Fear Factory “Aggression Continuum”

‘Will we fight for our future’ ‘you are the resistance’ erstwhile Fear Factory vocalist Burton C Bell speaks as he opens the band’s tenth and most turbulent release yet Aggression Continuum. This declaration of war in tune with the bands vision of man vs machines battle but also telling of deeper tensions between the members in recent times.

Four years after being recorded, many legal battles later, extra drum tracks and a duo’s broken relationships adds to the anger and undercurrent of the music seldom heard in recent band releases.

It’s all here, the drilling intense guitar riffs, vocal melodies and crushing breakdowns complemented by swirling emotive keyboard effects.

As the opening track Recode finishes with ‘why deny your dreams’ we are lead right into opening single Disruptor then onto the epic title track itself.

The sound of a million marching robots tearing at the fabric of society through the uzi powered Dino Cazares riffing clashes with the vocal screams of ‘No more will I be a victim’ leading towards a breakdown that will have mosh pits around the world opening up to swallow weaker souls. To say this track will be a live favourite is an understatement.

Collapse opens with a warning to evacuate the streets and with good reason. The songs pounds like a wrecking ball smashing into buildings, a sonic bomb which climaxes with a fat heaving riff underpinning the the roar of ‘collapse!’ which will make you to smash your own stereo to pieces.

This is a Fear Factory album for all. You like the fast paced tracks like New Breed? Well there is Cognitive Dissonance. You like the newer Mechanize style of song writing, there’s Manufactured Hope. If you even want to hear what Dino and Burton sound like doing each other’s solo work together there is Monolith as Dino lays down a rare FF solo.

There is still that man vs machine storyline built on a backdrop of chaos. In 95 it was the issues tearing at LA, now it’s the issues tearing at Fear Factory that fuels the power of this album. It all adds to the despair, the anger, the brutality and – most of all – hope of winning the war.

One of the last lyrics on the album is ‘Fear is the mindkiller’, a nod perhaps to Fear Factory’s maiden release nearly thirty years ago. The band have gone full circle, they’ve now completed this cycle. The machine will be different from this point on. Fear Factory move into the future, your mind is the resistance.

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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