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GHOSTS OF SUNSET have been on a roll lately. 2020 was a break-out year for the band with singles Miles In-Between, Never Goodbye and Another Rock N Roll Show clocking up several hundred thousand streams. To top that off the recently released their debut EP Headed West, to strong fan and critical acclaim.

Now the band wants to give something back to the music industry.

With live music being taken away in 2020 and into 2021, Ghosts of Sunset’s John Merchant and Todd Long were missing the stage and the fan interaction! With the help of friends Eric Jayk (Wildstreet) and Brandon Fields (Minefield), they wrote a song to do their part to help struggling music venues. The result is All I Wanna Do Is Rock, with proceeds going to Save Our Stages.

All I Wanna Do Is Rock is out now on all streaming platforms.

International Melodic Death Metal band ACT OF DENIAL have announced they have signed a deal with CRUSADER RECORDS (Part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment) which will see their debut album Negative released in 2021.

On top of the signing announcement ACT OF DENIAL have released new single Slave which features a guest appearance by Ex-Soilwork guitarist Pete Wichers.

ACT OF DENIAL was founded by Voi Cox (Koziak, Victim) & guitarist Luger (Koziak, Benighted-Cro) and they are joined by: Björn Strid (Soilwork), bassist Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament), drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner.

Born from the embers of the vibrant Toronto punk scene, SMASHED GLADYS formed in 1984 and then headed to New York City. SMASHED GLADYS were headed by vocalist Sally Cato and were snapped up by Elektra Records, becoming part of the legendary glam / hair metal scene.

Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records wants to honour her by bringing you new material in which they were recording as demos for their 3rd album, newly remixed and remastered. First up is the single Bump In The Night.

A classic 12-bar boogie rock ‘n’ roll song, Bump in the Night is a twist on the horror movie trope in the vein of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Singer Sally Cato is looking for a partner to celebrate the bumps in the night, and the guitar driven band is there for the party. SMASHED GLADYS, a Canadian transplant to NYC, helped create the Cat Club scene of legend and this song brings that scene to the fore.

Denver dirt rockers LOST RELICS are back with their 1st official release, the 5 track EP Now We’re Even to be released via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records on April 30th.

Low rumblings of jagged frequencies form an avatar of oppressive weight for our crumbling society. We clutch to the last gasps of truth smothered by the ocean of deception. Harbingers of this decline, LOST RELICS, employ Richter scale riffs to manifest the emotional density of these troubled times. Songs of protest. Songs of desperation. Songs for the end.

The band has dropped two monstrous singles from the EP to date. The first being Unrealistic Cause followed by the title track Now We’re Even.

The weight of indifference is the boulder that crushes our society. Empathy is dead and with it so are we. It is an Unrealistic Cause. LOST RELICS employ Richter scale riffs to manifest the emotional density of these troubled times. Songs of protest. Songs of desperation. Songs for the end.

Melbourne hard rockers THE VENDETTAS are back with a brand new single Guardians which has been released on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

There’s nothing better than guitar-driven, hook-laden, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll and Melbourne based band, THE VENDETTAS fit right into that category.

THE VENDETTAS deliver their unique brand of straight-up rock with a bit of a twist. Guardians draws you in right from the onset with its crunchy guitar and thumping drum beat intro, before the bass and vocals come in and set it all off into full swing.

DAVE DALTON and Die Laughing Records partnered with Golden Robot Global Entertainment in the winter of 2019. The partnership has allowed Dalton to head projects and secure worldwide distribution for his signed artists such as Fang, Pearl Harbour, Infamous Stiffs and a newly acquired Silverhead project.

Dalton is set to release the Dave Dalton Triple Pack a digital sampling of what Dalton brings to the GRGE roster. Three songs featuring Here Before from Screaming Bloody Marys, The Hammer from Cell Block 5, and also the Johnny Thunders tribute Dead and Gone Dave wrote and performed as The Unfortunate Bastard.

In the fall of 2020 Golden Robot began talks with Dave Dalton and his management team to sign Dave as an artist and secure his back catalog with his present band Screaming Bloody Marys, as well as his past projects including Cell Block 5 and his solo acoustic stint The Unfortunate Bastard, to the Golden Robot Records label.

Excited to sign with Golden Robot Records, and give his back catalogue and future recordings a permanent home, collectively together, Dalton’s first project with Golden Robot will be an anniversary vinyl edition of his compilation album Hobo Circus – The Unfortunate Bastard and Friends. This limited edition will feature such “friends” as artists TSOL, Knox from The Vibrators, FANG and Bill Collins.

