Highline Share Their Pre-Gig Playlist

Sydney’s Highline return with Chasing Heaven, a charming new addition to their catalogue of delightful, yet stirring indie rock. Alongside the new release, Highline are thrilled to announce the release of their second EP Off Track, which is out now.

“This song is really about the allure of hazardous vices and peoples’ self-destructive attraction to them; about how it’s so common to see people chase these heavenly ‘highs’ whilst also indirectly chasing their graves, finding themselves chasing heaven in two very different ways at the same time,” reveals lead guitarist Rhys Hope.

The new release follows Highline’s standout single Staying Sane, and their return to the live stage with the Staying Sane launch show at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, earlier this month. The single copped a stack of praise from the likes of MTV Australia, Life Without Andy, Tonedeaf, Ticketmaster, The Music, and triple j Unearthed to name a few.

Despite the pandemic cutting things short, 2020 also saw flourishing achievements from the quartet, including an addition to Spotify’s Six Strings playlist, a #2 position on the triple j Unearthed Charts, a live performance on Melbourne community radio station Triple R, and a sold out hometown show at The Lansdowne.

Highline’s Pre-Gig Playlist

Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala
The second half of that song…

Time and Money – DMA’S
As a band we’ve always loved this song and often find us putting it on after a few drinks together.

Denmark / Van Gogh & Gone – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
This has to be the best pump up song ever. The melancholic start is so far from the euphoric ending it’s crazy.

Northern Skyline – PLANET
It’s the sort of dreamy indie pop that we’ve been aiming for the whole time. Good energy and rhythm to it.

When the Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys
When those distorted guitars hit you just feel that shit is about to hit the fan.

Made of Stone – Stone Roses
Chorus heavy distorted guitars and an anthemic chorus.

Supersonic – Oasis

Threat of Joy – Strokes
Needed to add a Strokes song into the mix.

Looking Forward To The Change – Hockey Dad
This one gives a similar vibe to the porn crumpets tune. The crescendo at the back half of this song that ends the album is amazing.

Fire – Kasabian
This was one of the first covers we played live. It’s a great pump up song.

The Chain – Fleetwood Mac
The breakdown and build up in this song is mad.

Loaded – Primal Scream
This is what we’ve been walking on stage with lately – “We wanna be free to do what we wanna do”

Compiled By Rob Lyon

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