Pop Evil “Versatile”

For most bands, dropping six albums in twelve years would become an exercise in repetition, if they even lasted that long. Not for a band that has made a career in completely changing styles all while keeping you on the hook. Pop Evil are offering to show us how Versatile they are with their new album.

The album has already been preceded by three singles – Work and Breathe Again and the crushing Let The Chaos Reign – all of which shot to the top of the respective music charts in the US. Each one is undeniably Pop Evil, heavy with infectious choruses, which fans will love.

It’s the rest of the album that has Leigh Kakaty extra excited. Collaborating with different producers on each individual song, this allows the band to control yet unleash their different sounds. The selection is curiously obscure yet familiar.

Set Me Free is swathe with melodies throughout its crushing riffs while ‘Inferno’ is a slower lamenting song with a solo which burns its way throughout the track.

No song on the album lasts more than four minutes and with the aforementioned carousel of producers being brought in for each track, if one of Pop Evil’s musical ventures into seasoning a particular song doesn’t suit, the next flavour probably will.

Stronger (The Time Is Now) harks back to mid 2000’s metal while Raise Your Flag and Human Nature has you double checking you’re still listening to a metal band with its pop beats and harmonies. All have that ingredient that undoubtedly has you walking away humming long after the song has finished though.

Survivor is an all-American anthem dragged kicking and screaming from a country music show, given six cans of heavy rock juice and told to perform.

Same Blood mixes RNB with heavy industrial guitars and the album finishes with Fire Inside, another anthem of stadium sized proportions.

If sing-a-long anthems, hooks, songs that when played live would be punctuated with fireworks and explosions are your thing, then Pop Evil’s Versatile is the album for you. Isn’t that what rock music is after all? Energy, excitement and entertainment!

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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