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What’s on your player? There’s plenty of great music out at the minute, here’s a selection of what we have been playing…

Moaning Lisa have released their latest single Something. Premiered on triple j’s ‘Good Nights’ Something is a bold and beaming homage to the people that help you recover and grow after a heartbreak. Led by Charlie’s iconic electric vocals and accompanied by fast-paced and hard-edged punk riffs, the track is one of the band’s most impulsive releases yet.

“[Something] was really fun and spontaneous to write, and I think we wanted everything that was happening in the song to reflect that. We went through some really tough experiences as a band in the past couple of years, and so this song really feels like us learning to back ourselves again”
Moaning Lisa writes.

Recorded with Ben Moore at Golden Retriever Studios in Sydney and mixed by Matthew Neighbour in LA, road-tested in their live shows and featuring samples made at their home in Melbourne, Something has had many different lives. The band explains “It’s a weird combination of staying true to our roots by working at our favourite studio and with people we love and trust, but also incorporating all these new sounds”. It is this combination of the old and the new, channelling 00’s post-punk and morphing it with the band’s signature DIY grunge rock that makes this track one of the band’s most impressive and arresting releases to date.

In addition to the single, Moaning Lisa have also released the official video for Something. Set in an industrial underpass in Melbourne, this one-take video features lead singer and guitarist Charlie running from the unknown. Longtime collaborator William He directed Something with the intention of encapsulating the eeriness and stillness of Melbourne during lockdown. Incorporating the sinister undertones of the song was a first for Moaning Lisa who says “our long time videographer Will (who’s also responsible for our ‘Lily’ and ‘Good’ clips) found this amazing industrial underpass. Once we saw the location it made us think of It Follows, a horror movie that we’ve always loved. I think we were really trying to pull out and maximise the scary qualities of the song which is something we haven’t ever done before.”

Baker Boy’s official video for his new single Ride premiered on YouTube. A new collaboration with his cousin Yirrmal, the funky, soulful, and jaw-droppingly catchy tune is a party song lost to the annals of time, like an Off The Wall single re-recorded in Yolngu Matha. Baker Boy describes Ride as “a new and improved version” of his 2017 Yirrmal collab Marryuna.

The exuberant music video was directed by Ryan Sauer who after hearing the song for the first time tapped into the fun and energetic vibe to create the imagery of the music clip.

Featuring Baker Boy cruising down some of Melbourne’s most iconic streets and letting loose in a packed nightclub, “The video brings the same excitement that the track does, it’s all about the journey to the club and bringing people together. It was incredible collaborating with Aurie Indianna on the creative direction again, with Ryan, Harry and the crew really bringing the vision to life!,” says Baker Boy.

Experimental Sydney-based duo Plastic Face have announced their dark, mysterious new single BACK2TOKYO, an exploration of how it feels to fall backwards into old habits, being an inner critic and finally getting yourself back onto the path to ecstasy. The enigmatic duo have also released a spooky and intriguing Lynchian video to accompany the track, written and directed by Sean Donovan.

Like their previous single HiiViSiON, BACK2TOKYO makes an immediate impact – but this time the atmosphere is provocative, moody; the kind of track you might hear at 4AM on the dancefloor of an exclusive European nightclub. Entirely self-written, produced and mixed by the duo, the topline for BACK2TOKYO is undeniably hooky, and that’s the reliable thing about Plastic Face – they’re always pushing the boundaries of what pop/dance music can be, while also ensuring that their melodies are catchy and their songs are compelling you to press play again. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Pete Stals says, “Our second single BACK2TOKYO, like all of our tracks, is 100% totally open to the listener’s interpretation. For us, this song was inspired by making the same mistakes over and over. We’ve used Tokyo as a metaphorical state of mind in which it can be interpreted as going back to old relationships you know are toxic, putting up with some horrendous job, or trying to manage addictions.”

