King Parrot @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 10/7/2021

King Parrot, Australia’s premier cross of grindcore metal and punk, have escaped border control and head over to South Australia for a night of chaos and anarchy.

It’s the bands tenth anniversary tour and despite the various restrictions the government impose – such as drummer Todd Hansen locked away in Queensland – this band of punk brothers stick two fingers up at conformity and play on regardless.

If you’ve never experienced a King Parrot show before, you’ve never experienced what it is like to willing be sonically pounded in the head repeatedly and walk away exhausted yet wanting more.

The intro music in mere mortal band gigs is the build up to the main act. In this case bassist Slatts is already on stage and rapping along to the music with the crowd in sync as he tears off his shirt, launching into the first riff of the evening with the band following suit tearing the venue apart.

This is beer spilling face melting pandemonium as singer Matthew Young exhales the lyrics vehemently in Entrapment, Piss Wreck and Disgrace Yourself.

The crowd surfers sway to the front as Young jumps in and joins them, the energy electric and transferable between band and audience with pound upon pound of brute force punk metal smashing your way in the form of Dead End, Bozo and Shit On The Liver.

Despite Choof drummer Jack coming in at the last minute as a fill in, the band doesn’t miss a beat and is frenzied, volatile and brutal, it’s everything you want from King Parrot.

Before you can catch your breath, it’s all over. Ten years of King Parrot in a little over an hour of combustible snarling eye ball to eye ball stare down. It’s good to be back. Here’s to ten more years!

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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