Eliza & The Delusionals Release Dreamy New Single ‘Save Me’

Fresh off the back of releasing their addictive single YOU and making their return to live stages with THE VANNS, Eliza & The Delusionals return with more new music to satiate fans and newcomers alike.

The band’s latest single, SAVE ME comes wrapped up in the brand of ‘90s / early ‘00s nostalgia they have endeared themselves to audiences with, while layering their own flair throughout. With SAVE ME, the group steps things up once again: the vocals swirl and filter through a dream haze of an arrangement beautifully, producing a sense of yearning that’s irresistible to listen to.

Written by Eliza Klatt and Kurt Skuse between sessions in Los Angeles with songwriter, musician and producer Keith Harris (Black Eyed Peas, Madonna) and then at their home studio in Australia, SAVE ME changed all but slightly from its origins to the final version we’re hearing today.

SAVE ME was recorded in Brisbane, between Airlock Studios and the studio of award winning producer and engineer Kon Kersting (Tones And I), who was with Eliza & The Delusionals each step of the way. Also working with Leon Zervos (Troye Sivan, Holy Holy) on mastering, the sound Eliza & The Delusionals have continued to hone with this new song is gorgeous, glossy and refined.

“We never intended on changing or re-working the song, but a few months later myself and Kurt were having a writing session and came up with this verse idea and new chords that we were loving and we just needed a chorus. I sung the ‘SAVE ME’ chorus that we demoed just to see how it fit and we instantly fell in love with those two ideas together. It felt like two puzzle pieces that were meant to be together.” Eliza Klatt, ELIZA & THE DELUSIONALS

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