BACK2TOKYO is accompanied by a dramatic and captivating video – dive deep into the murky underground where cool tones prevail as the camera meanders through an eerie house, and follows a shadowy figure performing what could be described as witchcraft…but as Plastic Face emphasise, it’s all up to the viewer’s interpretation. Reflecting on the conception of the video, Will Coleman enthuses, “Our magnificent friend Sean Clancy Donovan wrote, directed and produced this unique music video. This clip could be riddled with symbolic metaphors, or it could simply be a beautiful and seductive witch performing some ritualistic torture of unsuspecting masked individuals. The concept is yours to decide. Either way it’s a visual feast for your hungry eyeballs and we absolutely love it.”

London Grammar release their official video for their new single How Does It Feel. The video features frontwoman Hannah Reid and The Queen’s Gambit star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, who plays Reid’s on-screen boyfriend.

Co-produced by Brit award-winning writer and producer Steve Mac – known for his work with some of the most prolific names in pop – and has just been added to the Radio 1 B List, arriving just a few weeks ahead of the release of Californian Soil, the brand-new studio album from the band, out April 16 on Ministry Of Sound.

Of the single, Hannah Reid said, “I’ve always loved pop music. Some of my favourite writers and singers are female, many who are younger than me but who are absolutely smashing the pop world with amazing songs. This song started off as an experiment and ended up being one of my favourites on the record. Along with our alternative side, this creates a light and shade on our album that I’ve always wanted to achieve.”

Emergency Room is one of the heavier tracks off the EP also being the opening track to kick things off with a punch. Written about a night out which ended with Jax landing in hospital needing stitches in his face, then heading to Perth the next day to play a sold out show with Ruby Fields, it was our biggest show to date at the time.” Pretty Uglys

The band’s five-track sophomore EP features a mixed bag of punk and surf-rock songs that they’ve been playing in their live set for a while. It comes on the back of single Party Friends, which was added to Triple j Unearthed and the DIY video on Rage. “Feels epic to get this release into the world collectively putting together these tracks in a way that helps solidify our own sound direction from over the past 12 months at least, with both happy and deeper/heavier tracks all in the mix’’ Pretty Uglys

Writing and recording the tracks as a collective out of Perth’s Sumo Studios, Pretty Uglys enlisted “good mate” Tristan Sturmer to mix the EP and George Georgiadis to master it. The band saying, “All songs we compiled together in our rehearsal room generally sparking from a simple guitar or bass part, which evolves into a sum what structured track with lyrics always coming last. We used the garageband app on iphone to demo a lot of it, then went to see to our good mate Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Studios Perth which is where we recorded all the final versions of the songs.”

Rock trio Waterparks release a brand new single and video Numb via 300 Entertainment. Numb is the latest instalment of “Waterparks Wednesdays”, where the trio debuts a new release on Wednesdays leading up to the album. Numb is a high-energy and deftly-produced track featuring Awsten’s killer vocals and an effortless flow. The song’s addictive beat will leave listeners no choice but to bang their heads. The rainbow-hued video for Numb matches the undeniable energy of the track. The visual is a vibrant whirlwind that features the guys rocking out; it’s a fast-paced party that fans will most definitely have on replay!

The Numb release comes on the heels of a massive album announcement and the Snow Globe single and video release. Waterparks’ new album Greatest Hits is set to release May 21. This album has been massively anticipated by fans, and everyone is ready for a new body of work from Waterparks. The band is ready too, and they are revving up for a whole new era.

Northlane have heralded a new era with the arrival of their new single Clockwork, out via Believe. Clockwork is also the official soundtrack for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Oceanic Nationals esports League.

A frantic and pulsating fever dream, Clockwork sees Northlane build on the foundations they laid with their award-winning album, Alien, while continuing to smash through all boundaries and expectations. Clockwork was penned by frontman Marcus Bridge and serves as an insight into the mind of a musician forced to be creative after a devastating year and the toll this took on him. With a looming deadline and no inspiration, Clockwork is the soundtrack to unrelenting anxiety in the face of uncertainty.

Bridge explains: “Clockwork reflects the pressures and anxieties I felt as we jumped back into writing after an uninspiring year. I always want to push myself creatively but with life on hold and with no end in sight, I felt empty and lonely, running out of time as our self-imposed deadline approached.”

