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We love a good mix tape at Hi Fi Way, have a look to see who made Volume Two:

ARIA double-platinum six-piece collective, Winston Surfshirt, return to share their newest feel-good single, All Of The Little Things featuring Californian rapper Ramirez, out via Sweat It Out & BMG.

A slow-jam oozing 90s hip-hop DNA to its core, All Of The Little Things is grounded by Winston’s inimitable vocals, proclaiming invincibility in the throes of love. The warmth in the lyrics and admission of feelings are spun over a pronounced 90s backbeat, before a verse from Ramirez adds extra steez. Raised in San Francisco, and with his West Coast rap influences shining through, Ramirez’s openly tender rhymes step perfectly in line to the serenity of Winston’s instant hooks.

Winston says on the new single: “This represents one of the most beautiful times of my life, waiting for my first child to arrive and watching my high school sweetheart go through pregnancy…I realised what superpowers she and all women have, and it gave me a lot of inspiration through that time…I got a tweet from Ramirez last year just said ‘u the truth bruh’ I was like how’s he even know me!? We started chatting n throwing music we were working on to each other and I ended making something with him in mind, within a couple of days he’d sent a verse back. He put a snippet of it on his story and it’s been my most frequent dm since so I’m glad to be finally releasing it for those people.”

Rise Against have shared a new acoustic version of their soaring, impassioned rock hit Nowhere Generation, featuring vocals by Meg Myers, alongside a new video.

The song – a stripped back take of the punchy original is the title track of Rise Against’s latest album, which debuted #4 on the Australian ARIA Album Chart, at the top of multiple Billboard charts with its first week sales (#1 on Rock, #3 on Top Current Albums, #3 on Vinyl, and the Top 40 of the Top 200). “When we released the acoustic version of ‘Nowhere Generation,’ we found that it really connected with a lot of people,” says Tim McIlrath of Rise Against. “We heard from a lot of unique and beautiful voices, and we knew that we needed to add another beautiful, unique voice to this song. Meg was the perfect choice and we are thrilled with how it all turned out.”

“When Rise Against asked me to sing on Nowhere Generation, I felt an instant connection to the song. There is a power and a purity about this song that is so healing and unifying,” explains Myers. “It’s the voice of a younger generation who feels unheard. I feel it is so important right now for our consciousness evolution, and for society to take a look around and ask ourselves, ‘who are we, what are we doing here, where are we going and why?’”

Rising Australian punk stars Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have officially revealed their knockout new single AHHHH! after its premiere via triple j’s Home & Hosed last night. The release also comes alongside the announcement of a new label home and management partnership for the band.

The band have signed to Domestic La La (home to the likes of Dear Seattle, West Thebarton and LOSER), and joined the fold at UNIFIED Artist Management under the guidance of some of its most experienced managers, Ash Hills (Client Liaison, Stellie) and Sarah McMillan (Slowly Slowly, WAAX, Mo’Ju, Congrats).

Together Teen Jesus, (comprising vocalist Anna Ryan, guitarist/vocalist Scarlett McKahey, bassist Jaida Stephenson and drummer Neve van Boxsel) bring Riot Grrrl-era energy, edginess and attitude, with an equally loveable and endearing relatability. It’s this can’t-be-faked demeanour and a knack for knockout songwriting that caught the attention of Domestic La La and continues to see the band’s brood of followers balloon.

“‘AHHHH!’ is loosely about navigating a relationship with someone you have known for a long time but their character changes,” says Ryan. “You find yourself making excuses for them and forgiving them when the answer is clear that sometimes you just need to ditch and move the heck on!”

On a plane of existence far removed from ours, H3000, the new musical collaboration from Luke Steele (Empire Of The Sun, The Sleepy Jackson) and Jarrad Rogers (Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey) release Flames, the latest single from their forthcoming cosmic self-titled debut album, set for release on September 17 and available for pre-order here now.

Following the release of July Heat, Running and Human Heart, the newest single, Flames is shuddering, emotive and glitters like a cresting wave shimmering in the sun, swelling and building to become a feat of energy and emotion.

