Move Me is the new release of one of Adelaide’s most gripping bands; Openfire. Move Me, in all of it’s infectious bass and bright synths, illustrates the desire to break free and chase desire in the grips of “the groove”. It is the story of the person you lose at parties, carried on the wind time and time again in the pursuit of ‘something’, but lost in the lights and the hype. This single is off the back of 2020’s powerful and inspiring single Wonderland, which marked the start of a new era for the band that Move Me serves to continue.

Openfire. takes the time and effort to build a world with each release and create an immersive experience sonically and visually. Smoke, mirrors, and a labyrinth come to mind, to paint a gently warped reality that illustrates the track. Frontman Luka Sandeo’s soothing but wistful vocal delivery helps to communicate the dissonance felt when the heart begs for its shapeless, irrational impulses to be heard. Yet, the four-tothe-floor kick and the bass lock in to create a groove that holds you intently, echoing the loud-yet-disarming atmosphere the song lives within. Finally, the song is completed by something of an ‘anti-chorus’, reminiscient of Prince’s Kiss or Charlie Puth’s Attention. Anthony talks more about the single.

How has the build up been to the new single Move Me?
It was honestly a whirlwind, we were working super hard on all the content to be released alongside the single all the way up until the end, and TRUST US when we say this release had its fair share of hiccups and roadblocks. Luckily we can still be here laughing about it now but thanks to all the hard work and the support of everyone that we worked with, everything was a smashing success and we made it out the other side.

What is the background behind the single?
The single actually came about because of a sample that Luka created on ableton, and combining that with our intention to make a dance or pop track Move Me was born. The single is about the itching curiosity that rouses itself in us when we are out at events and during parties. The endless possibilities in one room when it’s filled with people who do not know each other is a really cool dynamic. The song then lands in the chorus on Lukas resolve to find out, that tonight could be his “last” so he simply has to go find out. “we are all one decision from a completely new adventure” is the perfect way we summarise it and is something that we all talk about really often.

What has the fan response been like so far?
People have absolutely loved it. I think us steering towards a slightly more pop sound just for the sake of doing it has illuminated what Openfire’s sound is in a really cool way. We’ve had a lot of feedback saying this release is so much more than people imagined and that some people are surprised with how much they really, truly love the song despite how different it is to our other releases, and with so many influences orbiting around one another in this band, it’s something we’ve hoped for. Because we are so diverse we’re always going to be putting something out with a slightly different spin, but as people are catching on to the identity of Openfire, they’re finding our heart in each project and loving it. Wild.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
It was a really healthy step out of our comfort zone. Where our other music is very indie rock and we really push to see how big we can make the sound. Here in move me we really dared to strip it back. We kept it simple and allowed more electronic elements to enter our sound which has really expanded our thinking when approaching our songwriting and you’ll see more of that to come.

Is the band building towards and album or EP?
Yeah actually, we’ve got a small EP coming that’s going to be part of a slightly larger body of work. That’s all to come so keeping your eyes and ears on our socials will keep you clued in there, it’s going to be a really beautiful project to finally share with everyone.

Does the music come before the lyrics?
With our song writing process it does seem that way, because they boys will often be jamming it’s really easy to stumble across something that will then trigger an idea, and then it will be Luka’s job to work out what each song is trying to say and we’ll go from there. We’ll put together a vision and a direction for the song and once we have that, it feels like things do have a habit of falling together.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Openfire.?
It’s tricky to answer that question because we all listen to different stuff, but at the time that Move Me came about we’d definitely have to say we were listening to a lot of Prince.

Did the band lose much momentum last year due to the pandemic?
It was a really big hit to morale, we were right in the middle of plans to go interstate, we just really wanted to kick it up another gear to build on what we had released the previous year, but in hindsight we’re seeing a lot of the reward in the waiting and what it did to us as a family. We’re more connected with each other and we’ve had a lot of time to really know where it is that we want to go. It’s a hard pill to swallow but we’re going back into playing shows in August and we’re ready to make a bunch of noise.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
Hell yeah, to be honest it’s just the thought of playing more and playing interstate that’s been keeping us hyped, releasing the music is awesome because it’s something that you get to nurture and then give to the world, but when you play, we actually get to close that online distance and have conversations with the people who have been listening, we get to see how the music has impacted people and we really get to be a community. We’re so ready to see everyone and have a good time, after the releases and what we’ve been hearing we’re sure to also be meeting some new faces.

What’s next for Openfire.?
At the moment it’s looking like making sure everyone is able to sing along to Move Me, sharing more music and then just getting into the habit of playing gigs again. We’ve got a big show headlining at The Gov in August on the 27th which is looking to be our kick off and we would love to see you all there.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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