Esther Harrington Talks “Tapestry” Ahead The Fiftieth Anniversary Concerts

Carole King’s Tapestry 50th Anniversary Tour with Esther Hannaford promises to be an awesome night out. Live Nation have announced an extensive tour by one of Australia’s finest leading ladies, ESTHER HANNAFORD, joined by an all-star band to celebrate 50 years of Carole King’s landmark album, Tapestry. Released on February 10, 1971, Tapestry immediately hit #1 on the Billboard chart and remained there for fifteen consecutive weeks.

Home to timeless classics such as I Feel the Earth Move, So Far Away, You’ve Got a Friend, It’s Too Late, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, the album resided on the Billboard charts for a staggering five years and went on to be the biggest selling female album of all time with more than twenty five million copies sold, before being surpassed by another megastar, Whitney Houston.

The 2021 fiftieth anniversary tour will present Tapestry complete from start to finish as well as a selection of Carole King hits and songs she wrote for fellow multiplatinum selling artists. Singing these songs will be Esther, accompanied by a band comprised of some of Australia’s finest contemporary musicians that includes musical director and Jet bassist Mark Wilson; keyboardists Clio Renner and Louis Macklin; guitarist and vocalist Olivia Bartley (Olympia) and drummer Pete Marin. Esther talks to Hi Fi Way about the production.

How exciting is the build up to the Carole King’s Tapestry fiftieth anniversary concerts? Any nerves?
Well, not sure about nerves, just excited more than anything.

Been able to tour and have venues at full capacity must be a great feeling also?
Oh yeah, we have finished our first three shows and it feels so amazing being back in a room with human beings and being able to share music.

What has drawn you to Carole King’s music?
It was actually Live Nation, the show isn’t a musical and I’m not playing Carole King. It is the fiftieth anniversary of Tapestry. Graham Kennedy at Live Nation approached me and I was asked to be a part of this production, they have some other anniversary styled tours. I didn’t really think I would get to sing these songs again so I jumped at the chance. It’s a different thing for me playing with a band on stage and we play Tapestry beginning to end.

Tapestry is one of the greatest albums written, what is it about that album that resonates with you?
I think there’s so many incredible songs that are wonderful to sing. They are very complex, they sound simple and the human dialogue of the stories are told in a very simple but compelling way. When they are played to an audience you can feel the reaction to these songs.

Did you have to much research on the songs and the meaning behind some of them to be able to best present them?
I did play Carole King in Beautiful The Musical and have done a lot of research on Carole from my working life over the last three years. I definitely know what they mean and when they were written and all of that stuff. It was just an extension of that and learning to play them, not as her but honouring her and being in awe of her on stage.

Does it take quite a bit of practice to nail some of those songs? Or do you have to re-arrange some of them?
It is a little of column A and column B, we tried to stick very much to the record so it is a lot about practice.

What can music lovers expect to experience with this production?
It is about honouring Carole King and playing Tapestry start to end in a way that records were meant to be heard back in the day. We’ll throw in some covers, ones we thought the audience would want to hear in the second part of the set mixing it up. I’ve got an incredible band, there’s some solos and other fun things. It is a fun night honouring Carole King and that record.

Covers? Do you delve deeper in to the Carole King back catalogue?
Yeah… she has an amazing back catalogue. I have been playing these songs for so long I haven’t been too surprised this time around because I have done quite a bit of research. Some of the songs people think “she didn’t write that”, she did write that but other people made them famous such as The Everly Brothers and The Drifters. I love that about it that people didn’t know she wrote all of those songs.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Tickets and show information at Live Nation

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