The Wedding Singer @ Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide 10/4/2021

Bringing 80s to the stage with The Wedding Singer

Revisit the 80s as this classic film comedy comes to life on stage.

The Wedding Singer is the perfect high-energy and fun show as the first musical production to be staged at Her Majesty’s Theatre since the venue’s rebuild.

Based on the 1998 hit film starting Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, the stage version features Christian Charisiou as wedding singer Robbie Hart and Teagan Wouters as waitress Julia. Christian and Teagan brought the passion, emotions and humour from the movie and their chemistry on stage permeated the audience.

The high-octane opening number set the feel-good mood for the entire show with the full ensemble showcasing slick choreography, fabulous costumes in bold colours, iconic electronic music and of course, neon lights.
Original songs and accompanying dance routines to Pop! and Casualty of Love build the story on stage and keep true to the movie creating a successful transition from screen to stage. Performing in front of a home crowd, Nadia Komazec as Holly is a stand-out performer on the night. Bringing a fun sexuality to stage mixed with a no-nonsense street smarts, she had the audience enraptured with her one-liners and Madonna-inspired fashion.

Kirby Burgess plays the self-absorbed ex-girlfriend of Robbie, Linda, and brings a gritty sexiness to the stage that made the audience sit up and watch in anticipation with what she may do next. Stephen Mahy, Ed Deganos, Haydan Hawkins, Hollie James together with the formidable Susan Ann Walker all bring the 80s to life in this standout cast.

As a child of the 80s, the iconic 80s dance moves and fashion took me back to days of copying all the moves from all the iconic music videos and dance films of the 80s while wearing my leg warmers, fingerless lace gloves and terrible hair. The stage production of this well-known screen story will have you laughing, crying and wanting to dance and sing along.

So dust of your hair crimper and don your lace gloves to come along to this neon fantasy 80s world. The Wedding Singer is a high-energy show not to be missed.

The Wedding Singer will also play Melbourne in May, the Gold Coast in June and Sydney in July. Details at

Theatre Review By Ilona Schultz

The Wedding Singer, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, until April 24. Book at BASS

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