotta brain-busting fun and cool prizes up for grabs. Put together your own team of music masterminds or The Gov will set you up with a table on the night. Quiz Mistress Natty answers a few questions about the The Gov Quiz which starts tomorrow night.

How much are you looking forward to putting on the Quiz Mistress hat on?
To say I am excited is an understatement; I am looking forward to a lot of banter and sharing a mutual love of music with the teams, staff and everyone who gets involved.

Has ongoing restrictions been tough on The Gov?
Absolutely. The last eighteen months have been incredibly tough, but we have managed to adapt and evolve to the ‘new normal’ rather well. We have had to be creative and true to the nature of The Gov to keep providing a space that our patrons love, thus The Gov Quiz was born.

How much preparation does it take to prepare for a quiz night?
I’m still getting a handle on that one to be honest! So far, I’ve spent about ten to fifteen hours brainstorming and planning how each night will run and another three to four hours on the content itself. Last week I managed to squeeze in a test-run with the Gov-staff which was super helpful, the night flowed well, and everyone had a lot of fun! However, a bit of Dutch courage before I take the stage as Quiz Mistress this Wednesday won’t go astray!

Any hints for some of the topics for the quiz night?
Every week will be different, and I have tried to be very broad with the content to keep it fair and appealing to everyone. To kick things off, our first event will focus primarily on rock ‘n roll and pop music. I have also included a couple of games, one of which involves guessing who is on the cover of a blurred out rolling-stone magazine and the other requires attendees to finish the lyrics to well-known songs to score points for their teams – affectionately known as ‘you took the words right out of my mouth’

It must be great to be able to have a regular quiz night at The Gov?
Yes, it is, we have a great space that isn’t being utilised on a regular basis and a music-themed Quiz night fits in with The Gov ethos perfectly.

Does the quiz night at The Gov appeal to a broad range of music tastes and different age groups?
Absolutely it does. I have worked very hard to make it versatile and appealing to all whilst also keeping everyone engaged and having fun. Whether you’re a child of 70s Glam-rock, 90s grunge, or reside exclusively in the realm of modern-day pop-music there is a question you have the answer to.

How do interested people go about signing up for the quiz night and can they create their own team?
I recommend they email me at functions@thegov.com.au and I can get them booked in. I highly encourage people to create their own teams and their own unique name – something I am also really excited by is how creative people will get with their team names! Of course, if you’re looking for some spontaneous Wednesday night fun, walk-ins and solo’s will be welcomed too.

What are some of the do’s and don’ts in participating in a quiz night?
Rule number one is no phones, which leads directly into rule number two – no cheating. They’re pretty much my only rules, as I’ve never been one to stick to them anyway! On the to-do list is have fun and interact!

What is one highlight that stands out for you being involved in a quiz night?
The biggest highlight of being involved in The Gov Quiz (apart from having fun) is connecting people who have a mutual love of music with one another – after all that is what The Gov is all about.

Interview By Rob Lyon

To book your team for Wednesday night Quiz Nights contact Natty at The Gov via email at functions@thegov.com.au.

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