“The light goes up in flames in front of me,” Steele sings, “Then I know the way is clear.” An ode to clarity and inspiration for the eternal at a time of confusion and murkiness, “Flames” is a necessary and timely piece of pop art. “I love the fact that there’s this mixed hope in ‘Flames’,” says Rogers. “It picks you up, and lets you admit where something’s at, and gives you some kind of hope — tells you it’s gonna be okay.”

Tropical Fuck Storm return with New Romeo Agent, the latest taster of their incoming new album, Deep States, out August 20th via Tropical Fu*k Storm Records. Erica Dunn taking the lead vocals for spooky, sweetly sad and off-kilter track, that finds her recalling a world-weary Debbie Harry. New Romeo Agent serves lashings of melody within the feedback-heavy arrangements present on Deep States.

“Our love & death tragedy-ballad kicks off in the aftermath of Octavia Butler’s short story Amnesty where a translator for the human race infiltrates an alien community Cold War Romeo agent style,” says Erica. “Sent to collect secrets and glean intelligence, against all odds, the undercover spy falls in love. As our human/alien Amores connect in an intimate new language, they decide to make a run for it. We glimpse an oasis of hope in defiance of the violence and backstabbery of their masters. We imagine a tropical island of romance in an icy sea devoid of solar warmth. We look back on the spinning wheel of progress and feel that all the desperation, despair and heartache of the past could finally be worth it for this moment, a conquest of love! A clock striking for a new age! But they get murdered. The end.”

Appropriately enough, New Romeo Agent comes accompanied by an intergalactic karaoke odyssey of a video, directed by Oscar O’Shea, that sees TFS playing as captives in an alien dive bar.

Dirty Heads, the top–charting band redefining the sound of Southern California since 2003, are reflecting on their massive career with the release of The Best of Dirty Heads album, out now via Better Noise Music.

The latest single from the release, Rage, features Travis Barker (who also produced the track,) and Aimee Interrupter of The Interrupters. Rage is a little gritty and a little punk, mixed with some reggae and rock & roll. The fusion of genres and lyrics that capture an aggressive collage of emotions, makes for a sure–to–be–smash and fan–favourite. Barker and Aimee’s contributions to the track further the group’s mission to deliver a fresh and dynamic sonic experience to their fans.

The band dropped the music video for the song on the weekend and it’s already racked up 50 000 views.

The track taps into the rage you start to feel as a child and that grows with you in your journey through childhood and young adulthood. With colourful punk–like visuals, the video speaks to the song’s lyrics that illustrate the anger that builds from an early age and takes on different, more aggressive forms as time goes on. The song and video are just a preview of the band’s new music, expanding the list of genres the group has experimented with and made their own with a California edge.

Global supergroup Swedish House Mafia have returned with a massive showing of momentum with their new song and video It Gets Better alongside an announcement of signing to the prestigious Republic Records as well as being managed by the formidable SALXCO MANAGEMENT.

Their reunion is celebrated by an iconic cover of Billboard Magazine and will be galvanized further with a special performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The seminal global group last released music in 2013 with fans and press worldwide hoping and speculating for years about a return. This marks the beginning.

Swedish pop sensation Agnes who gave us the global dancefloor classic Release Me in 2009, returns with the delicious disco pop anthem 24 Hours which is serviced officially to Australian fans now!

With 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 120 million cumulative streams worldwide, Agnes has established herself as an internationally renowned pop/dance artist. Over the past year, Agnes has delivered new songs including “Fingers Crossed” which has been #1 on Swedish radio 9 months straight and been streamed over 10 million times.

This new single 24 Hours is produced by Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare (Madonna, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii), and serves as the second single from her anticipated upcoming album.

Agnes said about the song, “24 Hours is about going through the fire and the pain. How your life is turned upside down. Something extreme had to happen for you to wake up and see everything clearly. It is a sliding door moment where you choose the path forward”.

Acclaimed songwriter and triple-platinum producer Hayden James returns with his latest single Rather Be With You, featuring vocalist Phil Slabber, of alt-dance local act, Crooked Colours out now via Future Classic.