Dave Dalton is a San Francisco native who has spent the majority of his life based in Northern California. He is a seminal punk rocker who picked up a guitar in 1967 and never looked back. Now with the ink dry on the signing, Dave and Golden Robot Records are excited to take on 2021 and the possibilities of shows and touring again.

The Dave Dalton Triple Pack is out now via your favourite digital download and streaming platforms. Check it out and get ready to pre-order your limited edition copy of Hobo Circus on coloured vinyl, details soon.

THE OWEN GUNS dropped their latest EP Violating Community Standards in August last year and the controversial (albeit tongue in cheek) band caused quite a stir. Out Of Time the follow up to previous single Sick will be released on 6th April and is taken from their upcoming EP, EP 2 Electric Boogaloo which is out in late May on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records.

Out Of Time, the second single from The Owen Guns EP 2 Electric Boogaloo, is a pummelling old-school hardcore track with raging vocals. It spews frustration at politicians who put profits before people and who seem to care more about the economy than their constituency. With blazing guitars and hammering drums, it’s a sonic slap in the face.  It was co-written by Adam Check of Toe to Toe/One Dollar short.

Die Laughing Records present their new signing SLAMDINISTAS!  The first single for the label, Little Troublemaker (Live), is the killer tune made famous by Ian McLagan of The Faces on his 1979 solo LP.  This blistering live version burns hot with SLAMDINISTAS love for all things Faces and Stones – the sparks fly high off this Rock ‘n’ Roll gem! In-your-face 70’s - loud, punk and swagger!

Hark back to the glory days of 70’s Rock ‘n’ Roll as SLAMDINISTAS deliver a sound that perfectly blends US and UK influences of the era.

After releasing two highly regarded singles Drone and Tape Hiss, COUSIN BETTY have released their debut EP LEFT via Golden Robot Records, it is now available on all digital platforms. COUSIN BETTY’s sound is a mesh of distorted and psychedelic influenced indie desert rock with some grungy garage infused overtones.

To celebrate the release of LEFT, Cousin Betty have today released a video for the track AWOL.

ABOUT AWOL‘’Damien had recorded this one and ‘Loan Sharks of Love’ in their entirety before I heard them, at the time we’d been toying with the notion of compiling songs themed around war and battles. It prompted me to write about my Grandfather, a great man and a WW2 vet. Young tough and full of misplaced patriotic verve – like most of the boys his age, he left to fight whichever enemy Churchill deemed worthy of throwing troops at. In addition to being brave, he was also a bit of a renegade and spent quite a bit of time in various prison cells; some of which he’d been forced to build himself. A side of my Grandfather few new, was his profound romantic streak; a characteristic perfectly demonstrated by going AWOL before deployment just so he could marry his sweetheart. They married, he returned for court martial, served a brief sentence for going AWOL and then deployed to the sands of Egypt to shoot at bad guys. The tragedy of this romantic gesture, is that my Grandma once told me that the man who came home to her, wasn’t the same man she married. The horrors of the all he’d seen and lost had left substantial scars. Still, beyond his occasional irritability and, rarer still, displays of rage, the spontaneity of his wedding and heroism of knowing how much trouble he’d be in, is the story that best serves my memory of him’’ – Matt  

Ella Fence has released her new 5 Track EP, NO THANK YOU, available now across digital platforms.

Dropping alongside the EP is the music video for focus track, More to Life. Manifested during the Covid lock down, More to Life is a musical examination of societies addiction, that despite best intentions there’s still a culture that demands people mask over emotional battles with a smile.

“It’s a song that documents that sometimes we have to wear multiple faces to adapt and cope with life. We live in a world whereby you have to be constantly “on”, forever pressured to be the most fantastic version of yourself, all day, every day,” says Ella. “It’s exhausting and unrealistic.”

More To Life acknowledges the facades we all have to wear, the “painted on smile” that camouflages pain. It doesn’t encourage anyone to dwell on feeling low, though, and it isn’t about wallowing or being defeated. Its narrative underpins a summoning of personal strength, a strength that motivates you to vanquish troubled times. The song offers a realistic perspective that we can’t constantly “seize the day”.

The More to Life video clip highlights a clowns lot in life. Ella explains, “The clown’s always expected to be upbeat, entertaining and forever smiling, bringing joy to the world. The frenetic Big Top, ring master, high wire tight ropes and roller coasters is, I believe, the perfect imagery, that symbolises life’s sometimes chaotic wild ride.”

