Future Haunts Talk “Social Glue”

Brisbane’s Future Haunts share their new single Social Glue, a release that sees the quartet produce an effortless blend of punk and alternative music, combined with their brand of guitar-driven rock. Alongside the track’s release, the band are thrilled to share the ‘Social Glue’ lyric video by Neupure (Billy Fleming of Hockey Dad).

Lyrically, Social Glue explores the ubiquity of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity, and the ways in which they impinge on our everyday lives. Through a deeply introspective reflection, Future Haunts unveil a raw and personal account of their own experiences, and explore how current generations can pave the way for those that follow. The band answer some questions about the single.

How was the build-up leading up to the release of Social Glue?
It’s been quite a strange time putting together and committing to a release with all that’s going on in a covid-19 world. Bands are facing so much uncertainty and risk at the moment with putting out content – on and off lockdowns, capacity restrictions that affect music venues more than any other industry, show cancellations etc. We’ve been sitting on this content for a while so it’s definitely a relief to get it out there and try to make some form of return to the music world.

Was the process of making Social Glue as challenging as you thought?
It’s kind of a new sound for us but Social Glue came together pretty quickly. We made a conscious effort not to overdo things and try to let the song speak for itself.

Sonically, how would describe your music?
Our songs are definitely guitar driven. Generally our writing process starts with a guitar melody and we go from there. We seem to lean towards a slacker/droney sort of pace. Social Glue is much more to the point and straight up and your face and we liked the fact that it was different from our usual sound.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
It’s hard to narrow a single influence. We all take inspiration from different bands. I think we all take from The War on Drugs and Flyying Colours.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
A promoter once gave Ben some feedback about our love show and said “The music is good but never wear a white shirt on stage”.

How did the band get together?
Fun fact, we all actually grew up in the lovely little town of Bundaberg (aka Rum City), but being different ages most of us didn’t really know each other until we moved to Brisbane some time later. Dan and I started things as a bedroom project around 2015, mucked around with some demos and finally got up off the couch and started playing shows. We went through a few lineup changes including our guitarist moving to China, then we met Tom and Stu through the music scene (who were playing in Good Boy at the time) and things have fit like a glove since then.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
Touring in or out of Australia would be great but given constant lockdowns and restrictions bands are quite limited in where they can play shows. We’re struggling to even book shows in our own city at the moment. But hey, let’s go watch football or whatever.

What’s next for Future Haunts?
Hopefully playing some shows (fingers crossed) and releasing more music! Watch this space!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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