Children Collide Drop New Single & Announce Tour

Set to release their long-awaited fourth studio album Time Itself on Friday 27 August via Spinning Top Records, today Children Collide drops their fuzzed out new single Man of the People, and the song’s accompanying video. Renowned for their epic and frenzied live performances, the Australian three-piece has also announced a national 13-date headline tour in November and December.

Man of the People erupts with all the hallmarks of Children Collide – riffs that can set entire fields into a seismic bounce, churning bass lines and walloping drums. “Originally titled Dark Bird this was an instrumental I’d written just after Monument. I pulled it out, dusted it off and wrote lyrics in New York at the height of the Trump presidency. I was having a bit of a rock bottom moment personally and my whole world felt like cocaine, mezcal and pathetic desperation against the backdrop of a Murdochian dystopia where the bastards had won. My reaction is always to stuff my hopelessness into an aural time capsule. I love how heavy Loren and Doug made it and the one take solo gives me anxiety when I listen back,” muses frontman Johnny Mackay of the track.

Directed by Lord Fascinator and filmed by Nico White and Dave Meagher, the fierce official video for Man of the People is part of a trilogy made in the absence of touring. “The closest any TV program ever got to transferring that true live band energy through the screen was Germany’s Beat Club which ran from ‘65-’72. I’ve done many deep dives on their YouTube Channel. Check out Sabbath, Can, Fanny, MC5, Canned Heat, there’s even one with NEU! & Kraftwerk jamming. Somehow the crude green screen and way it’s edited makes you feel something special, so I really wanted to go for that vibe with this video. The crash zooms referenced old Sonic Youth videos and I added in some funny old Star Wars wipes in the edit then stirred it all into a visual soup to hopefully give people a taste of that live energy in their screens.”

Recorded by Loren Humphrey at Diamond Mine & Stockholm Syndrome in New York City, Time Itself, Children Collide’s long-awaited fourth studio album will land on Friday 27 August. Expect a complex and provocative rock record that explores wider spectrums and multitudes with the kind of fearlessness that put Children Collide on the map to begin with. The LP features the post-punk lead single Aurora, the propulsive Funeral For A Ghost, the twirling, acid-tinged Trampoline, and the raw and visceral Uh Oh. Time Itself is available for pre-order in digital formats as well as limited edition white 12” vinyl here.

Versatility and musical freedom has always served as the band’s modus operandi. It’s why Mackay loved playing with them in the first place, and why he eventually wound up under the moniker again. “Children Collide albums always feel like 12 points of a clock or a compass,” he says. “More an entire 360 degree entity than a single story. Exploration in all directions.”

With their rocketship packed and a new line-up locked in, the voyage of Children Collide is ready to launch.

Tickets on sale now HERE

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