Parker On Reclaiming Power In New Single ‘Lie Low’

Stunning visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has released her new single Lie Low, a deeply moving song about reclaiming power. Lie Low was intentionally released on International Women’s Day 2021, and this song is set to be an inspiration for any woman who has ever diminished their own hopes, dreams and talents to allow someone else to take the spotlight. Accompanying the intensely introspective track is a masterful film clip offering an eerie yet beautiful visual reflection of the song, created with long time visual collaborator Hans van Vliet.

Lie Low will mean many things to many people, but it is safe to say that women will be particularly moved by this work. It takes a lot of strength to release a song that is so lyrically raw, so vulnerable, and so willing to pick at the most difficult and stigmatised moments of being a woman in a creative field. The sparse, delicate, yet mighty production on this track, paired with Parker’s close, intimate vocal performance, makes for a supremely luscious and evocative track. Tash Parker talks more about the single with Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single Lie Low?
I was so excited about releasing this song and the video we made for it. I love the colours in the clip and the way it looks like a collection of beautiful watercolour paintings. I also love how ugly it gets in the scream section. Finding the beauty in the mistakes and the things we find hard to look at is what I love about art making. I was a little nervous to see what people would think of it but the response has been really positive.

Was the process of making your single as challenging as you thought?
This is the first music video I’ve performed in and it was also the first time I’ve directed my own performance to the camera. It was really challenging to let go and let myself express the emotion of the song in front of a camera. But now I feel way more confident to continue working in this way for future clips.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
A clear river of emotional vocals traveling through a technicolour landscape of swirling synths and machine like percussion.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Whoever programmed the radio station I listened to as a child in the 90s. I used to hang out with my parents in the banana packing shed as a kid in The Kimberley. Mum and dad listened to this station that played “the best hits of the 80 & 90s”. I’ve always been drawn to sounds that remind me of what music sounded like back then.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
‘Don’t make things you think are pretty. Make stuff you hate because it will tell you so much more about yourself.’ This is something I remember one of my teachers saying to me at art school. When I get stuck in my own perfectionistic tendencies, especially when I start working on something new I remember this advice and it helps me to let go and just make something even if I hate it.

What is the PARKER life story?
Well it all began on a tropical fruit farm in the remote East Kimberley town of Kununurra…..wait how much time do you have?

Musically I’ve been singing since I could toddle over to the Lowry Holiday and hum the melodies while my dad played. I released a country record when I was seventeen called Life Ain’t For The Faint Hearted. Yep you read that correctly a country album. It’s not online. I released an Indie Folk Pop album called Waking Up in 2010 which I co-produced with J.Walker from Machine Translations. It is online. After that record I got writer’s block and spent five years studying visual arts. I carried a giant fabric squid through Melbourne Central at peak hour and danced in a human sized pillowcase in front of a projector. I got a HD for that! In 2015 I decided to start a new music project PARKER and in 2017 I released my first single, a cover of an Arthur Russell track called I Take This Time. Over the last three and a bit years I’ve been releasing singles, exhibiting artworks and co-producing music videos. Sometimes I miss the squid and dancing around in pillow cases.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
Wouldn’t that be amazing!!! I haven’t left this little island for over a year and I miss playing shows so much. I’m going to play some more live streams soon so I can connect with my fans all over the world. When it’s safe to travel and tour again I’ll plan some interstate shows but for now I’m gonna stay home and keep writing.

What’s next for PARKER?
I’ve just started producing some of my own songs and am going to keep working towards an album for next year. I also have two other music projects on the boil. I’ll be releasing a Runaway Belles single next month and doing a songwriting residency in May with Emma from Runaway Belles for an album. I’m also super excited to be releasing a song from my brand new project FM2030 in June.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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