Grace Farriss On Her Debut Album “Grace”

Grace Farriss has many strings to her bow from being a poet, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, painter, artist, author and environmentalist but now the spot light is very much on her debut album Grace. The first single from the album All The People made its mark around the world with the rest of the album covering different styles and influences being described by Grace as being classical, explosive, explorative and modern. Grace talks to Hi Fi Way in more detail about the album.

How exciting has the build been to the release of your debut album?
It has been really exciting. Of course. My album Grace has been a lifetime so far of my works and my musical knowledge that I am so happy and excited to share with the world. It feels really amazing and I am so glad people are able to now enjoy it with each other and with me. It feels truly amazing. It feels really great.

Did you think there would be so many challenges including the pandemic to get your album out?
It was certainly a journey and an amazing experience. I have released two albums before with an old group I was in where I wrote all of the songs and so I had an idea of how much work was involved to release it. Although this was something that I had been working on for so long, it just feels amazing to know that people all over the world can now listen to my songs. I write all of my songs, I always have and I always will. I think the greatest music comes from the writer themselves. It feels amazing to know that my album Grace is released and the feel this accomplishment and knowing how hard I worked to write my album Grace. It is such an amazing feeling. The Covid pandemic was unforeseen. Although this was the moment I knew I wanted to release my album for a while so I decided that it would make a positive impact on the world and send a positive message to the world and for those who are going through so much. I thought I believe in my music so much and the healing it has given to me, maybe it will help the world as well. So many people have said to me that my song All The People has gotten them through many hard times. So it feels really wonderful to know that my music and my album ‘Grace’ is an uplifting artwork to turn to when people need it the most.

How did you celebrate release day?
I celebrated the release of my album Grace with my family and my closest friends by listening to my album Grace. A very proud moment for me.

Did your dad give you plenty of advice and what was his reaction to hearing it for the first time?
My family are really normal and down to earth people and we enjoy music more than talking about it. It just is not something we really talk about. We either play it or dance to it. I am a nature person so that is where I feel the most comfortable and the most at home and so do my family. My Dad is really proud of how I write songs. A simple nod to each other and we know what we are thinking. The funny thing is, I am a prolific songwriter. Although my dream has always been to be a farmer and a naturalist and that is exactly what I am doing these days. I am so proud and glad that I have had the opportunity for the world to hear my album. I will forever be so proud and so honoured of what I am capable of creating with my song writing. I guess I have always had a very natural gift and an attraction towards music.

Was it tough picking a single to release first?
It was a real challenge trying to come up with which one of my songs I would want to release as my first single from my album. At first I thought my most accomplished song in my opinion I have ever written is I Love You would be the best choice. But then I thought maybe something more uplifting and uniting would be much greater even though my song I Love You is my personal favourite. I thought All The People brings so much joy to me and when I play it it feels amazing. When I wrote it, it was an incredible experience for me. I wrote it so quickly. It was truly one of those moments of, wow this is just flowing out of me. This is meant to be heard by people. I also thought it was such a uniting song. It was very synchronous and I feel so amazed by the response to my music. It has far exceeded how I ever imagined my album would come to life.

What is the story behind the single All The People?
For my album I went through my catalogue of my songs that I had written for so many years and I chose the ones that I felt were right. I had already written my songs I Love You, Opieland, Water Under A Bridge, You Fade Away, Women Of The World and Dancing How I Feel about ten to fifteen years before I came up with the concept for my album Grace. I then sat down one day and thought I needed to get to work to fill out the rest of my album. One of my first songs that came out was my song All The People. I was sitting at my keyboard and piano and guitar and I wrote the chord progression and the feel of the song and then about thirty minutes later the melody and the lyrics came flowing out extremely quickly. I also wrote I Love You this quickly. I tend to write quite fast. My song All The People told me what it wanted to sound like and so I was just following the song’s lead. I hope this makes sense. As a songwriter it does to me. I am so happy with how many people’s lives all over the world, my song All The People has helped. It has far exceeded what I ever imagined. It feels so amazing. I am so proud of how it has touched the lives of so many and in many ways united the world.

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as Classical, jazz, rock, blues fusion with every other genre that exists? I listen to what my songs want and I don’t try to mould the song into something that it doesn’t want you to sound like. Although so many genres inspire me and can then inspire the genre or sounds to come through in a certain way. I believe great songs can be played into any genre and be just as healing and moving. As the message of the songs shines through so true.

Which artists have been the biggest influence on your music?
I don’t really look up to other artists but I have a great respect for quite a few. Brian Wilson from the Beach Boy and his music and a lot of classical music. As well as a lot of indigenous music. I grew up with a lot of talented people as well as indigenous people and people all over the world as close friends that we saw as family and in all of these aspects of my life I know exactly what I love and what speaks to my heart when I hear it.

Are you looking to tour around the country when things are more certain?
I am more of a writer and a songwriter. I love watching others perform. I am such a nature and outdoors person that sometimes I can feel too outside of my comfort zone. I look forward to seeing other artists performing my music live. I have been asked many times to write for major artists. So I could see my album Grace coming to life in this way and that would bring me the greatest joy of all personally.

What’s next for Grace Farriss?
I am currently working as a naturalist and a farmer and this is my true calling. But I will always write songs and I will always enjoy songwriting. I am so proud of my album, it is one of the proudest moments in my life and I am so glad the whole world can now enjoy it with me. I will also have my environmental and conservation information organisation released in 2021 called “The Grace Earth Organisation”. It will be giving the gift of environmentally friendly information and helping people with how to change their perspective on how we can live harmoniously with the wonderful natural world and how we can choose our inventions wisely in a nature friendly manner moving forward. I hope that my album Grace will reach many people for generations to come and it is something that I know I will cherish eternally.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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