Rather Be With You harmoniously blends the two acts’ sounds, effortlessly layering vocalist Phil Slabber’s recognisably raspy vocals with James’ bright hi-hats and contrasting synth-risers into a simmering blast of winter energy. Rippling keys and spaciously punctuated kicks permeate as the track’s driving house rhythm becomes a tonic to the emotional disconnect felt by many in 2020 and 2021, ready for play indoors at home or equally on reopened dance-floors.

Hayden James most recently released his first single of 2021 Foolproof, an international collaboration with UK dance duo Gorgon City and prolific Australian singer-songwriter Nat Dunn. Released in March, the record has reached over 10M streams across platforms, with multiple Top 20 Dance placements worldwide and nods from triple j, NME, Magnetic Magazine and more. The track has since received official remixes from German Super House duo Andhim, as well as funky house authority LP Giobbi, further cementing Foolproof as an internationally recognised dance-floor heater.

Collaborating on his latest single is Crooked Colours frontman Phil Slabber, whose band tastefully straddles the line between live indie song writing and expert electronic producing. With over 200 million streams worldwide since their inception in 2013, Crooked Colours have secured their position as electronica tastemakers thanks to standout tracks like Flow, Do It Like You, Love Language, and their most recent single No Sleep.

Kiwi born, Melbourne-based artist, Lakyn, releases the official music video for his new single Wayfarer. Directed by Simon Morehead (Tyne-James Organ, Running Touch) the clip was shot over two days in Sydney, and allows you to get a glimpse into the life of Lakyn, the world around him, and his huge passion for music and skateboarding.

“The music video showcases a day spent sticking to my guns. Because it’s wholesome, I’m proud of it. That’s what I like – life and the simple things that surround us” says Lakyn about the visuals.

Simon Morehead says, “Wayfarer presented itself with an opportunity to explore moments in one’s life that pass you by. Even though some may feel insignificantly small, the act of acknowledgement or presence in that point in time brings with it great joy. The most enjoyable process of directing this clip was collaborating with Lakyn and DP Matt Maule on how we bought in a greater purpose and journey within. With the track itself being so strong, it had to represent Lakyn. We wanted to it to feel as though we were really getting inside his head, connecting on a deeper level. Matt’s ability to bank each shot using portrait like framing along with the decision to use our tracking dolly really sets the tone for building all characters within”.

Wayfarer was written alongside producer Kyran Daniel and Melbourne artist G Flip; inspired by music that would fit perfectly on radio station Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The new single isn’t a tribute to the iconic Ray Ban sunglasses but rather a shrewd metaphor on widening one’s perceptions on life. ‘Wayfarer’ is Lakyn’s way of showcasing his renewed positive outlook on life, as well as giving fans a piece of music to lose themselves in.

Natalie Bergman and Beck channel their close friendship into a brand new collaboration, joining forces to release a cover of Lion’s You’ve Got a Woman, as well as a remix of Bergman’s own Paint The Rain. While their joint take on Lion’s psych-soul gem is at once longing and languid, Beck reconstructs the hypnotic haze of Paint The Rain, turning the highlight of Bergman’s album Mercy into a simmering dirge of distorted guitar and churning power chords that erupt with each chorus.

Natalie Bergman and Beck first met when her band Wild Belle opened for him and Cage The Elephant on 2019’s Night Running tour. They formed the basis of a creative kinship that continued as Bergman began to cope with the loss of her father and stepmother, a tragic accident that led to the spiritual and solitary journey of self-producing her first-ever solo album, Mercy (out now on Third Man Records). By the time the two artists reconnected again, months following the arrival of the pandemic, Natalie Bergman had finished writing the music. During a trip to the beach she played one of the songs for him, with just a small guitar against the sunset, and Beck remembers:

“She asked me to sing it with her on the album but unfortunately I never made it to the studio in time. Soon after she emerged with a record which does the difficult job of translating one’s life and the world in its darkest hour into song. To navigate those experiences and emotions and translate them into songs that can be sung and felt is much more difficult and fraught than one can imagine. To overcome despair and rework it into a thing of beauty takes a kind of strength. As I hear songs created as the world was coming apart and in the aftermath of loss it seems to be even more miraculous when you consider its redemptive quality which even comforts and uplifts, like the gospel music that inspired many of the songs. Where Art making and healing intersect, there’s a particular sense of transcending. She has gone into the wilderness of that moment and painted the rain, invoked a kind of hope that is hard earned and offered a sense of healing, even finding there is still a joy in the world.” – Beck

Indie pop/rock four piece Don’t Bring Stacey don’t mess around when they release a new tune, and Bandaid will certainly delight their fans with its punchy energy and raw sentiment. The track secured a Triple j Unearthed Tops premiere with Dave Ruby Howe this week.

