Light The Torch Front Man Howard Jones On ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me”

‘I never expected all of the things that would happen, the touring and getting to hang out with the guys again, would actually happen. Ain’t life weird?’

Howard Jones, frontman of Light The Torch, recalls working with his former band mates in Killswitch Engage.

‘It was unexpected fun. Never thought I’d be doing that. We are all still friends and I love those guys but yeah wasn’t expecting that. They hit me up and said ‘hey you wanna be on the album?’ It was a lot of fun.’

The connection was so great his band eventually toured with KSE and now it’s time for Light The Torch to take the limelight with the release of their second album You Will Be The Death Of Me.

‘We always try to make a very listenable album. All the streaming sites you can very easily pick up the song you wanna hear but for us it’s a labour to do an album that will hopefully give you joy from start to finish, so that’s where our head is at. The album really flows and I think Francesco is really good at arrangements like that.’

The album combines heavy solid riffing from guitarist Francesco Artusato complimenting the tenor vocal power that is Jones with his deeply personal lyrics on tracks such as End Of The World and Living With A Ghost.

‘It’s where we are, or where we were when writing at that moment. We were going to write a good amount of stuff on our own then Francesco and I discussed where we wanted to go on the album and started crossing our ideas off. It took a dark tone and cause of everything we’d been through together – working closely – we’ve became really good friends. We get to pour everything into this album so some things were a little dark and the album reflected that.’

Joining the team is Alex Rudinger of Whitechapel on drums who brings an intensity all of his own.

‘One of the most prepared guys I’ve ever met. Just the way he approaches music, he takes it so seriously because he loves it. It’s interesting getting his take on everything so you can hear all the little things he does. A fantastic guy and fantastic drummer who adds a different flavour.’

The album finishes with a electrified version of Terrence Trent Darby’s Sign Your Name all the way from left field.

‘We were at dinner listening to a playlist and this song came on. We loved the song, it was pretty much a statement on MTV back in the day. Francesco goes we should cover it and a few days later he hands music for me. We figured out an approach and went for it. It’s a nice way to end the album that can be emotionally heavy at times.’

Jones, a keen fisherman, has fought his own demons over the years and the ability to get outside with nature is vitally important to him as he handles the pressures of music with mental health.

‘For me it’s about figuring out what works for me. Sometimes it’s being away from music, cause it’s something I’ve given a lot of my life too and sometimes I just got to get away. I like being outdoors so I’ll find a way to be there. That stops me from driving myself insane and not loving the thing I love. I have a breather from music that keeps me level as I’m very active in this.’

Our chat finishes with Jones making sure we know how good the fishing is in Australia. One day soon Light The Torch will be back here for a good catch.

Interview By Iain McCallum

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