The Clockworks “Throw It All Away”

Blending angular post-punk aggression with razor-sharp lyrical observations on everything from social stagnation to corporate bullshit, The Clockworks are building fierce upward momentum. Alan McGee signed the band to his It’s Creation Baby label after what he describes as the best rehearsal he’s seen since Oasis, and everything indicates that The Clockworks are on a similar path. Early airplay support has included Annie Mac at Radio 1, Steve Lamacq at 6 Music, Rodney Bingenghimer at SirIus XM in the States and even Iggy Pop, who played four of their songs in one night on his 6 Music show.

The band’s rise continues as they release their highly anticipated sixth single Throw It All Away.

Throw It All Away is a powerful assertion of what is fast becoming a strong signature sound from The Clockworks’ repertoire of shrewd musical commentary on the modern world. Combined with the trademark imagery and dexterity of James McGregor’s darkly poetic lyrics that explore with a gritty realism the ever-present tensions between time and finding meaning amid hopelessness, mundanity, failure and urban decay, the song is driven by a furious guitar-laden energy which resonates long after the final echoing line “I’ve got half a mind to sign on the line and half a mind to Throw it All Away” James sings with diffident intensity. The song conjures an image of a flickering sodium light in a room of oppressive grey cinder block; half grim determination to hope, half desire for reckless oblivion and abandonment.

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