Druid On New Single “I, Exist (Voices)”

DRUID are a new breed of heavy music – a twisted, mashed-up nu-metal/ metalcore machination that brings anger, complexity, emotion and brutality to new levels and beyond. Already they have had some big singles by way of DTHBLW, Room 44 and now I, Exist (Voices). 2021 will see the band release more singles and collect them into a release entitled The Beauty and The Decay later in the year, with more info on that to be revealed in the months to come. The band answer a few questions for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build up been to the new single I, Exist (Voices)?
Very busy! We released our first two singles Room 44 and DTHBLW in the months prior to I, Exist (Voices) and the response we received was overwhelming, and this latest single is having the same effect! Now that gigs are creeping back into Melbourne we have been busy organising those as well, and being asked to support Alpha Wolf and Atlvs was a great way to introduce our new sound.

What is the background behind the single?
I, Exist (voices) is a narrative which explores our protagonists state of mind and his internal conflict when found at a crossroad in his life. The result of his devastating actions has him struggling to understand the fallout. What has lead him here in this moment to have “blood on his hands”? The song explores how he struggles with conflicting voices trying to determine whether the outcome was justified or damning.

The video is not intended to be taken literally like our previous two videos. We still wanted to explore themes from our upcoming album but chose to remain more ambiguous and leave it up to the audience’s perception. We explore themes of hopelessness, loss, pain, emptiness and the struggle between ourselves and our inner demons. The imagery used in the clip is meant to be a manifestation of all the pain and suffering the protagonist has been dealing with and what is ultimately pulling him into a void.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
It has the hard hitting heavy elements of our latest release, but also ends with a slower more melodic part, which is more like our debut EP Semblance. It’s kind of a combination of both, which is why we knew it had to be released as a single.

Is the band building towards and album or EP?
Yeah we’ve got an eight track album coming out later this year titled The Beauty in the Decay. Room 44, DTHBLW and I, Exist (Voices) are the first three singles from it.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a band so far?
Our biggest challenge is currently happening, Covid! The lack of shows over the passed year has hurt the music scene, but we know we’re not alone in this fight. We can’t wait to get back out and bring mosh pits back.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Druid?
As in a band? It’s hard to say because we all have different tastes which makes creating our sound interesting and fun.

How did the band get together?
Druid formed from a previous band some of us were in, and when our sound started to change we decided to go under the name Druid. We come from varied backgrounds but all came together to create something we all think is quite special and exciting.

Is there a hidden meaning behind the band name?
As much as we would love there to be a hidden meaning, there isn’t really! Druid comes from the ancient Celtic religion, and we all liked the imagery that comes with that culture and thought it would be a sweet band name!

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
Hell yes! As soon as we can we’d love to do a tour up the east coast, and soon after that the rest of Australia. Fingers crossed!

What’s next for Druid?
Our next single is coming out early August! It’s coming out with a music video, directed by Sabian from Alpha Wolf. And not long after that our album The Beauty in the Decay will be released.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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