Teaming up with producer Micheal Ctayar and Filippo Cimatti at Stone Shed Studios in Adelaide, Bandaid evolved from lyrics that were written by lead singer Angus Purvis at Groovin’ The Moo festival back in 2018.

Bandaid traces his deeply personal journey of a failed romance, Angus says: “Freshly dumped I realised I was actively stopping myself from moving on from the relationship in fear of hurting my now ex-girlfriend. I was still too hopelessly in love with her to put myself first. The song explores the entirety of this relationship from that seemingly hopeless moment at Groovin’ the Moo to getting back together and breaking up again and finally reflecting 3 years on. Desperately wanting that feeling to disappear, but also wondering what could be/ could have been. The name band-aid comes from an old chorus for the song but still felt in line with the ideas of the song, knowing you’re not good for each other but being together because it’s easier than being heartbroken. A Band-Aid fix.”

Wasted On Me is the new single and video from one of Australia’s most exceptional voices – Chris Sebastian. With its compelling hook, “Don’t waste it on me, if I’m honest I’m not what you need”, Wasted On Me is the product of Sebastian’s sessions with producer/writer Chris Chidiac, whose recent work has included collaborations with some of Australia’s most exciting and relevant emerging artists including Pinkiscool, Feki, Upsidedownhead, Winifred, Nyne and more.

The accompanying video for Wasted On Me was shot in Sydney by Nick Sullivan, who has worked with a vast array of artists – Kate Miller-Heidke, Yolanda Be Cool, Boy George, Hockey Dad, Little May and more.

Chris Sebastian explains, “I am just so happy with the way this song came together … working with Chris Chidiac was easy and natural, it was like I found a creative spirit that I just totally clicked with … I’m really excited for everyone to hear this new track!”

The Bronx have released the first video in support of their upcoming album, Bronx VI, sharing the gritty, garage-based, Estevan Oriol directed clip for Curb Feelers.

“Every Bronx record has a backbone track, a sonic anchor that sets the tone for the entire album,” explains vocalist Matt Caughthran, “’Curb Feelers’ is the rock that the rest of the record breaks itself against.”

Melbourne alternative trio BEACH PANIC! are paying tribute to a story as old as time with their crooning new ballad, Kindred. Kindred leads the way for their forthcoming ICE CREAM TAMBOURINE EP full of early rock and roll soundscapes plucked straight from the late 60s.

Kindred explores the fear and vulnerability of falling in love with someone, and sonically showcases exactly what BEACH PANIC! are all about. Produced mixed and mastered by the band themselves, the trio place emphasis on their DIY ethic when it comes to their music. “We wanted to hone in the sound of BEACH PANIC! on our more classic influences of the late 50s and 60s, tapping into the original brash and bold attitude of early rock and roll, like Elvis Presley or The Beatles, mixed with the sound and textures of later surf-rock,” explains the band. “Kindred wears it’s heart on its sleeve as it asks to put its ring on your finger.”

The Kindred music video premiered yesterday via TheMusic, who described the single as “a surfy, west coast synth tune dripping with nostalgia.”

The video is an additional DIY venture, taking influence from classic visuals pulled from the mid 20th century. The video’s contrast of light and dark represents the balance of good and bad, and the need for both in order to truly appreciate something beautiful. “Taking on the motifs of the yesteryears, we did a lot of research into old school Hollywood film making, especially the lighting and set design to create a video that looks and feels like a well polished emotional performance plucked straight out of the late 60’s.”

Adelaide rock kings, alt., are sharing a personal new single and video, Devil’s Cut, marking the first track to release since their huge debut EP, dysfunctional.

The single is a personal release for vocalist Daniel Cullen-Richards, who wears his heart on his sleeve in this track that is ultimately about losing a father to alcoholism. “Devil’s Cut is more emotive, more personal and definitely more on the nose with its meaning,” says Daniel.