Contact is the second single to be taken from Ryan Downey’s forthcoming Burke Reid (Julia Jacklin, Courtney Barnett) produced album A TON OF COLOURS, out 14 May via Dot Dash Recordings. Whilst first single Heart Is An Onion was a luminous and anthemic art-rock affair, Contact shows a more atmospheric and vulnerable side of Downey’s new record.

Contact balances the stylistic grandeur and deep humanness in Downey’s raw sophisticated sound, with both these elements mirrored in the single’s accompanying cinematic video co-directed by Downey and filmmaker Alex Badham. Inspired by sci-fi films such as Solaris, High Life and Blade Runner 2049, the video sees a space crew – featuring Downey, his band and manager – hibernating in isolation pods, journeying towards an unknown mission but longing only for the touch of loved ones and the reality of the outside world. The poignant visual gives further weight to Downey’s emotional lyrics such as “Hold me like you want to be held when it’s almost over” and “If I can’t be touched right now, then I need your love.”

Touching on our universal experiences of wanting to escape the cabin-fever fatigue of lockdown, the Contact video sees the crew find respite from their tedium and heartache in the therapeutic form of futuristic vapour trips that transport their senses to another time and place. As Downey explains “Sci-fi allows us to see our world through a heightened lens, Alex (Badham) and I had a chance with the video to capture the sentiments that a lot of us went through, and are still going through, in lockdowns.” The result is a cinematic video that takes the viewers mind out of this world whilst carrying an emotional punch.

With Confidence have released a brand new song and video for Big Cat Judgement Day. The single is the first new music from the band since 2018’s full length Love and Loathing. Fans may also notice a familiar face as the band has welcomed long-time touring guitarist Scott McLaughlin as an official member of With Confidence.

“If you’ve seen us on tour in the last few years you might recognise this cheeky sausage,” say Jayden Seeley, Inigo Del Carmen and Joshua Brozzesi in a joint statement. “Since Warped Tour ‘18 Scott’s always gone above and beyond his duties as a touring guitarist. He’s been a phenomenal friend and a driving source of enthusiasm and optimism on the road. Last year he joined us in the studio for the first time, writing and recording our third LP. At this point it’s clear we simply wouldn’t be where we are without Scott, so please join us today in welcoming him as an official member of With Confidence!”

“‘The Feel Good Song of the Pandemic’… That’s kind of how the idea was birthed,” explains Scott on Big Cat Judgement Day. “Dealing with isolation and empty streets while we were recording the album. It was the first 6 weeks of lockdown so we were processing and writing in real-time, knowing that we had no idea what we’re going to do with our lives once we finished the record. I was keeping a pretty keen eye on news around the world to see how the rest of the world was faring with the virus. I kept seeing all these stories & articles about wildlife filling city streets and thriving in habitats that would normally be too dangerous or busy for them. Got me thinking about what would be left if all us humans really did get wiped out by the pandy. Who’d be left? Tigers… probably.”

Opening with an almost Moses Sumney-like choral part before ducking and weaving through rap and hardcore, See it Believe it is an anthem for those who have never had one written for them, a siren call to those unseen by a failing system.

Written in the wake of George Floyd’s heinous murder and the subsequent protests that sprung up across the globe, See it Believe it is not a ‘protest song’ in any traditional sense, it’s a song for those who have suffered under the hand of a cruel system. It’s for people of colour who saw themselves and their oppression reflected in the news over the past year; it’s for LGBTQIA+ people, still persecuted around the globe; for impoverished and suffering workers, doing back-breaking labour for cents under the hands of tech companies; for women diminished by a society geared against them; for anyone who has ever looked up and felt the unseen hands of government and capitalism toying with their fate like the flip of a coin.

Along with the single, THE RIOT have revealed the official video which is directed by Xinger Xanger (akd Jordan Kirk). Already building a reputation for dynamic videos (as seen with Same Blunt and Dog In The Shade), THE RIOT’s new clip doesn’t disappoint. Lead vocalist JD says of the new clip, “The music video captures the final feeling that ties this song together as a whole. Jordan instantly shared the same vision as us and was able to portray it in a way we could have only wished for.”

The sixth single to be released from Crystal Cities sophomore album is titled “The Unknown”. It showcases a ferocious bass line along with a rich tapestry of dreamy musical textures.

