Billy Bragg Releases New Single “Pass It On”

Billy Bragg’s new single Pass It On is out now on the Cooking Vinyl label. Pass It On is taken from Billy’s recently announced tenth studio album The Million Things That Never Happened (which is produced by Romeo Stodart and Dave Izumi). Written by Billy, the song is a beautifully elegiac reflection on mortality and family. The musicians on the track are Billy Bragg (acoustic gtr & vocals), Romeo Stodart (piano,vox), Jack Valero (gtr, vox), Michele Stodart (bass,vox), Maisie Rose Skipper (backing vox) and Darren Beckett (drums).

Says Billy: “I read somewhere that the second most googled thing after pornography is ancestry. People want to know where they come from, why they were born, where they were born. You can get facts from the web, but details are priceless and can often only be learned orally from relatives. Yet too many of us rue the fact that we are left to piece together family stories from fragments we recall because we never asked our elders those questions.”

On Thursday 9th September ’21 (Friday 10th September 8PM AEST), ‘Billy Bragg on…’, an online concert experience exploring the music and mind of Billy Bragg will be streamed on the Stabal platform. The show will feature the first outing of some songs from Bragg’s new album, plus some nuggets from his illustrious catalogue. Tickets are available here:

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