“The song is essentially airing dirty laundry, and it’s painting someone I still care about in a negative light. But at the time, when I was writing this song, the subject matter was all consuming and it occupied every waking minute. Even seeping into my dreams. “Devil’s Cut” is closure and is a sense of relief.”

Devil’s Cut takes co-writing credits from Landon Tewers (The Plot In You), Marcus Bridge (Northlane) and alt., mixed and mastered by Callan Orr (Dream On Dreamer). “This was co-written with the absolute legend Landon Tewers,” explains Daniel. “We were meant to travel to him or he was going to come to us to work together but due to travel restrictions it was facilitated entirely online. It was late nights and early mornings and we ended up in a love/hate relationship with this song.”

“We worked on it relentlessly ourselves and then continued to work online with our producer Callan Orr and Marcus Bridge to end up with the final product. Both of those guys really glued our parts together to create this final version.”

Don Broco have released their new single Gumshield, taken from the forthcoming new album Amazing Things, which will be released on the 17th September via Sharptone Records.

Gumshield is the ferocious album opener and a vital statement of intent, showcasing the power and excitement to come across Amazing Things twelve tracks. It explores the pitfalls of social media, specifically the damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t nature of taking a position on issues online.

The video perfectly captures all of this with a climatic and ‘punchy’ feel. In the lead up to release, lead singer Rob Damiani has been documenting his boxing training regime via social media ahead of committing to his first professional fight, a daredevil step into the ring against UK British Heavyweight champion Dave ‘White Rhino’ Allen.

Their social media spats and vigorous training have had fans and media alike speculating as to what’s about to happen, but as the brilliant video reveals, the match itself comes with a dfferent kind of ‘beatdown’. One that has furious vocals, and a vibe to match Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff and Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name.

Rob shares, “Excited to share our new song & video for ‘Gumshield’! After Tom’s fake wedding for the last album and the Beckham fan account hacking on our Instagram before ‘Manchester Super Reds’ we wanted to bow out on one final prank.

“After seeing all these YouTubers try their hand at boxing we thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if we could convince people I was deluded enough myself to fight a professional boxer. The song itself is about the anxiety that comes with posting online and the fear of resulting arguments so the divisive nature of my entrance to the sport personally hit all those triggers for me!

“Teaming up with Dave Allen on this was so much fun, hilarious guy and proper top bloke, though think I could definitely have him if we ever had a real fight ;)”

Allen adds, “It has been a great experience working with the Don Broco team on the music video, a great bunch of lads who are very innovative and smart, Rob can’t actually fight though x.”

Multi ARIA-award winning Perth emcee Drapht makes his return with new single and video Shadows On My Walls, the first taste from his forthcoming album Shadows & Shinings, due for release September 10.

Drapht’s latest offering showcases yet again why he remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving genre. Continuously pushing himself and his boundaries to progress as an artist, he remains true to his signature sound and style that his legion of fans know and love, Shadows On My Walls being no exception with its smooth and witty lyrics and effortless flow.

Commenting on the track, Drapht notes “This song came to life out of a lot of time for self-reflection during the infamous year of 2020. Realising I may not have been coping as well as I thought I was and I suddenly felt like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown with all of my inner-dialogue and the discourse that was manifesting around me.”

Like for many, music has always been my therapy and it’s always really cathartic for me to be able to turn a negative into a positive, let go of those thoughts and feelings and release them out into the world “

SHOUSE is Ed and Jack; a couple of mates from Melbourne who like to hang out and make music and are now a global phenomenon with their single Love Tonight. Originally released quietly in 2017, only now in 2021 has the single exploded beyond heights usually enjoyed by an international superstar and the stats are still growing.

The Aussie duo have recorded their biggest climb yet with Love Tonight currently at #13 on the Shazam Global Chart and entering the Top 150 Spotify Global chart. Collective streams for the single have surpassed 100 Million generated only in the last few months.

In their own words outlining the origins and intention of Love Tonight which can be found on their Website the duo say, “Love Tonight is a song of connectedness and togetherness, uniting the world in solidarity during a time of isolation, and now in ecstatic love during a time of release”.

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