Clowns Dish Up A New Serve Of Furious Rock Energy With Latest Single ‘Sarah’

Melbourne’s CLOWNS continue to revel in what’s been a powerful return, following up the release of May’s Does It Matter? with the energetic new track ‘Sarah’.

As fans anticipate the band’s return to stages around the country throughout the second half of 2021, Clowns are making sure that the appetite for their new sounds is more than satisfied.

With Sarah, the band flexes at a fun and engaging creative peak; from the pacing of the arrangement, the crashing percussion, driving melodies and gritty vocals, Clowns lean all the way into the serotonin the track is focused on.

“…the usage becomes informal, the big highs become the normal…”

Exploring the idea of how love can be the most addictive emotion of them all, Sarah sees Clowns ride the rollercoaster of falling in love, figuring it out and struggling with its grip. Recording with acclaimed producer Woody Annison (The Living End, Screamfeeder) at Melbourne’s Red Door Studios, the band thrived in the studio as they brought new influences together with the punk rock prowess that has endeared them to fans everywhere since the band’s infancy.

The track, a co-write with Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, One Direction), is vivid and bright, without losing any of the punch that has dictated Clowns material of the past.

“I’ve never met a Sarah that I haven’t liked. It’s a great name which seems to breed excellent qualities in people. That being said, the Sarah we are referring to metaphorically in this song is the hormone serotonin, and oh boy, is our Facebook relationship status ‘it’s complicated’.”

“Our new song ‘Sarah’ explores the idea of how love can be like a drug. Dizzying highs and soul destroying lows. It can elevate your life to heights you never knew were possible but can at the same time be life crushingly addictive. We all love Sarah, don’t we? But what happens when she goes away? Why does she go away so often? How come we are so smitten in her presence and yet so surprised when leaves, especially after a life long history of this ambivalent behaviour? It’s love and lacklustre for all of us with love and Sarah.” Clowns, Stevie Williams

The music video, streaming via the official Fat Wreck Records social media channels, captures the hectic nature of a Clowns performance; captured by director Nick Manuell at Big Door Studios.

“The new video clip for our song Sarah rocks so hard that it was made it illegal in many countries. Watch at own risk!”

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