“Where do we go when we sleep? Is sleep a gateway? A portal? Is it a chance for us to reconnect with the other side? Did we make some pre-arrangement that when we wake we will not remember these other worldly visits? Yet, some mornings we awaken with foggy recollections of our out-of-body journeys – an experience we call dreaming. It was this paradoxical sense of return to a place that was familiar yet unfamiliar that inspired ‘The Unknown’”. ⁣- Geoff Rana (vocals/guitar/keys)

Crystal Cities recently announced that they will be releasing their 10 track second album as individual singles. “We’ve worked so hard on each and every song on this album so why not let each one have it’s time in the spotlight rather than getting lost in the noise of an entire album release all at once” said Crystal Cities bassist, Jared King. Domestic and international tastemakers alike have had great things to say about the 5 singles already lifted off the album.

After the pace setting release of their praised debut album »Unalive« in 2019, modern horror metal band MISTER MISERY, spawned from the hollowed parts of Sweden (2018) has not slowed down, despite the fact a global pandemic crushed schedules, MISTER MISERY kept busy during quarantine, writing new breathtaking material, while still releasing numerous compilations for their fans in the meantime.

MISTER MISERY recently launched pre-orders for their new album »A Brighter Side Of Death« and will be available as CD, a limited special coloured vinyl and a special fan bundle including CD and rare items on the 23rd of April 2021 via Arising Empire.

The band just unleashed the next demon of their horror show. Mister Hyde is the third single of their upcoming album »A Brighter Side Of Death«. This album marks a milestone for the band and opens up the next chapter of their horror story! Stronger, scarier and more diverse than ever.

Suspicion is the second serving from the latest batch of DATSUNS tunes, now ready to be dished up to the masses. Touching upon this present era of paranoia, the failure in the currency of words, what can be believed, what can be taken at face value anymore, the lies behind the lies. Propelled by an ambling, descending psychedelic zig zag of a riff, moored to the deck by the patented Datsun glam-tinged stomp, a mid-tempo crafted mystic vibe. The dry ice smoke and chrome mirror visuals beckon boldly.

“Born musically from the marriage of two very different sounding tracks. One of heavy fuzz riffs and a pounding danceable beat, the other: a spooky, reverb laden acoustic track. Somehow they merged together into a new kind of beast, one laid on top of the other. It’s pretty self explanatory lyrically. Exploring falling prey to suspicions, paranoia and cynicism in the post-truth world.” – Dolf Datsun

UK metalcore band Architects have released an Amazon Original version of their song Animals recorded live at Abbey Road Studios in London. This new version of the song is available to stream and purchase only on Amazon Music. The release of this special version of the song follows on from the bands’ #1 position in The Faction’s Hardest 100 Countdown over the weekend, and brings new life and epic energy to this hugely popular track.

“This was an amazing opportunity to reimagine ‘Animals’ entirely,” says the band. “We took away the jagged synths, replaced them with an orchestra and recorded it in the world famous Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. The result is something unlike anything we’ve ever done before. We hope you enjoy it.”

Rising young Australian vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Jack Gray shares the official video for his new single Selfish.

“This song came to life whilst driving and reflecting on how relationships go wrong or just run their path. Sometimes in life, we stay in a situation because it’s easier than facing reality and hurting someone’s feelings. Unfortunately, from the outside, you can be seen as selfish when really, it’s the right thing to do.”

Unapologetic and explosive, noise pop-rock project Midnight Drags has announced a new single It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself), a blistering look at self-loathing.

It’s True (I Can’t Stand Myself) has a darker edge to it than preceding single Ronnie – heavy yet still with tinges of glam rock, It’s True is all sneering, fiery guitar lines and heavy, irresistible percussion (not to mention, everpresent cowbell). It feels like Cheap Trick, almost like a heavy David Bowie, but not without modern influences such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and Eskimo Joe. Offering some insight into the inspiration behind the track, James says, “It’s True is really a song about self loathing and being in an emotionally dark place. It’s about not feeling worthy of being in a relationship and pushing somebody you really care about away. It’s another dark song that I loved sweetening up with some bigger pop-rock elements.”