Heavily atmospheric, emotional and intense, it celebrates life’s wonderful moments, while appreciating human beings can fall into a wounded state and need time to rejuvenate, before once again taking on the world.

HEY BABY! are an alternative/surf/punk band from Brisbane Australia and they have dropped their new single Walking Home via Riot Records (Part of Golden Robot Global Entertainment) on 20th April.

Walking Home is a sonic punk anthem about bumping into your ex and hooking up; don’t do it! In four and a half minutes you will ride a wave of anger, bitterness, and cynicism, peppered with desire and lost love. Backed by blistering guitars, wild drum fills that impossibly stay in time, and supersonic soundscapes that layer upon themselves to create gooey waves of punk rock goodness.

HEY BABY! are known for their fast, jangly, energetic tunes and highly entertaining live show.

San Francisco based Garage Rock act DIRTY LAUNDRY have released their new EP Shake Slide Twist via Die Laughing Records.

DIRTY LAUNDRY Hit you with Hi-Octane Rock n Roll, hints of Motown, revved up guitars in the vein of MC5 and heavy dash of Delta Boogie. Shake Slide Twist is available now on all digital platforms.

Hail, Hail, Hail, the Garage Soul Sensation, HOT LAUNDRY. Revitalizing, energizing, heart stomping, soul lifting good time. HOT LAUNDRY grips your attention in a sonic tonic, making you thirsty for another round. The 4 song EP picks you up and doesn’t let you down. Turn it up, let it out! Hail, Hail, Hail!!

After unleashing their latest single Electric Gangbang in February, BEASTWOOD will release their EP The Long Road To Ho on 7th May via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records. It will be available on all digital platforms.

‘’Music that should be played during every Patrick Swayze bar-fight ever” just might be the most accurate description one could ever come up with to describe a band like BEASTWOOD. Stoner and Sludgy, with Doomy undertones blended against the echoes of Clutch, Crowbar and Down, all add up to one hell of a band.

DIRTY LACES have been making an impact on the Manchester music scene for a few years. Delivering a high octane, punk tinged sound, blended with some of the legendary UK Classic Rock influences, DIRTY LACES hit you with heavy riffs and addictive melodies that produce powerful Mancunian rock’n’roll with a dirty garage edge.

The band released their first single through Golden Robot Records, These Days back in November 2020. Now they follow it up with a new single Breathe which is out now on all digital platforms! The single release is also backed with an official video clip.

Breathe shows a different side to Dirty Laces – stripped back and raw. Covering key issues that dawn on every human such as their own mortality and the struggle to discover oneself. The band aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability and need to express their inner feelings whilst giving a nod to famous literature. The space in the song allowed the group to experiment sonically with instruments that you wouldn’t usually associate the Dirty Laces with, such as synthesisers, the famous Parr Street Mellotron and lap steel guitars. These sounds create a psychedelic journey as the song progresses to its climax.

On January 6th Amy and Tony turned on the news and watched the attack on the U.S. Capitol. The next morning they came up with their latest track, Why?. Why? asks people why they insist on believing the lies they’re told, even at the expense of others’ lives.

Why?, the new single from AMY ANGEL and the HELLRAISERS, is a slight departure from their original ‘Cow Punk’ sound and delves into an emotional space, after watching one of the most prominent events in recent history. Whilst their signature sound still cuts through in parts, Why? opens up a new musical direction for the band – one that shows vulnerability in reaction to the madness that occurred.

Italian sludgy post rockers THE MARIGOLD return with their new album, Apostate out now via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records. As a teaser in the lead up to the release, the band have dropped a new single and video, Exorcism Charm. THE MARIGOLD create an intense world with their latest single, using destructive riffs, a constant pace of rhythmic energies and an apocalyptic feel.

Apostate defines a high point as one of the best works THE MARIGOLD has completed. Recorded by the band and produced by the capable hands of Toshi Kasai (Melvins). In addition to this, Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers, Kidbug) played on the album and also worked on a video clip. Apostate represents the hard work THE MARIGOLD poured into the album, from magmatic slow riffs to the dreamy, murmured vocals and delivers a melting pot of sludgy alternate death rock. Echoes of bands like The Melvins, Tool and Big Business shine through with a grungy under belly to top it off. Apostate is available on all digital platforms, CD and Vinyl LP.

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