Indie Pop Auteurs Pirra On Their New Single “Never Apart”

Alternative indie pop auteurs Pirra have released their buoyant new single Never Apart, a synthy adventure produced by Sam Littlemore of Pnau 18. The group, whose namesake Pirra means moon in Luritja, a language spoken by the Luritja people, are set to hit the road for an east coast run of dates kicking off at Oxford Art Factory (Sydney) on September 3 before moving on to The Toff (Melbourne) on September 10 and finishing up at Suzie Wongs Good Time Bar (Brisbane) on September 12.

After a year of isolation and anxiety, an exuberant track like Never Apart is a welcome, much-needed release. It’s an irresistible bop from start to finish – synths bounce energetically as lead vocalist Jess Beck’s clever, hooky melodies earworm themselves into the listener’s memory. Drawing upon influences such as Northeast Party House, RÜFÜS DU SOL and Running Touch, it’ll have you singing along even through the first listen. The band talk about their new single with Hi Fi Way.

Were there plenty of high fives after recording Never Apart knowing that you nailed it?
We definitely had a few drinks after recording it because we were stoked with how it came up and had such a great time writing on the track. I guess the audience will decide whether we nailed it or not.

How exciting was the build up?
The build up for Never Apart was epic for us because we had Sam Littlemore from Pnau produce the track, and the process was filmed by Pedestrian TV.

Do you take much time to reflect before moving on to recording the next tune?
We usually have a bunch of tunes we are working on around the same time so there’s always something to jump straight into.

What is the story behind the single?
The lyrics are loosely about feeling connected no matter the difference.

How would you describe the Pirra sound to the uninitiated?
I’ve heard it described as ‘Strikingly danceable Indie Pop’.

Are there plans for an album this year?
There aren’t any concrete plans yet. It’s something the band has talked about a little, there’s plenty of songs in the waiting room but it has to line up with what our label and the rest of the team feel is right.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Pirra?
If I had to pick one I would say The Jungle Giants. I’d say them because I know everyone in the band listens to them, and they were an indie rock band who gradually have made there way further into electronic dance territory

How did the band meet?
Curt, Jeff and I met in Sydney whilst studying music together, we started jamming together and wanted to start a band but needed a singer. Around that time Curt and Jess started dating and Curt realised that Jess had a great voice so it was a no brainer really.

Does the name Pirra mean or represent anything?
Pirra is a Luritja word for Moon. Luritja is the nation where Jess’ grandmother is from in the central desert.

Any there any plans to tour more extensively including little ‘ole Adelaide?
I’m happy to say that we’ve just booked ‘The Gov’ in Adelaide on September 25th. We always love coming to SA, Jess grew up in Mt Gambier and lived in Adelaide for a few years.

What’s next for Pirra?
We’re excited to keep releasing new music, and play more shows as we come into the warmer months. We’re also looking forward to working hard on new material and hopefully even an album, fingers crossed.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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