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Moody Beach (aka Melissah Mirage) shares her new single and video, Why Not out via Viscera Arts. Mirage will launch the single with two headline live shows in Sydney and Wollongong come late April.

A follow-up to her lauded sophomore EP, Mirage, Mirage continues to flourish in distilling her sound and lyrics as fluid expressions of her life experience, and exploration of agency and autonomy as a woman. Produced by Kim Moyes of The Presets, Why Not opens to a plucked bass line as Mirage’s hazy vocals cut to the fold, in a smoke-laced hit of instantly addictive melody. Between shoegaze-riddled fuzz and crisp snares, Why Not is the perfect amalgamation of analog and electro, as every note sits with clarity in Mirage’s serenading world of indie-pop catharsis.

The accompanying video is a fitting aesthetic match. Close shots with a VHS feel capture Mirage staring straight down the lens, a gaze that peers straight into your soul. Watch and repeat for the desired effect, as Mirage takes the fuzzy feeling of Why Not to a visual realm.

Moody Beach on the single: “‘Why Not’ is about unfulfilled desire towards a person who is off-limits; how this desire muddles the brain and your capacity to think and act logically. To me, desire is one of the most primal human instincts. I reveled in the feeling and had a lot of fun writing the song. It was the perfect outlet and a cathartic release.”

Kim Moyes says about the release: “Even in the roughest & purest form of the demo, ‘Why Not’ stood out as something instantly exciting and relatable. The overall energy struck me as a perfect, but an unusual kind of left-field, hot-and-bothered. Most importantly, I felt that Mel’s lyrics nailed the sense of excitement, danger and angst of desire. It was an absolute pleasure to help realise Mel’s vision for the record.”

Grammy-nominated duo SIDEPIECE reveal their latest house masterpiece Temptation, a co-release on Diplo’s house music label Higher Ground and Parlophone’s FFRR Records. Temptation marks their second single to drop on Diplo’s latest imprint, following their Grammy-nominated collaborative hit On My Mind that debuted back in 2019.

Delivering the perfect summertime house track, Temptation draws inspiration from legendary R&B/Soul band The Temptations’ 1967 single I’m Losing You. Tapping a member of the group from the Broadway musical Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations to rework the vocals, SIDEPIECE pay homage to the original while infusing their modern house flair for an instantly classic floor-filler. Loaded with percussion soaked rhythms and jacking house beats, Temptation is an everlasting club anthem ready to make waves on the summer circuit.

The “Queen of Rock N’ Roll” SUZI QUATRO releases her new single and video for the song I Sold My Soul Today! The song is taken from her forthcoming studio album The Devil In Me.

The new studio album The Devil In Me is out now through SPV/Steamhammer as CD DigiPak (incl. fold out poster), 2LP gatefold version (incl. 2 bonus tracks), download and stream: http://smarturl.it/SuziQuatroDevilInMe

Introspective soulful blues with a hint of ‘I’m ready to boogie’, Timothy Wolf is the thrilling new kid on the block, sharing his extraordinary debut single In Your Arms Again, an alluring ode to long term love.

Recorded in the tropical hinterland of Byron Bay at Bernard Fanning and Nick DiDia’s famed La Cueva Studios, produced and mixed by Dan Frizza (The Waifs, Gurumul, Ash Grunwald) and mastered by Michael Lynch (John Butler Trio), In Your Arms Again perfectly blends blues and soul, and immediately asserts that old-soul Timothy Wolf has indeed arrived. This is the song we didn’t know we needed from this hugely exciting new artist. In Your Arms Again is buoyed by gentle and restrained horns, and coupled with smooth electric guitar and moving keys that perfectly complement that stunning Timothy Wolf vocal, a falsetto on display that would make Al Green swoon.

Speaking on the recording at La Cueva, the singer songwriter says, “It was such a special time away. We didn’t know we were within the eye of the Covid 19 hurricane or that we’d head straight back into a gruelling stage 4 Melbourne lockdown. Timing came together for us perfectly as we were gifted the opportunity to hide away in the Byron Bay Hinterland, connect as the musical family we’d always seen the potential for and bring these songs to life.”

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